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Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood, a ruthless and cunning politician, and his wife Claire who will stop at nothing to conquer everything. This wicked political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex and corruption in modern D.C.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-02-01

Last Air Date 2018-11-02

Seasons 6

Episodes 73


TMDB 8.068


Dylan Sanders's profile image

dylanjs shared a tip "Try and push through the 3rd season, it gets better in the 4th"

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "So good until the last season."

Derrick Hordyk's profile image

Derrick.Hordyk shared a tip "Available on Netflix."

Hudson.Andrews shared a tip "Pretty ok stuff."

Serena Messner's profile image

Serena.Messner shared a tip "Looking for to the last season!"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Great binge watching series"

rachel_davison shared a tip "No likable characters, super dark"

Lisa Twigg's profile image

twiggyluvsyou shared a tip "Intense and addictive."

Chelsia Rice's profile image

chelsia_rice shared a tip "Recently, Mare of Easttown!"

Rajiv Fernandez's profile image

rajiv_fernandez shared a tip "Erase Season 6. All good before that. Season 6 was none ese"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Started off fantastic but then not so much"

Obus 's profile image

obus shared a tip "Even before Kevin Spacey was kicked out of the show they were struggling to tie all the loose ends."

Laura Simmons's profile image

rubyred138 shared a tip "I recommend this show except for the season without Kevin Spacey, that one was really bad."

Hayley 's profile image

hayleymykhal shared a tip "Kevin Spacey has ruined the show."

Pam Winkelmann's profile image

pam_winkelmann shared a tip "Very good series."

Jennifer Wilkerson's profile image

jennifer_wilkerson shared a tip "Kevin Spacey made this series."

jamiela shared a tip "This show is a masterpiece. From START TO FINISH."

Payton Adams's profile image

payton_adams_6471 shared a tip "Yes, definitely!!"

Slyquinn shared a tip "So good!"

Randy Desjardin's profile image

randy_desjardin shared a tip "Enjoyed it up to season 3. After that, it was down hill."

Le 's profile image

le_1689 shared a tip "Definitely Binge Worthy"

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "Liked the first two seasons."

Rodrigo Cortรฉs's profile image

rodrigo_corts shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

Mason Avillion's profile image

m_Avillion shared a tip "Last season was awful and ruined the entire series. Other than that, amazing."

Idris Armstrong's profile image

iearmstrong shared a tip "Skip the final season though. 2016 all over again ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ"

Tsvetomila Surage's profile image

tsvetomila_surage shared a tip "Yes!!!"

Andrea C's profile image

andrea_c_3562 shared a tip "Yes I watched all them. Really loved this series"

Kelly Bergman's profile image

kelly_bergman shared a tip "First season is amazing. Third is hardest to get through."

Heather Greentree-Roach's profile image

heather_greentree-roach shared a tip "Excellent show"

Alexandre F Dantas's profile image

alexandre_f_dantas shared a tip "American politic"

ann_connors_866 shared a tip "I enjoyed it the first few seasons then it got too weird."

Mark Benz's profile image

mark_benz_5600 shared a tip "Dry humor, cunning conniving political drama."

Nica Giancaterino's profile image

nica_giancaterino shared a tip "Loved everything about this. Too bad whatโ€™s his face screwed up in real life...but love Claire"

Pablo Schmitt's profile image

pablo_schmitt shared a tip "Great series. The last season lacked though"

Breanna Church's profile image

breanna_church shared a tip "Love it. Had to binge watch. Itโ€™s sexy. Itโ€™s dark. Itโ€™s brilliant."

haider ehsan's profile image

haider_ehsan shared a tip "Just amazing"

Jazz Lewis's profile image

jazz_lewis shared a tip "Except for the last season"

Ryan Winn's profile image

ryan_winn shared a tip "Only 1st two seasons"

Gloria Seales's profile image

gloria_seales shared a tip "This show became addictive. Great acting."

Christopher Moore's profile image

christophermooreworx shared a tip "Macbeth and Jacobean drama in Washington D.C. Deliciously, slyly evil fun."

Daniel Daia's profile image

daniel_daia shared a tip "The ending felt kind of familiar considering the developing events these days. Wouldn't you say so?"

Brandon Turknett's profile image

brandon_turknett shared a tip "I actually never made it to the ending. I need to start from the beginning and finish!"

Shelby Ross's profile image

shelby_ross_274 shared a tip "This is for the people who like to watch political fiction"

Damien Goss's profile image

damien_goss shared a tip "All up until the last season."

cc_8218 shared a tip "I liked the first season, fell off in the second season ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ"

gary_milligan shared a tip "Brilliant acting and script."

