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After trading in the seemingly charmed life of a gentleman for one of a swashbuckling buccaneer, Stede Bonnet becomes captain of the pirate ship Revenge. Struggling to earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew, Stede’s fortunes change after a fateful run-in with the infamous Captain Blackbea

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-03-03

Last Air Date 2022-03-24

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.9


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calum shared a tip "Adorable."

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sandy_lopez shared a tip "To the Gentlemen Pirate! I loved every episode!!"

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sandy_lopez shared a tip "To the Gentlemen Pirate! I loved every episode!!"

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pjara shared a tip "I have no words how much I love this show."

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ryan_fisher_6518 shared a tip "Season 1 was hilarious! So different from anything out there."

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fawn_mokulis shared a tip "This is the silliest thing I've watched in a long time...and I frickin love it. It's delightful."

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jessica_johnson_7555 shared a tip "OFMD is hilarious, uplifting, romantic and inclusive. A++."

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claire_naugler shared a tip "amazing"

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kimmy_w shared a tip "i’m deeply in love with this show and the entire cast. absolutely lovely. but the finale destroyed me."

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fidge shared a tip "You know I have to love this. Pirates. Goofs. Gays. It's got it all."

ny_murtha shared a tip "Hilarious"

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regina_simmons shared a tip ""Because women have crystals in their body and the crystals attract demons and the demons attract misfortune.”"

chrissy_5700 shared a tip "My gay heart loved this. Adorable."

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megan_fox_5667 shared a tip "Gay Pirates? Yes, and yes."

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aimee_hobbs_ shared a tip "i love this show sm"

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Carlmmw shared a tip "AHHHHHH actually queer representation with confirmed queer characters"

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dannyb423 shared a tip "Supreme"

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alittlebitalicia shared a tip "SUCH a relief!!!"

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mairen shared a tip "This show will hold a special place in my heart. Taika is brilliant"

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alexis_rieck shared a tip "Such a good show. Funny, insightful, dramatic, and action-packed."

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BusyReading shared a tip "I have so many feelings for this show. It is pure fanfiction at its best. 10/10 would definitely recommend."

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lucky_bean shared a tip "This is literally my favorite tv show"

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andrew_nyman shared a tip "i cried like three times"

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chris_mac123 shared a tip "What we do in the shadows style humour meets pirates. It's fun and hilarious"

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elizabeth_swann shared a tip "Just watch it. It’s positively golden on every account."

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falogara shared a tip "gay pirates"

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annie_stafford shared a tip "8/10"

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melanies_muses shared a tip "We’ve been waiting for this! Hope it’s as good as it looks!"

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melanies_muses shared a tip "Very much has the same feel as What We Do In The Shadows. Dark humor - definitely my kind of show!"

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volcanic_ash2 shared a tip "give me season 2 i’m begging"

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elisesakura shared a tip "literally best show i've ever seen"

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nomatophobia shared a tip "why isn't this the winner yet"

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weird_doe shared a tip "******* love this show."

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stupid0-0Cupid shared a tip "I ******* LOVE THIS AWESOME ANGSTY ROMCOM SM"

yvonne_kimmons shared a tip "The best show this year, for sure."

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andy_leonhardt shared a tip "YAY GAY PIRATES"

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lillian_cleary_5485 shared a tip "Gay"

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ciel_m. shared a tip "gonna kms if the second season doesnt come soon 😡"

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adrienne_rugg shared a tip "Literally the best gay representation we've ever gotten."

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marcie_8538 shared a tip "I can’t say enough about this show. I’ve binged all episodes twice. This is FUN!"

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amy_nelson_852 shared a tip "sweet, funny, gloriously queer"

phoenix_gorton shared a tip "for sure !!!!"

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michelle_dimartino shared a tip "I loved it so much that I made my husband watch it so I’ve watched it twice now, this weekend we will watch it again"

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shalynn_89 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series, me and my boyfriend laughed every episode! “We’re real pirates in the real world !” 🤣"

lauren_sharon shared a tip "This show just makes me so happy. Hilarious and sweet and so silly."

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mary_naecker shared a tip "Charming and funny! The romance felt so wholesome, even though the relationship got rocky like the seas. I need season two!"

peyton_dee shared a tip "LOVE THIS"

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stelune shared a tip "Gay pirates!!!!!<3"

winter_eastridge shared a tip "Historical comedy"

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Marvel_H.Potter_VivzyPop shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW! Literally binged all of season one in a day. Gives me Good Omens vibes. 10/10"

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kickpuncher shared a tip "I feel not normal about this show"

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katie_tuttle_8244 shared a tip "Hilarious and light hearted with excellent LGBT+ representation. Adoring every minute of it. I want to be a gentleman Pirate"

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emiejane shared a tip "Everything you could want in a comedy. Cast, writing, dynamic storylines, and efficient episodes. A must watch."

