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A coming of age comedy following a diverse group of teenage friends as they confront the challenges of growing up in gritty inner-city Los Angeles.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-03-16

Last Air Date 2020-03-11

Seasons 4

Episodes 28


TMDB 8.5


Alexis Riley's profile image

alexis_riley shared a tip "A brilliant balance of hilarity and real hard times"

Emily Gurley's profile image

emily_gurley shared a tip "very nice show, but slowly goes downhill after season 1, and season 3 feels just a tad ridiculous and repetitive"

Kishen Someshwar's profile image

kishen_someshwar shared a tip "FuN and entertaining"

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "another binge watch coming at you, dark plot with strong friendships, endings to all the seasons are awesome cliff hangers"

andrea_mandujano_6258 shared a tip "it’s very funny and has an overall interesting plot, it seems more of a teen show, but anyone can enjoy!"

Gianna Dahlhausen's profile image

gianna_dahlhausen shared a tip "Yep! Season 3 just came out a few weeks ago."

CR 's profile image

cr_7530 shared a tip "Very entertaining it has its funny moments me and my bf had some good laughs"

Okay Aydree's profile image

okay_aydree shared a tip "πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ"

Joseph B's profile image

joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "Definitely recommend 8/10"

Madison Geronimo's profile image

madison_geronimo shared a tip "Yesss! It’s an awesome show I watched the whole thing in 2 days!"

destiny_romero shared a tip "Best teen show Of 2020"

Jillians World's profile image

jillians_world shared a tip "It’s just a great show!"

Zhionna 's profile image

zhionna shared a tip "It's amazing to watch and fun"

miss_sadlowski shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows I am so addicted and you will not be able to stop watching until the end"

trinity_leeanne_ros shared a tip "Love this show, it was great!!"

allison_bravo shared a tip "This show is really good. 100% recommend.πŸ˜‹"

reagan_stanfill shared a tip "Really enjoyed this show"

Yosef Mamo's profile image

yosef_mamo shared a tip "The first season is so good."

Diana Betancourth's profile image

diana_betancourth shared a tip "Keeps you entertained the entire time. Great story about a small group of kids."

britney_9529 shared a tip "this is so good 😁! watch it!!!!!!!"

Amairani Alonso's profile image

amairani_alonso shared a tip "Hiii"

mimi_7675 shared a tip "Amazing"

Edson Hinojoza's profile image

edson_hinojoza shared a tip "I finished it in a week also a really great show πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½"

Kaleigha White 's profile image

kaleigha_white shared a tip "It’s says on Netflix 14 and older but as long as it’s okay to see kissing a lot, totally watch it. It’s AMAZING!"

Lazsire Wiley's profile image

lazsire_wiley shared a tip "It is Awesome"

matt 's profile image

matt_8739 shared a tip "Prob when they find the roller world money"

Skylar Boike's profile image

skylar_boike shared a tip "Its sad but when that girl gets shot because its just an amazing episode hau?"

Sarina Little's profile image

sarina_little shared a tip "The first one"

Charis Moore's profile image

charis_moore shared a tip "Amazingg"

Nyah Nyah's profile image

nyah_nyah shared a tip "I love this show so much"

Rohin Blanchette's profile image

rohin_blanchette shared a tip "@afancontrol"

Kamryn Weir's profile image

kamryn_weir shared a tip "It's an amazing show ro binge watch with friends on a movie night #best_shows #drama"

Bailey Golding's profile image

bailey_golding shared a tip "Strong and powerful. Life aint easy on every block"

Kailey Taylor's profile image

kailey_taylor shared a tip "the last season made me cry so much it was unreal"

Mila Machado's profile image

mila_machado shared a tip "@paigelilovesbooks If you liked this show you might also like "Everything Sucks", "The end of the F**ing world" and "Insatiable"."

Ana 's profile image

TearyRaindrop shared a tip "Dat moment your body freezes upπŸ₯Ά and your balls rise up to your throat β€œGULP!!!” Lol πŸ˜‚ https://youtu.be/ioPHLwnBVqc"

Laura Neira's profile image

laura_neira shared a tip "It was better than i thought it was gonna be and im still waiting on the next season!"

Lori Knarr's profile image

lori_knarr shared a tip "Excellent show"

Youngest rappers's profile image

youngest_rappers shared a tip "Bb"

Andre Orozco's profile image

andre_orozco shared a tip "Very good didn’t think I would like it at first"

Melony Eva's profile image

melony_eva shared a tip "Such a good show"

Nick Coy's profile image

nick_coy shared a tip "Great show to binge watch!"

