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The trials and triumphs of life in the small town of Dillon, Texas, where high school football is everything.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2006-10-03

Last Air Date 2011-02-09

Seasons 5

Episodes 76


TMDB 8.0


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Likewise shared a tip "S1-S5 coming Sept 1"

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Likewise shared a tip "S1-S5 streaming 9/1"

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legauntt shared a tip "We end every work huddle with clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"

tamara_carman shared a tip "I went to the high school this is based on."

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audiobookie shared a tip "Casually rewatching. So good!"

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Derrick.Hordyk shared a tip "Available on Netflix."

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grandma-mj shared a tip "Netflix, Hulu, Peacock all have it."

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denise_himes shared a tip "A feel good tv show"

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diandra_repato shared a tip "Enjoyable!"

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stephanie_fjeld shared a tip "Love"

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jordan_allen_1995 shared a tip "My favorite character is Julie Matt"

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sydney_wheeler shared a tip "I love this show! I’m obsessed"

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rina_troupe shared a tip "Relatable and full of lovable characters who are followed in a dramatic plot"

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a_d_miles shared a tip "Clear eyes, open hearts, can't lose. Nuff said."

christie_macomber shared a tip "Loved loved loved it!!! Great story line."

thomas_clark_7026 shared a tip "This series was so underrated. It’s storytelling at its best. The actors are great."

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abbygayle19 shared a tip "This is good if you like small town shows also later on it can get better like more romance and more drama."

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bryan_mcdaniel shared a tip "Doing my first rewatch of this show I forgot how amazing it was"

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georgia_baxley_7904 shared a tip "yes!!!"

marty_3674 shared a tip "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."

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rosalind_rogers shared a tip "The characters played by Connie Britton & Kyle Chandler win my vote for best couple in a tv show!"

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diane_stairs shared a tip "So good!!! And I’m not a football fan"

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faithmarie shared a tip "yes!! it’s so good"

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susan_luby shared a tip "Tim Riggins will make you fall in love with Football!"

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kathy_burris shared a tip "Loved!"

lu_murray shared a tip "Probably my favorite tv series ever."

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jakeisha_stanton shared a tip "Yes! I love that movie"

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hilary_collacchi shared a tip "All"

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isabel_grayson shared a tip "AMAZING"

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cannon_walker shared a tip "Growing up in Texas this was great seeing the small town football be put to tv it was a great show."

allie_nankivell shared a tip "This is a perfect show to binge!!!!"

monika_sliwa shared a tip "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose! Probably the best show ever made!"

rochelle_padilla shared a tip "My favorite TV series of all time."

cassidy_9459 shared a tip "Most definitely"

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melissa_thiessen shared a tip "Fantastic series!!"

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jordan_clay shared a tip "One if the best shows!"

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veronica_hoover shared a tip "Streaming on Hulu"

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salomi_nyong shared a tip "It's a must watch"

paula_rand shared a tip "An alltime favorite. Esp first 3 seasons."

michael_vogel_9725 shared a tip "The TV show was better than the movie. You don’t have to be a football fan to love this show."

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milly_romero_7826 shared a tip "I have selected some on my list here. I'm looking for some new shows as well."

allie_7709 shared a tip "I liked it a lot! It was very interesting."

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emma_brown_9524 shared a tip "Currently, GOT (late I know), This is a Robbery and Elvis Docuseries on Netflix are my most recent binges"

kirsten_groover shared a tip "If you like this show then you would probably really like Riverdale! Vampire Diaries may be something you would like as well!"

isabella_aguilar_4445 shared a tip "Yes"

mary_margaret_johns_3254 shared a tip "Loved, loved, loved!!!"

mary_haight shared a tip "Tami Taylor Y’all ❤️"

amy_reed_9519 shared a tip "Toss up with Mad Men for the best show of all time. In my opinion."

bella_iannotti shared a tip "It was really good! Great development!"

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sun_flowers_5683 shared a tip "My new favorite I suggest it ❤️"

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christine_peterson_2900 shared a tip "It made me think of the good times in high school"

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