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I adored the book, and I like this adaptation. Upon first watch, this movie was just ok. Its grown a bit on me. I would say that the vibe it gives off is great. I wish it tackled Danny's addiction in a way that was integrated throughout the entire story.

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Doctor Sleep

Movies | Horror

I really like this one. The characters are interesting and as far as I know it follows the book pretty well (excluding the gross scenes). I love it, and have seen it multiple times.

It imageIt image


Movies | Horror

I absolutely love this show. It gives me such nostalgia and the themes are beautiful. I'd highly recommend this if you love analyzing complex stories. Its such a fun watch, and I keep going back.

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Princess Tutu

Shows | Animation

For some reason this movie came off as really magical to me. I really liked it and would totally recommend.

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Movies | Comedy

I thought it was cute, and I loved the character design.

Onward imageOnward image


Movies | Adventure

Beautiful animation. The story is so sweet and the character designs are so beautiful. I love 2D animation, and especially the vibe this movie creates.

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Movies | Adventure

Loved the message, really cute characters. Not a huge fan of 3D animation, but I feel like some of the things done in this movie really push some of those classic pixar/disney boundaries.

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Movies | Adventure

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