Reese Berthiaume's profile image

reese_berthiaume shared a tip "I highly recommend this show if you want a show to just watch and chill"

Urcoochiestank 's profile image

urcoochiestank shared a tip "I LIKE THE PLOT TO DIS"

Andrea Franco's profile image

andrea_franco shared a tip "HoW how do you even watch it"

Blair Thomas's profile image

blair_thomas_4843 shared a tip "Love it"

Adriana Romano's profile image

adriana_romano shared a tip "Yes"

David Thompson's profile image

david_thompson_6259 shared a tip "Love it"

Mariama Bangoura's profile image

mariama_bangoura shared a tip "This is sooooooo good"

deondre_ty_wadsw shared a tip "I watched this so many times"

BaselessMink118 's profile image

baselessmink118 shared a tip "What I like about is that they have a great friendship through out the whole series."

Willow Keller's profile image

willow_keller shared a tip "I could watch this so many times no joke"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1609735977505 shared a tip "No it’s all really good!"

Erika 's profile image

erika_758 shared a tip "This show is a mix"

aven_avie shared a tip "This show is perfect if you like drama than this is the showπŸ˜‚πŸ₯±πŸ‘€οΏΌ"

Sussan 's profile image

sussan shared a tip "Good show for teenagers"

Kiara Royle's profile image

kiara_royle shared a tip "This is a sad, adventurous, cute, and amazing series."

krissy_moore shared a tip "Definitely not for all people but it’s a good show 1-2 season"

Thalia Martin's profile image

thalia_martin shared a tip "I am not sure, I just really love the overall story arch, very exciting yet personable"

taylor_3894 shared a tip "Its super good"

Alison Lisa Barrington's profile image

alison_lisa_barring shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch! It’s funny, weird, a little Inappropriate, but I definitely recommend it!"

Carleigh Heckert's profile image

carleigh_heckert shared a tip "Its so good its like ups and downs"

Lucid Kisenga's profile image

lucid_kisenga shared a tip "Good"

Lucid Kisenga's profile image

lucid_kisenga shared a tip "Good"

Bryanna Baskin's profile image

bryanna_baskin shared a tip "It was the best especially rubben he was so adorable and confused at the same time"

Leanna Marie's profile image

leanna_marie shared a tip "Favorite series"

ALEXIS SHOTWELL's profile image

alexis_shotwell shared a tip "The additude wish it was more funny"

Zynia Stewart's profile image

zynia_stewart shared a tip "Has drama action all in one my favorite and it has comedy"

mercedez_4000 shared a tip "Itsa really good show"

Hafiz Lollta's profile image

hafiz_lollta shared a tip "best serier"

LuccaGamer _01's profile image

luccagamer__01 shared a tip "Amazing"

Amia Jacobs's profile image

amia_jacobs shared a tip "Its really funny and also sad so i like it"

awesome_user_114494 shared a tip "Like how It taught me so many different things about what I can learn@Likewise#drama"

awesome_user_491815 shared a tip "Live it#drama #romance"

I MaKe It LoOk EaSy's profile image

i_make_it_look_easy shared a tip "I really loved the comedy of this show there wer'er also i lot ofherat breaking moments making this show ne of my top 3 picks"

Danielle Katy's profile image

danielle_katy shared a tip "Loved so much"

nariahjae shared a tip "Its good based on wat they do"

KenzieBoo33 's profile image

kenzieboo33 shared a tip "They need to make more I watched all three seasons in a few days"

ashley_medina_reyes shared a tip "Its my favorite alot of drama and all the stuff i love"

Britney Vicente's profile image

britney_vicente shared a tip "Its very funny, romance, action, some stuff i identify myself with"

Josephine Mauro's profile image

josephine_mauro shared a tip "It was a really fresh story Id never seen anything like it before."

stacey_shaul shared a tip "#reality"

riddhi_thakar_3193 shared a tip "definitely jamal!"

riddhi_thakar_3193 shared a tip "@sieara_butler definitely jamal!"

Jazzmyne Nuncio's profile image

jazzmyne_nuncio shared a tip "Great tv series! Such a good one"

emma_lund shared a tip "I love this show"

Davionna Jones's profile image

davionna_jones shared a tip "I love this movie πŸŽ₯"

Tvdu edits's profile image

tvdu_edits shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 it's really good and entertaining, there's a New season coming out on Netflix"

Megan Correa's profile image

megan_correa_8626 shared a tip "yes funny"

Corina Laba's profile image

corina_laba shared a tip "It was a really good and funny show but I just didn’t like that it was nasty and they swear"

talor_bly shared a tip "So glad they’re doing a final season"

Itsthatgurlll 's profile image

itsthatgurlll shared a tip "I thought it was really good I usually finished the seasons the day they come out lol"

sydney_anne_hatch shared a tip "meh I loved the first season but the end got kinda dry."

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "Good show. I was really invested in it but i didnt like how it ended"

Lisa Mann's profile image

lisa_mann_7091 shared a tip "Loved it"

gabrielle_dour shared a tip "Yes! I liked this show a lot!"

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