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The way people were describing this movie honestly it’s not all that

Mamma Mia! imageMamma Mia! image

Mamma Mia!

Movies | Comedy

ngl i didn’t even understand or know what was going on but it was good action ig

The Tomorrow War imageThe Tomorrow War image

The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

the writing was so beautiful. it was also really sad. definitely my new favorite marvel movie.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever imageBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever image

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Movies | Action

still can’t get over the fact that Amy not only was publicly humiliated but also had to apologize for something that wasn’t even her fault. like they forgot who the real victim was here. overall good movie except the sexist and racist jokes. they were distasteful.

Pitch Perfect 2 imagePitch Perfect 2 image

Pitch Perfect 2

Movies | Comedy

this movie was a cultural reset

The Proposal imageThe Proposal image

The Proposal

Movies | Comedy

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