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Two brothers, Wirt and Greg, find themselves lost in the Unknown; a strange forest adrift in time. With the help of a wise old Woodsman and a foul-tempered bluebird named Beatrice, Wirt and Greg must travel across this strange land, in hope of finding their way home. Join them as they encounter surp

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-11-03

Last Air Date 2014-11-07

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 8.5


Brian DeWeese's profile image

briandeweese shared a tip "Brilliantly bizarre and funny."

madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Love!!! So interesting"

Alannah Rodriquez's profile image

alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "Adored the style, everything about it! Wish it was longer 💜"

Red Reads's profile image

Yolken shared a tip "I don't understand the hype, but this was a nice series. I found it really cute."

Liberty 's profile image

libertyB- shared a tip "This show is a perfect cozy little show for fall nights, and it’s so funny too!"

☆Lyd🍓Lake☆ 's profile image

lake_rain shared a tip "Cute show to rewatch every fall with a cup of coffee or tea! ☕🍁"

Alien Potato's profile image

alien_potate shared a tip "One of my favorite series ever. A big inspiration for me."

Ashton Prater's profile image

ashton_prater9 shared a tip "Best animated show I've seen in a looong time. I now watch it every year before Halloween"

Hailey McCool's profile image

hailey_mccool shared a tip "It was a very odd mix of disturbing and cute. I really enjoyed it!"

Jada 's profile image

jada_davis_5502 shared a tip "Took me awhile to get used to but it actually was an amazing show #mystery #horror #bizarre"

Mirandom 's profile image

mirandom_kitty shared a tip "Miniseries with great spooky vibes I watch every fall. So much mystery fans are still discussing it to this day"

Naija Mxdnxss's profile image

naija_mxdnxss shared a tip "Such a great discovery!!"

Joy Joy 's profile image

Queen_Rvng shared a tip "Such a great mini series! Worth a watch for sure!"

Florence Bergeron's profile image

florence_bergeron_9902 shared a tip "It was so weird!!! Loved it"

Amanda Meadows's profile image

ameadows shared a tip "So cute so good"

TerrorAllTheTime 's profile image

terrorallthetime shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful"

Anna Maria's profile image

anna_maria_reads shared a tip "Such a beautiful show 💕"

Jay 's profile image

jay_root shared a tip "A must-watch for cartoon fans during the autumn season."

Abigail Lewis's profile image

abigail_lewis_1877 shared a tip "It is so amazing and the last episode tied it all together and I was like omg this is brain numbing"

dexter_poe shared a tip "Such a good show. All the best autumn vibes, with a good storyline."

📚Books and café☕🤎's profile image

First_edition_ shared a tip "Twisted and mysterious yet funny in its own way. Love the story plot and how different it is from other cartoons."

yuki_frost shared a tip "Aesthetically amazing"

Maria Gregory's profile image

maria_gregory_6531 shared a tip "yes :)"

Urmomisgay4me 's profile image

Jill_Klopp shared a tip "It speaks for itself"

Y Hh's profile image

y_hh shared a tip "great. amazing one of my favorites, very short would recommend to anyone"

Sydney Revenaugh's profile image

sydney_revenaugh shared a tip "It was so cute and it was really enjoyable to watch because of the interesting story and lovable characters"

stephanie_b_1726 shared a tip "Beautiful, brilliant, the art of storytelling."

pink quartz's profile image

pink_quartz shared a tip "Only 10 episodes, each 11 min. I recommend watching it all in one sitting. This show is an experience."

astrid_salazar shared a tip "Such a beautiful story and wonderful art. I just wish there was more than 1 season"

Finn 's profile image

finleyandthefae shared a tip "Watchable in one day, left me in tears."

Jalla 's profile image

jalla shared a tip "Honestly over the garden wall is the best cartoon I have ever watched"

TRASHRAT 's profile image

trashratslaykingbussy shared a tip "Mystery, animation, overall a very funky series 10/10 I love it sm 🥰🥰🥰"

leyna :)'s profile image

flannels-and-frogs shared a tip "such a cute series. I binged the whole thing in a day. definitely prepare yourself to cry."

Smalls Willis's profile image

thatoneperson shared a tip "Very Gothic and beautiful! But very very very short sadly"

Caitlyn Corzo's profile image

caitlyn_corzo shared a tip "I love this"

Elliot Venerable's profile image

elliot_venerable shared a tip "Sooooo goood"

Alexa m 's profile image


Izzy Rome's profile image

izzy_rome shared a tip "Loved it, would watch again 10/10"

katie_9322 shared a tip "Fascinating and I have a desire for more"

someone_random_4457 shared a tip "Cannot recommend enough. This was sooooo good! Not only is it extremely well written, but it also has an amazing soundtrack."

