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Such a eye-opening and definitely a film made for Quentin Tarantino fans! (Obviously) a lot of people like pulp fiction but I actually prefer this movie. It’s so well done, has some animation and so much suspense!

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 imageKill Bill: Vol. 1 image

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Movies | Action

This movie is a feel-good one of a kind!

Good Will Hunting imageGood Will Hunting image

Good Will Hunting

Movies | Drama

This book has me blown away at how words can pour out of someone in the most beautiful way possible.

Home Body imageHome Body image

Home Body

Books | Rupi Kaur

I fell in love with this book the second I started reading it. This book helped me get over a crushing breakup my first one actually. This healed me in ways I never thought I could heal. This book helped me bloom into a more healed and strong version of myself that I am today. I utterly love this book and it will always will be one of my all time favorite poetry books. It’s beautiful, shattering, strong, loving, kind, cruel, bitter, kind and just checks off every box I have for what I need.

Milk and Honey imageMilk and Honey image

Milk and Honey

Books | Rupi Kaur

Amazing series if you like vampires and diary-style writing. It’s like a romantic twist, some parts come off more teen like then adult but it’s a great young adult series ! I 100% recommend if you like vampire diaries and if interested in horror, romantic books :)

Twilight Saga Collection imageTwilight Saga Collection image

Twilight Saga Collection

Books | Stephenie Meyer

It was a pretty average horror tv show, reminds me of lesser entertaining scream queens

Scream: The TV Series imageScream: The TV Series image

Scream: The TV Series

Shows | Horror

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