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This is a rewatch. Critics and fans alike do not care for this movie. I enjoyed it when I first watched and I enjoyed it today. Sometimes everyone is just wrong.

Æon Flux imageÆon Flux image

Æon Flux

Movies | Action

5 of out 10. Decent sci-fi action flick. Great fx. Backstory was confusing and didn't answer alot of fill in questions. I came away with several "but how did they..." questions. I read everyone saying this is an underrated movie. I dislike incomplete storylines and this one missed for me.

Oblivion imageOblivion image


Movies | Action

A breakout role for this young actress and great performances by Andrew Scott and Isis Hainsworth. Period pieces can be hit or miss. This is a hit.

Catherine Called Birdy imageCatherine Called Birdy image

Catherine Called Birdy


I watch for pure entertainment value. England Holmes 2 is entertaining which so many movies fail this basic test with me. Kudos.

Enola Holmes 2 imageEnola Holmes 2 image

Enola Holmes 2

Movies | Mystery

After watching the pilot episode I thought this series was going in a completely different direction. Mainly focused on the portal. Even though it went a completely different direction than I thought, it was still very good. Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons are brilliant.

Night Sky imageNight Sky image

Night Sky

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Taboo imageTaboo image


Shows | Drama

A different telling of war. No sentimentality for one side or the other just the stark reality of trench warfare. A good movie.

All Quiet on the Western Front imageAll Quiet on the Western Front image

All Quiet on the Western Front

Movies | Action

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