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Akira Fudo learns from his best friend Ryo Asuka that demons will revive and reclaim the world from humans. With humans hopeless against this threat, Ryo suggests combining with a demon. With this, Akira becomes Devilman, a being with the power of demon but with a human heart.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-01-05

Last Air Date 2018-01-05

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.8


01101001 's profile image

latinaliveblogging shared a tip "So close to being perfect."

Hanmeblvck 's profile image

hanmeblvck shared a tip "Give this brilliant anime as a gift to yourself"

trin 's profile image

ay0nami shared a tip "pls watch"

aub 's profile image

aubrea shared a tip "beautiful show, absolutely heartbreaking. would never watch again but im glad i watched it :’)"

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tall_person_8586 shared a tip "Deeply troubling and moving, on my way to rewatch it again. A terrifying masterpiece."

Luis ledesma's profile image

luis_ledesma_3752 shared a tip "Top of the line anime fun story line amazing!!!😵‍💫😵‍💫🔥"

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ROUSSSE shared a tip "Not for everyone, but I love this soooo much"

Limey Rick's profile image

limey_rick shared a tip "wack, visceral, bangin' soundtrack and visuals. content warnings are VERY MUCH needed lmao"

Erin Wynecoop's profile image

erin4565 shared a tip "It's a little inappropriate so watch out"

Erin Wynecoop's profile image

erin4565 shared a tip "Just remember it's a little inappropriate"

Stari PasteI's profile image

XStarrySpaceX shared a tip "Though I do recommend it, it really isn't for the light-hearted. Its rated M for a reason."

Hachi Komatsu's profile image

hachi_komatsu shared a tip "Plot twists, hot characters, tearjerker"

BaconWizard 's profile image

baconwizard shared a tip "yo"

bree_2105 shared a tip "Anime watchers"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "Uhhh"

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mad_toxic shared a tip "Yeah it’s very gory and has a lot of nudity and is very dark, but the story line and animation style are AMAZING"

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kevin_ellis_3137 shared a tip "Great but depressing anime"

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vanilla_134 shared a tip "what are some others you've seen and liked"

Vanilla 's profile image

vanilla_134 shared a tip "what other anime have you seen and liked"

Vanilla 's profile image

vanilla_134 shared a tip "what anime do you like"

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salted_banana shared a tip "It’s good but the ending is so fking sad like ball your eyes out ****"

Huskyluvr Offline's profile image

huskyluvr shared a tip "Super violent but also super beautiful. The animation is amazing"

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butterberry shared a tip "Truly heartbreaking at the end such a good anime though! Animation 10/10"

Mars 's profile image

marslvr shared a tip "quite literally my all time favorite anime!! it’s not for everyone but i genuinely love it !"

Kessa Stephenson-Taylor's profile image

kessa_stephenson-taylor shared a tip "Obviously not for kids, but an intense and gritty anime that will mess with your emotions."

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eva_luter shared a tip "Good if you are into anime"

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meghan_rupp shared a tip "Fair warning it's graphic but good story."

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eetnhca shared a tip "It was such a plot twist!! Made me cryyyyy :(( but it was so good! #bingewatch #anime"

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elena_michels shared a tip "Terrifying but so good!"

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shoyaishida shared a tip "this one has a few sexual scenes, but the art style is just 🙌✨"

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monet_brooks shared a tip "Trippy"

Korah the awesome unicorn's profile image

korah_the_awesome_u shared a tip "I cried so hard at the last episode! I wish the ending was different though."

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ogkevinbacon shared a tip "You might castlevania tbh if you like the dark themes and violence here"

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scorpionking shared a tip "#plottwist"

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sunflower_cat shared a tip "One of my favorite anime to watch"

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moomii shared a tip "It's good! Very violent, but the story is excellent!!"

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machie_ravers shared a tip "Groundbreaking art for anime. But as all original groundbreaking works, lacks a lot of polish."

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emily_foesz shared a tip "It all depends on if you can handle watching alot of blood, and sex lol"

JennyBunny 52's profile image

jennybunny_52 shared a tip "Uhhhhhh was quite somethin, ending hella sad tho ;-;"

coleman_stephens shared a tip "Felt over the top with how innapropriate it was, but the show has great music, a fantastic art style, and an interesting story."

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leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "Well that was messed up."

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zoe_s._ shared a tip "horror :)))"

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excargo_jr shared a tip "I gotta rewatch it sometime."

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_kitty shared a tip "Makes me sob. I liked it though"

FrostiMintz 's profile image

frostimintz shared a tip "i never finished it, it hurt too much to watch at the end but it was good, i got too attached to everyone.."

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del_sasse shared a tip "Loved this show! Was strange at first but had to finish!!"

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alexandra_glover shared a tip "Amazing"

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strawberry_milk_5678 shared a tip "The ending made me cry so hard."

acquilla_nelson shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch but I cried a baby #uglycry"

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