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The series focuses on an eccentric motley crew that is the Smith family and their three housemates: Father, husband, and breadwinner Stan Smith; his better half housewife, Francine Smith; their college-aged daughter, Hayley Smith; and their high-school-aged son, Steve Smith. Outside of the Smith fam

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2005-02-06

Last Air Date 2022-12-19

Seasons 19

Episodes 344


TMDB 6.9


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "I basically have always watched for Roger. Sometimes Stan is amusing."

nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Hilarious"

Crystal Hammond's profile image

crystal_hammond_6284 shared a tip "Definitely a fan of American Dad! Hubby and I enjoy watching it together."

Leah Rose's profile image

leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "Such a funny show love it"

Jessica O'Grady's profile image

jessica_ogrady shared a tip "My favourite adult cartoon 😍"

Nicky Williams's profile image

nicky_williams_4723 shared a tip "Thanks anytime! Love this show lol Roger is my fav."

Larry Guzman's profile image

larry_guzman shared a tip "Consistently and outrageously funny."

Dredgen Tyr's profile image

dredgen_tyr shared a tip "Maybe duckman, it's crass and it's held up for how old it is"

Nicholas Moore's profile image

nicholas_moore_6531 shared a tip "It is always so funny. It doesnt rely on cutaways, just genuine dumb humor which is always a plus!"

liliana_cochiaro shared a tip "annoying"

Valixs 's profile image

valixs shared a tip "Best show ever created"

Phil Venti's profile image

phil_venti shared a tip "The original SpyxFamily"

Colin Schwager's profile image

colin_schwager shared a tip "Perfect show for a boring weekend."

ashein_chamption shared a tip "I see you like Rick and Morty, Future man is another great sci-fi comedy."

Sean Green's profile image

sean_green_7753 shared a tip "3.5/5 Not a show I watch regularly, but it has some great moments"

Victoria Rodriguez's profile image

victoria_rodriguez_8849 shared a tip "I personally enjoy it, it’s good if you like family guy/futurama"

Wilson Baker reviews!'s profile image

wilsonb shared a tip "6.5/10"

Lexi Byrd's profile image

lexi_byrd_831 shared a tip "Love it"

Josh Barton's profile image

josh_barton_3166 shared a tip "Family guy. Rick and Morty"

angelina_burkitt shared a tip "Funnyy"

Katie 's profile image

kte shared a tip "it was funny"

LaQWEEn Anderson's profile image

laqween_anderson shared a tip "This dysfunctional family is hilarious 🤣."

La-la Saur's profile image

la-la_saur shared a tip "yesss"

Star Miller's profile image

star_miller_3273 shared a tip "One word. Roger"

Christina Yager's profile image

christina_yager shared a tip "YES! if you love animation, you’ll get a kick out of this one!"

Kirby Bradshaw's profile image

kirby_bradshaw_7873 shared a tip "If you like stuff like Family guy or the Cleveland Show then I'd say yeah for sure 😊"

Senia Lones's profile image

senia_lones shared a tip "Yeah its funny"

katie_russell_8990 shared a tip "Definitely a good binge show!! 💜"

Billy Bob's profile image

billy_bob_2902 shared a tip "It is the perfect show to binge"

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "Sometimes funny adult animation."

Amina Maissa Demaghlatrous's profile image

amina_maissa_demaghlatrous shared a tip "Great show, my favorite character is Roger he’s the funniest one out there!"

TheDarkShadow .Unknown's profile image

thedarkshadow_.unknown shared a tip "Watchhh"

alya shared a tip "Roger"

Callie Suckman's profile image

callie_suckman shared a tip "This is an amazing show to watch! LOVE IT🥰"

Slatty 's profile image

slatty shared a tip "Oh lol Roger even though he does extra sometimes"

Larissa Hildebrand's profile image

larissa_hildebrand_9080 shared a tip "The dad hbu"

victoria_sumlin shared a tip "❤️❤️"

lola_villa shared a tip "The dad"

Ron Ronson's profile image

ron_ronson shared a tip "Hysterical show that I find funnier than South Park or Family Guy. Consistently funny without political nonsense injected."

