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A missing child causes four families to help each other for answers. What they could not imagine is that this mystery would be connected to innumerable other secrets of the small town.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2017-12-01

Last Air Date 2020-06-27

Seasons 3

Episodes 26


TMDB 8.4


Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "Best show I’ve seen in a while. Weirder and heavier than Stranger Things."

Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "Season 2 is just as good. Prepare to get hooked and occasionally confused."

Greg Martinez's profile image

Greg.Martinez shared a tip "Such an amazing ending to season one"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "It’s a really good show and overlooked by the public probably because of the subtitles."

Craig Beilinson's profile image

cbeilinson shared a tip "Twisty time travel mystery with an awesome premise. Watch it with subtitles - not dubbed."

rebeccaYeti shared a tip "Season 3 is out and now I need to watch the first 2 seasons to get is all straight AGAIN"

Jessica Porter's profile image

jessica_porter shared a tip "I loved this. Can't wait for more!"

Gina Curtis's profile image

gina_curtis shared a tip "An intriguing German show. I found it to be interesting trying to figure out what was going on."

Jeff Einarson's profile image

jeff_einarson shared a tip "Sorta like a weird combo of Lost and Stranger Things. Very good and a bit bizarre. German but dubbed English."

Drake Lloyd's profile image

drake_lloyd shared a tip "Brain implosion incoming"

Jayne Tardiff's profile image

jayne_tardiff shared a tip "Dubbed but really interesting"

Jayne Tardiff's profile image

jayne_tardiff shared a tip "This is dubbed and there is only 1 person in it they dubbed poorly but the story was intriguing"

Deepti Andrade Madtha's profile image

deepti_andrade_madtha shared a tip "The best series Must Watch!!!"

Laura Leslie's profile image

laura_leslie_9582 shared a tip "One of my fav shows, so intricate and thought consuming"

LaMyra Kinzer's profile image

lamyra_kinzer shared a tip "Must Watch 🍿"

Shaumbra Neer's profile image

shaumbra_neer shared a tip "Brain tickling! Amazing Screenplay and background music. Must watch for people interested in time travel based movies"

Jennifer Davidson's profile image

jennifer_davidson shared a tip "What an ending! It would make the doctor proud"

cristy_cockerham shared a tip "Pay attention!!"

Maitreyi Shrikhande's profile image

maitreyi_shrikhande shared a tip "basically a rated R version of Stranger Things"

Brad Pies's profile image

brad_pies shared a tip "This show is excellent! It is in German with subtitles."

Kris Rox's profile image

kris_rox shared a tip "What a mind bender!"

Craig LaBruno's profile image

craig_labruno shared a tip "Amazing show!! Season 3 wrapped up the series very well! Definitely worth the watch!"

candice_stumbaugh shared a tip "Yes!"

Julia Young's profile image

julia_young_4224 shared a tip "Highly recommend watching this all the way through. The ending was perfect and so worth it!!!"

dan_wilcox shared a tip "Engrossing, but you’ve got to pay attention. It’s a puzzle that will frustrate and satisfy at the same time."

jenette_ferrara shared a tip "So good!"

nova_neth shared a tip "One of my favorite shows! Really interesting story thay will keep you on the edge and totally binge-worthy"

Pan Witchy's profile image

pan_witchy shared a tip "This is a dark ride into cluster f****. It's engaging and has you at the tip of your seat. I am glad this was recommend it to me."

Cathie Krzywon's profile image

cathie_krzywon shared a tip "Intriguing"

Chy 's profile image

chy shared a tip "PHENOMENAL foreign show and one of my Top 10 picks of 2019."

Jeet Patel's profile image

jeet_patel_4800 shared a tip "Hidden gem"

amber_keesee shared a tip "Creepy. Suspenseful. And as the title implies."

Amber Parker's profile image

amber_parker shared a tip "You might need a pen and paper to keep everything strait. Keeps you guessing around every corner"

Bobby Montgomery's profile image

bobby_montgomery shared a tip "This is a mind bending thrill ride that will lose you and then pick you up and lose you again. Great show good acting"

Ellen Reed-Nolan's profile image

ellen_reed-nolan shared a tip "Love this series!"

Carlos Mejia's profile image

carlos_mejia_2195 shared a tip "It’s Crazy Madness"

Nelly 's profile image

nelly_8730 shared a tip "If anyone is into suspense supernatural crime dramas, I highly recommend Dark on Netflix... I am completely hooked!"

Nelly 's profile image

nelly_8730 shared a tip "Actually I should say scifi!!"

jonathan_1056 shared a tip "No I don't have a favorite episode. The entire series is pretty damn good."

Ken Hébert's profile image

ken_hbert shared a tip "Really good, intelligent, different!"

Brittany Spears's profile image

brittany_spears_6080 shared a tip "Seriously. Watch this."

peter_hoffman shared a tip "It's in German which makes keeping up a little more work but it's worth it!"

dolores_pantaleone shared a tip "Use to help keep track of everything going on! (Pick which episode you’ve completed to avoid spoilers)"

Roxanne Sylvain's profile image

roxanne_sylvain shared a tip "Yes, it's a great show!"

Ramfhis Molina's profile image

ramfhis_molina shared a tip "The seasons 1 & 2 were incredible...the season 3's neccessary to have full attention"

Joram Escaro's profile image

joram_escaro shared a tip "This is the most genius Sci-Fi TV series I've watched. I am so resolved."

ilana_garon shared a tip "The actual best sci-fi show EVER."

