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Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2012-01-15

Last Air Date 2021-05-30

Seasons 10

Episodes 77


TMDB 7.3


Jonann Sandvig's profile image

Jollysand shared a tip "Love this series"

Jonann Sandvig's profile image

Jollysand shared a tip "Love this series."

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Easy to binge and it has wonderful characters!"

Kitty Koer's profile image

kitty_koer shared a tip "Very much enjoy the look back at history via this series. We've come a long way baby!"

Bud Denney's profile image

bud_denney shared a tip "My wife and I have found this show addictive"

Chloe G's profile image

chloe_g_5325 shared a tip "I love watching this with my mother and sister! Nothing like a medical drama to bond over! Lol #drama #medical #midwife"

Hillary Hayes's profile image

hmhayes000 shared a tip "This is such a beautifully done period series. Highly recommend for anyone, but especially the ladies."

kim_hasty shared a tip "I think i saw thus twice and it got lost in the multitude of shows."

jennifer_huckaby_1224 shared a tip "Human interest stories"

Rachel Green's profile image

rachel_green shared a tip "I look forward to this shows release every year. I love it! I 💯 recommend!"

Ashley Muller's profile image

ashley_muller_6645 shared a tip "One of my favorite series!!"

Laurie Chisholm's profile image

laurie_chisholm shared a tip "Such a well done series, with details that are unequaled by most period series."

TN ZKA's profile image

tn_zka shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Mariali Descartes's profile image

m.descartes shared a tip "Great series. Capture time changes through their story. Really enjoyed it. # greatseries"

Scott Boon's profile image

scott_boon shared a tip "Liked the period setting and it added to the enjoyment of the stories told."

IzzyL 's profile image

izzyl shared a tip "Completely binge watched this show. Absolutely loved it!#netflix #medicine #perioddrama"

Lovelee 's profile image

lovelee_ shared a tip "Very heartfelt...I cry every episode😭 I love love this show!!"

Rachel L's profile image

rachelmay shared a tip "There is also the memoir of Jennifer Worth called 'The Midwife' that the show is based off of."

Stephanie Brown's profile image

stephanie_brown_3329 shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

Kathrin Deddeh's profile image

kathrin_deddeh shared a tip "I love historically accurate but poetically written shows"

Victoria Janicke's profile image

victoria_janicke shared a tip "A beautiful heartwarming show! So many seasons and episodes to watch:)"

emily_3049 shared a tip "Yes I love it."

Krista Adams's profile image

krista_adams_5056 shared a tip "Chicken soup for the soul."

Reagan Doss's profile image

reagan_doss shared a tip "Emotional and uplifting period drama. Great character development"

Sheila Louise's profile image

sheila_louise shared a tip "Great content and pleasant to watch and rewatch"

Malinda Mitchell's profile image

malinda_mitchell shared a tip "LOVED it and learned so much from it"

Gianna Beata's profile image

gianna_beata shared a tip "It’s completely worth it!! But you have to be able to handle the intensity of medical scenes and such!"

Katharine Prince's profile image

kathiccino shared a tip "@ellaanderson It was very interesting. I highly recommend."

Kel Gibson's profile image

kel_gibson shared a tip "I think so!"

Priscilla Nezat's profile image

priscilla_nezat shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series. Brilliant storylines and perfect nostalgia."

Elizabeth Gaunch's profile image

elizabeth_gaunch shared a tip "This is my one exception to the generally lighthearted rule. Call the Midwife is for when I need a good cry."

Kristen Dayley's profile image

kristen_dayley shared a tip "Love. Full of goodness on so many levels."

daniela_alayon shared a tip "So well made and interesting. Love, love, love!"

Alison Bieda's profile image

alison_bieda shared a tip "Educational"

Kelly Dill Nixon's profile image

kelly_dill_nixon shared a tip "Yes! I've watched them all... can't wait for another season!"

Audrey Yates's profile image

audrey_yates shared a tip "I really enjoyed this show. I love all the 50s and 60s fashion. Great acting too."

Risa Demeter's profile image

risa_demeter shared a tip "So good"

Paula Harris's profile image

paula_harris_7100 shared a tip "Another series I've watched over and over again. Never gets old."

