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I first read Pride and Prejudice in middle school. 7th grade. It was the original edition which was quite hard to read for a middle schooler but I managed to finish it with the help of a faithful dictionary. If you want an easier read, I recommend reading the modern copy. It’s a much easier read. :)

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Pride and Prejudice

Books | Jane Ausen

I recently watched this movie on Tubi TV. I thought “Cher and Nicolas Cage? What an interesting combination” ..and it certainly was! It was funny and silly. A ridiculous comedy/drama/romance. I enjoyed it. “Why are you crying, dad?” .. “Because I’m confused” are two lines from the film that perfectly sums it up! #cher #nicolascage #drama #comedy #romance

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Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney movies. I actually had a chihuahua named Nemo. He was named after the adorable and adventurous clownfish because of his dark tan and white fur. He was my baby and I adored him. I would have swam the seven seas for him as Marlin did. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this film, it’s totally worth the watch. As well as the sequel, Finding Dory. Unless that’s canceled now because of Ellen…anyway, I love it and I will always love it. #justkeepswimming#always#nemo

Finding Nemo imageFinding Nemo image

Finding Nemo

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