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the_gingergyrl_455 shared a tip "Brilliant!"

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probably_maybe shared a tip "Funny and heart felt show, if you are a fan of shows like "what we do in the shadows" definitely recommend this for you!"

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flibberty_gibbet shared a tip "You need to see this. It's amazing!"

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brandi shared a tip "This was surprisingly heartwarming, enjoyable, and feel good. It was also fun and an easy watch."

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aivilomills shared a tip "Need a season 2. Now."

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brianna_summey shared a tip "@summer_darnell this show is silly and full of heart like Ted Lasso. So so good."

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mrgnburle shared a tip "i didn’t expect to like this as much as i actually did. one of my new favorite series.. i hope it gets renewed"

Jessay shared a tip "Flips the idea of pirates on it’s head showing the most absurd crew imaginable."

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elizabeth_anne_6023 shared a tip "Best show I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t watch anything else for a month straight."

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lumberjack_wizard shared a tip "Through 3 episodes it's the kind of Taika humor I need in this dour world"

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GhostBoi09 shared a tip "It's gay !!! And I love it !"

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or_rabinovich shared a tip "Hilarious pirate comedy"

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becca_margret shared a tip "gay, i like that is gay. it also portrays a beautiful relationship between all of its characters are very sweet"

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dante_8605 shared a tip "we love queer pirates in this house <3"

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AzazelComplex shared a tip "A fun LGBTQIA+ pirate romp that's super funny,engaging,and keeps you hooked the entire way through."

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hannahbanyanya shared a tip "Funny, dramatic, sweet, sad, and gay af. Loved this and if there's not a season 2 I'm gonna start a riot."

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lachlan_montgomery shared a tip "It is amazing in every way I can think of. Stupid comedy, genuine heartfelt moments, and an iconic romance."

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kylee_a06 shared a tip "Has a couple of my favorite actors. I laughed every episode. Can't wait for season 2"

Gigi_P shared a tip "My new favorite show, simultaneously hilarious and brutally wholesome with a fantastic cast and well loved guest stars."

alison_brawdy shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful, funny and satirical but also good drama. The writing in this show is incredible."

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shutupityby shared a tip "Finally gay pirates."

jay_507 shared a tip "Gay pirates ✨🧡🏴‍☠️🧡✨"

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kylie_oneil shared a tip "Finally some good ******* food"

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lindsay_mccown shared a tip "Best show ever"

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callie_gaytan shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Refreshing show played out as a Rom-Com. I need a second season."

sydbob.mp4 shared a tip "Gay <3"

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sofia_bartlett shared a tip "Very dry and original humour"

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bertrand_russell shared a tip "I had high expectations. After watching about 5 minutes I decided to pause and recommend. It's good stuff"

morgan_johanson shared a tip "Literally the gayest and best show I’ve ever seen"

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merlin_4400 shared a tip "Are you gay? Do you like pirates. Do you like gay pirates? This is 100% for you just be prepared to cry profusely at the ending."

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copdog990 shared a tip "Literally obsessed with this. Hand over season 2 now"

venus_7607 shared a tip "Taika is hot in this"

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colonel_toad shared a tip "Best ******* show I have ever watched"

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colonel_toad shared a tip "YALL NEED TO WATCH THIS!!! Trust me you won’t be disappointed #pirates #lgbtq #gay pirates #ourflagmeansdeath"

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nothanks215 shared a tip "Taika Waititi doesn’t disappoint"

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wemb1eyy shared a tip "Holy ****! This show has a chokehold on me with no intentions of letting go. The queer rep? *chef’s kiss*"

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wemb1eyy shared a tip "Amazing, awe inspiring, perfect"

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anabelle_j. shared a tip "LOVED! GAY PIRATES! gayer than you’re thinking"

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chloe_sartwell shared a tip "THIS SHOW IS THE BEST THING 😭😭😭"

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dorky_piplup shared a tip "Hehe gay pirates"

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amanda_whitcomb_682 shared a tip "I cannot overstate how much I adore this show deep in my soul."

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rae_martin shared a tip "True, amazing representation that portrays deep meaningful relationships with a side of comedy. A beautiful rom-com!"

elizabeth_peltier shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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rachel_bordner shared a tip "Charming"

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some_dude_3747 shared a tip "Perfect"

jack_harrison_6690 shared a tip "I watched the 3 first episodes and loved it!"