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Lover of historical fiction suffering from wanderlust. Founder of - an adventure book club pairing books with activities. Come read, tour and explore with me because life should be as fun as fiction!


I could not put this book down! I read it while on a road trip through Croatia. It really helped me to understand the culture, the impact of the war, and the people. I highly recommend it, even if you can’t make it to Croatia. #croatia

The Hired Man imageThe Hired Man image

The Hired Man

Books | Aminatta Forna

I cannot recommend this book enough to those about to embark on a trip to Venice. It’s an amazing historical fiction account of the glassblowing history of Venice. Who knew it was so full of murder, bribery, imprisonment and secrecy!?

The Glassblower of Murano imageThe Glassblower of Murano image

The Glassblower of Murano

Books | Marina Fiorato

Another great Kingsolver novel. I listened to this book while on a road trip out West. I loved the setting and characters so much I was inspired to visit the mining community upon which this is loosely based.

Animal Dreams imageAnimal Dreams image

Animal Dreams

Books | Barbara Kingsolver

Listened to this while on a road trip out west. I tried to follow the same path as the characters from Oklahoma to Arizona. Listening made the long hours of nothing but open plains seem like minutes. Great book. Solidified my love for Kingsolver’s books!

The Bean Trees imageThe Bean Trees image

The Bean Trees

Books | Barbara Kingsolver

This book seriously made me wish I was on a road trip with giraffes. I loved all of the characters so much. My bookclub paired decided to hold our book discussion at the zoo beside the giraffe enclosure! So much fun!

West with Giraffes imageWest with Giraffes image

West with Giraffes

Books | Lynda Rutledge

A fantastic tale! Loved the writing. My bookclub paired this with a visit to The Woodlands, in Philadelphia, which was the inspiration for the fictional Whiteacre.

The Signature of All Things imageThe Signature of All Things image

The Signature of All Things

Books | Elizabeth Gilbert

Architect and Frank Lloyd Wright fans will enjoy this novel about Frank’s real life relationships. My bookclub paired this with a tour of one of FLW’s masterpieces near Philly.

Loving Frank imageLoving Frank image

Loving Frank

Books | Nancy Horan

Loved it! Easy read set in London. Inspired my visit to the 1752 Apothecary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. #visitpa

The Lost Apothecary imageThe Lost Apothecary image

The Lost Apothecary

Books | Sarah Penner

Perfect book to read while floating down the river in a canoe or kayak!

This Tender Land imageThis Tender Land image

This Tender Land

Books | William Kent Krueger

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