Audrey Hooper's profile image

audrey_hooper shared a tip "Don't have a favorite really"

markeith_watts_jr shared a tip "Steve or Roger for sure"

Official JGTV's profile image

jayguesttv shared a tip "The alien for sure!"

fly fam's profile image

fly_fam shared a tip "Funny"

Samantha Nichols's profile image

samantha_nichols_5892 shared a tip "Hailey"

Krystel Holtz's profile image

krystel_holtz shared a tip "Steve and Rodger lol"

joe_mama_7221 shared a tip "An absoulte classic the jokes always hit and are well placed #comedy"

Game Play's profile image

game_play shared a tip "An amazing show. Perfect for fans of Family Guy."

Jesse Slade's profile image

jesse_slade shared a tip "Just for the record, I've only been seeing small clips of American Dad on YouTube."

Jhania Thompson's profile image

jhania_thompson shared a tip "If you like satirical comedy and want to watch something that you don't have to take seriously."

joe_sicilia shared a tip "Yes"

Alaycia Williams's profile image

alaycia_williams shared a tip "Grey's Anatomy"

Timothy & Courtney Ross's profile image

timothy__courtney_r shared a tip "Virtual in stanity"

Patrice Blanton's profile image

patrice_blanton shared a tip "Ikr I absolutely love it!!"

Patrice Blanton's profile image

patrice_blanton shared a tip "Definitely one of my favs!!"

hussein_al-hammad shared a tip "Roger centric episodes tend to get most laughs. Recommend looking for “Shallow Vows” as a starter episode."

Jayden Henry's profile image

jayden_henry shared a tip "A funny show to make you laugh"

thomas_ivy shared a tip "Struggled with panic attacks for a long time and this show has helped distract me."

Nora Rosenvinge's profile image

Borrisss shared a tip "American dad er en veldig voksen og morsom serie. Passe bra for unge og voksne i alle aldere."

Sarcasm 's profile image

sarcasm shared a tip "The dad"

daniel_banjavic shared a tip "Brilliant and full of nuanced raunchy amazingness"

Thomas Robertson's profile image

thomas_robertson_7117 shared a tip "I love all of them equally"

Chazzz 's profile image

chazzz shared a tip "The 300th so far,it wrapped up a 15 year long sideline that lets you know how much a person will do do to get something"

Fay Bear's profile image

fay_bear shared a tip "How do you watch it🤔"

malcolm_wiggins shared a tip "It was very funny"

sherly_francois shared a tip "This is ****"

craig_thomson shared a tip "Rodger"

Robin 's profile image

robin_4609 shared a tip "@ashley_hostetter i honestly dont really know, i just like the show in general 😅 you?"

Melissa Nicole's profile image

melissa_nicole_537 shared a tip "@jayde_5691 You have a favorite?! I love them all💗"

meridith_hataway shared a tip "Funny"

Joe Malotte's profile image

joe_malotte shared a tip "Sometimes dry humor but still comedy entertaining it took me a while to like this particular show however it did grow on me."

Vickie Jones's profile image

vickie_jones shared a tip "Roger"

Anna Snell's profile image

anna_snell shared a tip "My kind of humor. The show hooks me for some reason and I don’t know why lol"

Jess Mull's profile image

jess_mull shared a tip "Love it. Still go back and re-watch American dad!! 👍🏻"

Travis Stone's profile image

travis_stone shared a tip "Always, a bit more cerebral than Family Guy, which is cool by me."

daxton_4548 shared a tip "It’s one of my fav movies"

Giinue Kwe's profile image

giinue_kwe shared a tip "Hahaha it's soooo good!!!"

Rachel Thompson's profile image

rachel_thompson_5533 shared a tip "I love this cartoon."

Justine Webber's profile image

justine_webber shared a tip "Well, I've watched the series about 5 times in a year sooo 😄. It's intellectually funny. You should also try Futurama."

Wendy Major Christenson's profile image

wendy_major_christe shared a tip "Yes it is."

Nitsa Al's profile image

nitsa_al shared a tip "Hilarious! My favourite animated show ever"

andy_948 shared a tip "one of my favorites"

vs_gljnn shared a tip "If you like "politically" incorrect dialogues for today's standards yes. Same guys who made the family guy."

tony020480 's profile image

tony020480 shared a tip "Windy City Heat is the funniest movie ever!"