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "Everything. But it got old after first few seasins"

Mario Poser's profile image

mario_poser shared a tip "Kevin spacey made this show"

Bridget Gray's profile image

Caffeine.and.Paper shared a tip "Yes! I havenโ€™t seen the ending yet tho, so I canโ€™t opine on it just yet."

Sarah Coulter's profile image

sarah_coulter_9651 shared a tip "I could watch it over and over again"

LL Cool J 's profile image

LLCoolJ shared a tip "[Source:]"

ik_ shared a tip "Best of the best"

Susan LeRoy's profile image

susan_leroy shared a tip "Itโ€™s so real and about some very true things that have happened and are"

Nancy Alfred's profile image

nancy_alfred shared a tip "Enjoyed every season and loved the last two episodes"

jeff_bader shared a tip "The first couple of seasons are best."

Sheldon Clifton's profile image

sheldon_clifton shared a tip "Unfortunately with the Kevin Spacey drama it did not end well."

Chris Moore's profile image

chris_moore_8642 shared a tip "Rewatching this until Ozark season 3 releases"

larry_robinson_4733 shared a tip "All but the last season..."

paula_lafon shared a tip "Yes, especially the early seasons!!"

Josh Thomas's profile image

josh_thomas_7197 shared a tip "If your into mind games and power plays"

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "First two seasons are gold!"

mike conn's profile image

mike_conn shared a tip "Riveting"

John Pickford's profile image

john_pickford shared a tip "1st season is really good the rest is so/so"

Jessica Draper's profile image

jessica_draper shared a tip "The last season was terrible. Everything up until Kevin Spacey was taken off thr show was good."

Nicole Evatt's profile image

nicole_evatt shared a tip "Addictive"

Nicholas Helgaas's profile image

accidental_ampersand shared a tip "Feel the same about this as I do GOT."

angela_mullins shared a tip "LOVED it"

kevin_mc_cabe shared a tip "However didn't watch the last season, was told it was a disaster."

Shelly Daugherty's profile image

shelly_daugherty shared a tip "Like it a lot until the gratuitous sex scenes became a cliche!"

nancy_j_francis shared a tip "Robin Wright is amazing in this series...lots of twists and turns..I will rewatch the entire series. Kevin Spacey is also ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป"

Stephany Buswell's profile image

stephany_buswell shared a tip "Yes!"

Horace Buggs's profile image

horace_buggs shared a tip "yeah it has some slow moments but still one of netflix best"

Tiffany Marshall's profile image

tiffany_marshall_8793 shared a tip "Yes!"

theresa_donworth shared a tip "Absolutely, the first episode is ok... give it chance. By the third episode I was hooked."

theresa_donworth shared a tip "Absolutely."

Renae Who has no last name's profile image

renae_who_has_no_la shared a tip "Last season was bad, but it was a good series."

Tanya M. Cumbo's profile image

tanya_m._cumbo shared a tip "Love the cast and the fact itโ€™s like reality when it comes to the politics. It surprises you at every corner."

BlueZaltyZebra shared a tip "Great show, last season wasn't as good, but I am glad they kicked Kevin Spacey out"

jeff_antaya shared a tip "Oh yes. Spacey and Penn are spectacular"

Tracy Jensen's profile image

tracy_jensen shared a tip "This was dirty and dark and sometimes too much. Just like politics I guess."

Cassy Williams's profile image

cassy_williams shared a tip "Excellent show!"

jenny_hebert shared a tip "Killing Eve is really good!"

Marie V's profile image

marie_v_7187 shared a tip "It's really good!!! I really enjoyed it"

megan_dickey_3740 shared a tip "First few season were great and then fell flat."

david z's profile image

david_z_1064 shared a tip "Not for everyone. It's pretty ruthless. But I did like it"

nani venki's profile image

nani_venki shared a tip "Yep, this is a good one If you are interested in politics"

Yvonne Bart's profile image

yvonne_bart shared a tip "Such a great story"

beth_sicilio shared a tip "Excellent!"

Rebecca Lynn's profile image

rebecca_lynn_217 shared a tip "I really enjoy shows about politicians!"

ml_2868 shared a tip "First 2 seasons were my favorite"

MMbb 's profile image

MMbb86 shared a tip "Pitch perfect. Last season was trash but that was Spaceyโ€™s fault."

Omar Rodriguez's profile image

omar_rodriguez_2083 shared a tip "The first two seasons are good. The rest can be skipped."

Natalie Helferty's profile image

natalie_helferty shared a tip "Moving storyline to see the political intrigue turn cut-throat. Well acted."

Tonda Hill's profile image

tonda_hill08 shared a tip "Yes"

Bria Henderson's profile image

bria_henderson shared a tip "Have yet to see the final season, should I?"

michael_1704 shared a tip "Dude turned into a serial killer"

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