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Forensic Files profiles intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world. Follow coroners, medical examiners, law enforcement personnel and legal experts as they seek the answers to baffling and mysterious cases, which have been ripped from the headlines. Forensic Files p

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 1996-04-21

Last Air Date 2011-06-17

Seasons 14

Episodes 400


TMDB 8.0


Axel Ruiz's profile image

axel_ruiz shared a tip "Could watch this all day n night...."

Lisa B's profile image

lisa_br shared a tip "Always been a fan of Forensic Files!!! ❤️"

NKO 's profile image

nko_ shared a tip "LOVE IT"

tabitha_patterson_6437 shared a tip "Forensic Files: A classic for fans of true crime. And the narrator is my favorite."

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Great show"

lazarus_bash shared a tip "Not a show, but a channel. Investigation Discovery has a ton of shows akin to forensic files!"

Kenlie Rose's profile image

kenlie_rose shared a tip "Omg yes. It shows the science behind the crimes not just the drama"

Holley Rilko's profile image

holley_rilko shared a tip "I love Forensic Files. I love that the episodes are short so I can fit them into my day here and there."

Vivian Simmons's profile image

vivi_simmons shared a tip "It is a great show. It walks the audience through awful crimes, but also how forensic analysis helped solved the cases."

Mary Monaghan's profile image

mary_monaghan shared a tip "Have seen practically all"

Bingust 's profile image

Bingust shared a tip "Pure nostalgia."

Edna Alliett-Haddock's profile image

edna_alliett-haddock shared a tip "Love that every episode is based on true crime and the people who were or are still involved in the investigations."

Jerry 's profile image

teddyzlvmp shared a tip "Absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves true crime!! Literally binged on this multiple times with my mom"

Chrissie Bell's profile image

chrissie_bell shared a tip "It's not really one of the fast paced, dramatic types shows but I liked it. Good information and detail."

Rafael Munoz's profile image

raffscaff shared a tip "New Episodes Feb. 23"

Jennifer Strehle's profile image

jennifer_strehle shared a tip "How I started my addiction to crime!"

darius_sisneros shared a tip "Finding out the crimes was good"

claire_m2 shared a tip "so addicting to watch!!"

Emily Gunter's profile image

emily_gunter_5423 shared a tip "Easily an easy quick watch. You know what happened, who did it, and how they prove it less than a hour."

Kim Kardashian's profile image

KimKardashian shared a tip "[Source:]"

Alexis Wenger's profile image

alexis_wenger shared a tip "Amazing always has a great ending"

stori carroll's profile image

stori_carroll shared a tip "how could u not love the voice of peter thomas?"

Maureen McCormack's profile image

maureen_mccormack shared a tip "I think so. If you like true crime then it’s amazing! I also love Peter Thomas so i can’t complain."

Jincy Miller's profile image

jincy_miller shared a tip "OMG yes!!"

Maria Bencomo's profile image

maria_bencomo shared a tip "Yes, it’s very interesting. Hope you enjoy it"

Briannah Stubbs's profile image

briannah_stubbs shared a tip "I love this show! It’s my favorite"

Daphne 's profile image

missdaphne06 shared a tip "I LOVE this show. Short, gets to the point, and tells you how they figured it out"

sara_loveday_6758 shared a tip "Season 3 episode 1: without a trace"

Jessi Norris's profile image

jessi_norris shared a tip "My all time favorite true crime show"

Margot Payne's profile image

margot_payne_2868 shared a tip "I tend to watch true crime on Netflix"

Collector's Ark's profile image

collectors_ark shared a tip "Yes, absolutely! It's a must for anyone who watches true crime, and overall just an iconic classic."

bxttercxp923 's profile image

bxttercxp923 shared a tip "i think so.. if youre a crime junkie like me i think you'll enjoy it"

D DeMocker's profile image

d_democker shared a tip "I like Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds."

mackenzie_oconnell_8537 shared a tip "Short, sweet, and to the point. Always learning something from this show!"

Michelle Berube's profile image

michelle_berube shared a tip "I love this series! Watched every episode multiple times."

Roxy 's profile image

xianys_cepeda shared a tip "You can watch it on Netflix"

Bre Austin's profile image

bre_austin shared a tip "it’s super good!"

Kalyn Brown's profile image

kalyn_brown shared a tip "perfect for background noise. love his voice"

Victoria De Santiago's profile image

victoria_de_santiago_3332 shared a tip "A classic True crime staple"

Lil Tay's profile image

LilTay shared a tip "Cause"

kristy_7539 shared a tip "Yes!"

Amber Clutter's profile image

amber_h_3146 shared a tip "I love it! I really enjoy the science behind how crimes are solved."

Brittany Volk's profile image

brittany_volk shared a tip "The case that haunts me is really good too"

Donna Thompson's profile image

donna_thompson_3404 shared a tip "I like it, although it isn't quite as dramatized as many of the ID crime series."

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