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Thee Caster



An insightful and well-paced introduction to these characters. I went in super pessimistic - I waited patiently for the name drops and Easter eggs - but I respect the amount of restraint when dropping bombs. I’m hyper critical of prequels but this series has a decent start. I am waiting for the driving motivations to present themselves over the next few weeks. Let the conflict and treachery begin!

House of the Dragon imageHouse of the Dragon image

House of the Dragon

Shows | Drama

Captivating from beginning to end. Structurally, this show is ahead of most - daring to trust the source material and the viewer to discover the deeper meaning. The characters were intriguing and layered - I can’t wait to meet the rest of “The Endless”. The CGI was serviceable and very cool in some dream sequences. Recommend for new existing fans of the series.

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The Sandman

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Trippy with questionable rules. Wish the end was more impactful. Overall solid film.

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Movies | Horror

This is the perfect 00’s movie! Eddie Griffin really owns his role as Luther. And that freestyle… perfection.

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The New Guy

Movies | Comedy

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