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Nice show and fun for bringing ghost shows late a t night when you cant sleep

Paranormal Lockdown imageParanormal Lockdown image

Paranormal Lockdown

Shows | Documentary

Watched this at my moms recently and it's an awesome movie if you dont mind subtitles

Mama imageMama image


Movies | Horror

It was a cute and fun movie. Really liked it even though I'm not huge on sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog imageSonic the Hedgehog image

Sonic the Hedgehog

Movies | Action

Ok. Yes this one is dumb. It's still pretty fun even though it doesnt live up to its original

Grave Encounters 2 imageGrave Encounters 2 image

Grave Encounters 2

Movies | Horror

Omg I remember this from when I was a kid. It's not that scary but if you like something similar to Marble Hornets this will be right up your alley

The Blair Witch Project imageThe Blair Witch Project image

The Blair Witch Project

Movies | Horror

Zaks cute and energetic. You really cant go wrong with some mindless ghost hunts.

Ghost Adventures imageGhost Adventures image

Ghost Adventures

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It has perfect layers that when you unravel them naturally it's so satisfying. The acting is incredible and characters natural and the plot perfectly understandable.

Winchester imageWinchester image


Movies | Fantasy

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