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okay. this one was an emotional roller coaster, ESPECIALLY season 2. honestly i just finished watching it and i still have mixed feelings about literally everything but i do know that season 1 is wayyyyy better than season 2 in my opinion. i think with communication, effort, and honesty i think that main couple really would’ve worked out. i think i like them more than the second relationship? i think they have a lot more chemistry and they feel a lot more comfortable around each other in season1

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Love Alarm

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PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODDD. watch this show. rn. literally all you could ever want. it has just the right amount of comedy and romance im definitely gonna watch this again, i literally LIVE. for the boss and employee trope so this one has me giggling and kicking my feet ngl HAHA <3

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Business Proposal

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okay, this show was beautiful. i loved the other relationships and literally everything about this shoe was so great, except the main couple imo. they were so.. ??? for what??? i still honestly don’t get it with them. i think they’re one of those “i like you but we shouldn’t be together but i can’t stay away from you” sort of relationships?? they were all over the place imo haha.. BUT I LOVE THE OTHER TWO RELATIONSHIPS LMAO SO WATCH IT ITS REALLY GOOD YOU’LL SEE :D

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