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Vanilla Lion



I love the new trio but ngl I go crazy when they mention my baby Percy😆

The Lost Hero imageThe Lost Hero image

The Lost Hero

Books | Rick Riordan

I love that as we read more about Percy, we see him become this menace of a half-blood😂

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse imagePercy Jackson and the Titan's Curse image

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse

Books | Rick Riordan

Love the balance between mystery, magic and a good story! Will continue reading to find out more about Belle and Liz!

Hell's Bell imageHell's Bell image

Hell's Bell

Books | Keri Arthur

I did not know what to expect while reading this book but it absolutely trapped me from beginning to end. Will always think about this book and its impact on me as a woman.

The Grace Year imageThe Grace Year image

The Grace Year

Books | Kim Liggett

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