Lara Anne's profile image

lara_anne shared a tip "If you like silly and irreverent comedy, then yes. It is similar to family guy, but less crass. Definitely naughty though!"

wheres_my_son shared a tip "Its similar to family guy so if you haven’t watched that I’d recommend you watch that to"

Zig Sanders's profile image

zig_sanders shared a tip "Right now it’s a tie between shameless and the fosters, their my comfort shows"

Octavia 's profile image

octavia_9648 shared a tip "I only watch this for the background noise"

Unothejvist !'s profile image

unothejvist_ shared a tip "YES I THINK IT IS FUNNIER THAN FAMILY GUY"

SliccRick McFly's profile image

sliccrick_mcfly shared a tip "Martin"

Elizabeth Looney's profile image

elizabeth_looney_3211 shared a tip "I like family guy and futurama."

Erik Sunde's profile image

erik_sunde shared a tip "It'd comedy is closer to Family Guy, more political bent. Any Roger (the alien) centric episode is worth a watch"

Riccardo the guinea pig's profile image

riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "American dad has always been more funny then family guy"

Holly Howell's profile image

holly_howell shared a tip "I think it is! It's the kind of show that is great for mindless comedy"

Kellie Taylor's profile image

kellie_taylor_413 shared a tip "Definitely!!"

kj_721 shared a tip "Right now its Reservation Dogs or Bob's Burgers"

Sydney 's profile image

leysa224 shared a tip "I definitely recommend it. Its pretty funny."

Mimi Haley's profile image

mimi_haley shared a tip "Yes! If you are a fan of Family Guy, you'll love it. It's hilarious"

Aaron Schirmers's profile image

aaron_schirmers shared a tip "Yes. Great take on how skewed americas viewpoint of themselves"

Coffee the Space Otter/Alex the Marble Fox's profile image

kitsune_brewer shared a tip "It is a show that makes fun of the idea of conservatives. I have to admit it's pretty good."

Alaina chaput's profile image

alaina_chaput shared a tip "I love it for a show that i don't need to pay attention to hard to follow along. And it's funny lol"

Jo Boeshaar's profile image

jo_boeshaar shared a tip "I think it's hilarious. I think Roger the alien is my favorite in this whole show."

Emeline Carson's profile image

emeline_carson shared a tip "If you like dark comedy that feels like a light watch then this is good to watch when your relaxing"

sherrain_easter shared a tip "It's a funny show. Rogers definitely my favorite character next to Steve"

Geraldson Valme's profile image

geraldson_valme shared a tip "Great family guy alternative"

Chris Duncan's profile image

chris_duncan_8719 shared a tip "If you like the comedy from Family Guy then definitely worth a watch."

Orlando Orantes's profile image

orlando_orantes shared a tip "Yes! Especially Roger (the alien) 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

Leo B's profile image

leo_b_165 shared a tip "Yummy I want the sister she cute 😌💅"

ojoveeo 's profile image

ojoveeo shared a tip "Yeah gives you some Comedy and entertainment for those nights you have nothing to watch"

Taylor stokes's profile image

taylor_stokes_8964 shared a tip "It just a good dark humor show"

Corey Flanagin's profile image

coreycflanagin shared a tip "Oh yea"

haley_howard_5271 shared a tip "Bones! Hbu?"

Stoned Cat Lady's profile image

stoned_cat_lady shared a tip "Roger is the best, the show is hilarious!"

shandi_phea shared a tip "I mean I like it lol"

Jandel Tapia's profile image

jandel_tapia shared a tip "Huh I didn't know this thing is like face book but only shows and books"

Stacey Farrow's profile image

stacey_farrow shared a tip "It is really funny . I like it . If you've watched family guy then you'll like it"

Stephanie Schwertel's profile image

stephanie_schwertel_9345 shared a tip "The whole show is a mix of Family Guy and Cleveland Brown but patriotic. I absolutely watch this on repeat a lot."

Meranda 's profile image

meranda_d shared a tip "It cracks me up! Worth a watch"

nikki_4961 shared a tip "So many! But if I have to choose Hot Water (Season 7 episode)"

Nicole Kosiorek's profile image

nicole_k_1234 shared a tip "Parts of the show I enjoy, but there is also a lot of parts I don’t like…"

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