Ellen Letherby's profile image

ellen_letherby shared a tip "Great series"

stephanie_reeves_2972 shared a tip "A #wholesome, #feelgood British series with a #nostalgic 1960s retro setting and #femaleleads"

Alesha Osburn's profile image

alesha_osburn shared a tip "10 seasons in and I am hooked!"

Bridget Mcsweeney Myers's profile image

bridget_mcsweeney_m shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch got hooked after just the 1st episode"

Ashley Elle's profile image

ashley_elle shared a tip "Seriously one of the best shows I have ever watched. So glad it’s been renewed for more seasons"

Victoria Brennan's profile image

victoria_brennan shared a tip "Best drama on all of tv"

kd1 shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

Melanie Masters's profile image

melanie_masters shared a tip "A Place to Call Home is excellent. Australian I believe."

Rita Trites's profile image

rita_trites shared a tip "Realistic and entertaining historical program."

Heron Doe's profile image

heron_doe shared a tip "Super touching. Well acted. Touching stories about life and death in the early 1900’s. Binge worthy"

Shanna Spuhler's profile image

shanna_spuhler shared a tip "A wonderful heartfelt show with an beautiful storyline."

Jessica Enyeart's profile image

jessica_enyeart shared a tip "The show is very entertaining, and tug on some heart strings too"

diana_anjum shared a tip "I love historical fiction but this is not n a personal level of what it was like to be a woman of that time and place ."

hania_dt shared a tip "Cheerful, endearing and heartwarming with a nice historical touch. I'll never tire of this storyline"

Danielle Daviau's profile image

danielle_daviau shared a tip "@ifixler chummy too :) how could you not love her"

Kelly Wilson-Jones's profile image

KellsWay55 shared a tip "Binge worthy!!"

tanya_baca shared a tip "I have enjoyed them all. It's a great story!"

lindsay_smith_9191 shared a tip "This is one of my all time favorite shows!"

Bethany Polkiewicz's profile image

bethany_polkiewicz shared a tip "Amazing drama. It is done so well you forget they are actors and get so invested in their lives"

hilary_6472 shared a tip "Love love love this show. It brings all of the feels. Just rewatched it all this year."

marjorie_wilkerson shared a tip "Love this series! The character interactions and emotions are heartwarming."

finess_king shared a tip "Great story line in each episode and the history embedded in it was greatly portrayed."

Katherinesmama shared a tip "Love this. One of my favorite PBS shows!"

Tre Rene'e's profile image

tre_renee shared a tip "I watched the whole series"

Shelley Aleman's profile image

shelley_aleman shared a tip "Even when you have a good cry during the episode, you still walk away feeling better for the viewing!"

Kelli Raver's profile image

kelli_raver shared a tip "Great show!"

Aylissa Wyre's profile image

LyssBanken shared a tip "Welp... now what?"

Edna Hernandez Vieyra's profile image

edna_hernandez_viey shared a tip "Wondeful characters and storylines. A simpler time in many ways."

Jia -chan's profile image

jia_-chan shared a tip "Hard to say... they're all good, although I do like the one where Chummy has her son."

Julianna Devereux's profile image

julianna_devereux shared a tip "So good!"

Hannah Roznowski's profile image

hannah_roznowski shared a tip "Love it! So wholesome"

Ashley Brown's profile image

ashley_brown_6031 shared a tip "Meaningful and empowering, wonderful acting"

Karen Paino's profile image

karen_paino shared a tip "It was just great so many different stories"

Mary KP's profile image

mary_kp shared a tip "Amazing. Great Binge"

Alexandria Mayberry's profile image

theCatKing shared a tip "I liked it. I watched it while I did some crafts because I didn't feel it needed all my attention but it was still good."

Feleacer Wilmer's profile image

feleacer_wilmer shared a tip "Great wholesome show"

susan_humphrey shared a tip "Love the historical depiction of London’s East End during the 50’s and 60’s. Great characters and storyline."

jan_brown_9005 shared a tip "Loved it! Excellent. Exactly what I like in a series."

Kelly Touchtone's profile image

kelly_touchtone shared a tip "I loved how they tackled social issues with compassion."

Avery Kallas's profile image

avery_kallas shared a tip "Beautifully done show about the strength of women and care."

Cathy Sneden's profile image

cathy_sneden shared a tip "Just a good show and I enjoy seeing life in the time period."

kathy_mccarvell shared a tip "Extremely heartwarming and excellent acting! But, you will cry!"

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