Steph G's profile image

steph_g_9164 shared a tip "I really liked it"

Myriam Cyr's profile image

myriam_cyr shared a tip "Much like Stranger things"

Evgeniya Nazarova's profile image

evgeniya_nazarova shared a tip "Very clever!"

Savina Kamenova's profile image

savina_kamenova shared a tip "Talking about time traveling and the theory of another universe."

Hazel Lammers's profile image

hazel_lammers shared a tip "Favorite show"

elinamasse shared a tip "Loved it, but sometimes found it a bit too complicated to follow."

Swathi 's profile image

swathi shared a tip "If your into sci-fi and fiction this series will give you a mindgasm"

ARDRA PRADEEP's profile image

ardra_pradeep shared a tip "Perfectly made"

Susan Jackson's profile image

susan_jackson_601 shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic show with mind bending story."

Erika Hylton's profile image

Ekahyl shared a tip "The authenticity is remarkable and series premise definitely keeps you on your seat's edge."

double_r shared a tip "Great, dark, intriguing"

marcus_smith_5610 shared a tip "Idek what is going on. Both seasons flip my mind out on some trip. Should watch"

Aseem Saini's profile image

aseem_saini shared a tip "This is the best series iv seen in years! Complex and engaging..."

LaLa Lauren's profile image

lala_lauren shared a tip "Great sci-fi thriller"

Andrew Grass's profile image

andrew_grass shared a tip "This show will mess with your mind."

Shawn Jurgella Thiel's profile image

shawn_jurgella_thiel shared a tip "I’m not far enough into it yet, maybe by the end of the week. It’s so good though!"

lance_4444 shared a tip "Wife and I enjoyed it, very intense and dark."

Nigel D'Souza's profile image

nigel_dsouza shared a tip "The final episode of S1, but I can't say more without giving out spoilers."

Anthony Romano's profile image

anthony_romano_7992 shared a tip "This show is stunning. I would compare it to a darker version of Back to the Future made for adults."

Piyush Shrivastava's profile image

piyush_shrivastava shared a tip "Possibly one of the best shows that will make you rethink a lot of things in life."

Johnathan Barnes's profile image

johnathan_barnes shared a tip "Who the director it does not say on here"

Nick Walk's profile image

nick_walk shared a tip "Kind of like a darker, more creepy, less funny Stranger Things."

ashley_nedaei shared a tip "They are honestly so good, the story is so intertwined I love this series!"

John Swafford's profile image

john_swafford shared a tip "Excellent"

John Swafford's profile image

john_swafford shared a tip "So upset when it ended! Great to watch over and over!"

Victoria Whitlock's profile image

victoria_whitlock shared a tip "Amazing, mind bending, and easy to fall into. Also amazing cast!"

Globetrotter 1968's profile image

globetrotter_1968 shared a tip "If foreign dubbed movies aren't your thing give this a try anyway I think it will make you look at them in a new light."

carissa_star_sindoni shared a tip "If you liked stranger things you will LOVE this!!!"

Chris Moore's profile image

chris_moore_8642 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it, it's in German so you have to read subtitles. Theres an English version but it's not as engaging."

Xavier GT's profile image

xavier_gt shared a tip "Really awesome tv show"

She Zade's profile image

she_zade shared a tip "Very good show. Kept me intrigued."

alyce 's profile image

alyce_4985 shared a tip "Such an interesting show that leaves you on the edge of your seat!"

Tumuluri Venkata Datta Vamshi's profile image

tumuluri_venkata_datta_vamshi shared a tip "If you like this show , you might also like Fringe. Takes the Scifi to another level."

Nicole Condrey's profile image

nicole_condrey shared a tip "This show is amazing! Don't be scared off by the fact that it is a German show dubbed in English. It is so worth it!"

Scott Kjendlie's profile image

scott_kjendlie shared a tip "Absolutely recommend this show!"

Bekki Westphal's profile image

roxanne.pell shared a tip "One of my all time favorite shows!!!"

Mashrur Chowdhury's profile image

mashrur_chowdhury shared a tip "One of the greatest shows out there. At the level of writing with Breaking Bad"

stacee nivera's profile image

stacee_nivera shared a tip "You need to REALLY pay attention. Also, there are A LOT of characters."

2020 Vision's profile image

2020_vision shared a tip "Rabbit Hole worth the fall, Best TV Show Ever Better Then Twin Peaks Devs Westworld and Altered Carbon"

Lor3nz42 S's profile image

lor3nz42_s shared a tip "Very complex, but very very good."

Terry Stone's profile image

terry_stone_7747 shared a tip "Great show"

Abdelmonim Zain's profile image

abdelmonim_zain shared a tip "Because it was mysterious"

Jon Kirby's profile image

jon_kirby_6235 shared a tip "Its better to watch in the original language IMO"

Alfonso Zavala's profile image

alfonso_zavala shared a tip "Season 1 was great, couldn’t get into the 2nd season"

stacie_gawrysiak shared a tip "This is a great series. It might mess w your head."

Damyan Petkov's profile image

damyan_petkov shared a tip "It's excellent. It's sci-fi and I would recommend watching it in German"

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "Really, really well done sci-fi but real life series. We read the subtitles instead if dubbing. It kept my attention."

loy 's profile image

loy shared a tip "A very interesting time travel mind boggling series."

Jeffrey Oliver's profile image

jeffrey_oliver_7574 shared a tip "So good! Watch with a notepad though."

Joseph Miler's profile image

joseph_miler shared a tip "Watch this!! You won’t regret it! If you can do subtitles, this show is flawless!!"