Daniel Bertuccelli's profile image

daniel_bertuccelli shared a tip "It's called over the Garden Wall, bitch, not Behind the Cringe-Mommy's Gate. #true_crime"

strawberry love's profile image

strawberry_love_6937 shared a tip "loved it so much"

jessica_krcmarik shared a tip "My absolute favorite series of all time. Perfect atmosphere"

Nyelli Coronado's profile image

nyelli_coronado shared a tip "Because of the story and the overall look of it"

Layla Daoud's profile image

layla_daoud shared a tip "absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack will fill ur heart."

Maryn Miller's profile image

maryn_miller shared a tip "Such a well done horrifying children's show. Like Coraline!"

Eva 's profile image

eva_2224 shared a tip "I LIVE THIS SHOW SOOOOO MUCH!! It is the perfect show to binge watch.It only takes a day to finish the show and it is so good!!!"

Preston Lottie's profile image

preston_lottie shared a tip "Each episode is only about ten minutes which makes it a nice series to watch in a day & it’s totally worth your time."

Zoie Nicoal's profile image

zoie_nicoal shared a tip "perfect"

Adriana Ascencio's profile image

adriana_ascencio shared a tip "The lore and misdirection and charm make a good combination to binge"

rebecca_farr shared a tip "As close as you can get to perfection..."

Richard Lund's profile image

richard_lund shared a tip "Finished in one sitting it was amazing"

Adrien Nadrich's profile image

adrien_nadrich shared a tip "It was the perfect level of unease and beauty! I loved it an rewatch it every chance I get!!"

Sebastian McHenry's profile image

sebastian_mchenry shared a tip "Short enough to finish in a day. Cute and sweet, but a little dark. Older kids will love it. #animation #family #dark_fantasy"

Shawn Sebro's profile image

shawn_sebro shared a tip "It was a nice little story. The animation and music was neat and it had a pretty interesting lesson in it too."

Idrees 's profile image

idrees shared a tip "Deep, rich, well-animated, lots of hidden messages! Totally worth the time!"

Bronwyn Worwood's profile image

bronwyn_worwood shared a tip "A wonderful addition for Halloween that makes you think! Will definitely rewatch every year!!!"

Midori Oxford's profile image

midori_oxford shared a tip "Very good"

Lila Klatz's profile image

lila_klatz shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

gr3mln 's profile image

gr3mln shared a tip "this show gives me so much comfort!!"

anne_castagno shared a tip "Creepy cute"

vivian_buls shared a tip "omfg i love this so much"

awesome_user_782979 shared a tip "It is soooooo good but I wished that Beatrice and Wirt ended up together"

Aleasha Hintz's profile image

aleasha_hintz shared a tip "A unique show with a vintage, autumnal style and creepy, cozy undertones."

user🌚🌚 's profile image

user_238 shared a tip "On HBO Max as well !"

Christine Bruce's profile image

christine_bruce_1239 shared a tip "The aesthetic and world are fantastic and so much fun. I rewatch ever fall"

Taylor Harman's profile image

taylor_harman_455 shared a tip "It's so good! And very short, you can watch the whole thing in one day"

Jenn Breman's profile image

jenn_breman shared a tip "Spooky, intriguing, weird, sweet."

Danielle Neville's profile image

danielle_neville shared a tip "Freaky, fun and AWESOME"

Kaarina Chacon's profile image

kaarina_chacon shared a tip "Honestly one of my absolute favorite mini series and I rewatch it at the very least every year. Would HIGHLY SUGGEST!!!"

Rainbow Child's profile image

rainbow_child_6540 shared a tip "Beautiful animation. I also loved the story telling and jokes."

Dani Pink's profile image

dani_pink shared a tip "So pretty, such a good soundtrack, lovable characters, and unforgettable plot. Great for autumn 💕"

holli_ronquillo shared a tip "Quirky, visually imaginative."

Matilda Grace's profile image

matilda_grace shared a tip "This is one to watch every Fall and Halloween. Made it a tradition in my household. Everyone enjoys it without fail."

Noomi 's profile image

noomi shared a tip "Great blend of comedy, mystery, music and a heartwarming story. Definitely worth a try!!"

Koda 's profile image

da.coolest.bean shared a tip "I really enjoyed watching this it was so good!! :D"

chaoticloozer shared a tip "it has the perfect amount of lore for a childrens cartoon and the characters are good"

Squid Pig's profile image

squid_pig shared a tip "A little unnerving amazing show"

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