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Lifelong best friends Alexa and Katie are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. The pals confront a crisis that leaves them feeling like outsiders at a time when what seems to matter most is fitting in.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-03-23

Last Air Date 2020-06-13

Seasons 4

Episodes 39


TMDB 8.4


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oliverrulesthew shared a tip "Used to be one of my favorite shows."

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serenity_punsalan shared a tip "EVERYONE NEEDS A KATIE"

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jacob_ha shared a tip "Sweet teen show about two best friends, one struggling with her cancer diagnosis and the other trying her best to support her."

franchesca 's profile image

fr_5754 shared a tip "i cried so hard at the end… i hope they make a reunion 🥺😭❤️❤️"

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avery_755 shared a tip "Finished this in like 3 weeks"

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jackiereads shared a tip "you better watch"

loraye_chism shared a tip "it was very funny"

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mariah_taylor_ shared a tip "♥️ this show"

isabella_6055 shared a tip "Amazing"

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ava_chantelle_rodriguez shared a tip "underrated show!"

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brooke_warner_3744 shared a tip "It's just so wholesome and it reminds me of me and my Bff"

Nat 🏳️‍🌈's profile image

nat. shared a tip "So cute but also very deep at times"

lilah hennawi's profile image

lilah_hennawi shared a tip "shut up im not too old for this i swear"

camille_frederick shared a tip "#sad #drama #happy#teen"

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annikaaam shared a tip "I don't know"

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ce_po shared a tip "Funny and relatable"

💛𝓛𝓮𝓪𝓱 𝓛𝓮𝓮💛's profile image

awesome_user_517937 shared a tip "Great show for tweens #tweens"

miryam_frezza shared a tip "Yes! It’s a lighthearted story and it is 100% worth it."

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ellie_brashear shared a tip "Such a great show about best friends!"

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bwch13 shared a tip "so cute and beautiful"

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its._.nic shared a tip "u should try never have I ever, insatiable, atypical, dare me, and riverdale if you haven’t already!"

ryann_cook shared a tip "It was a great show on friends and everyone is equal and loved no matter what"

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courtney_sharkey shared a tip "Such a cute show about best friends 💕💕"

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harleen_arora shared a tip "AMAzing made me cry. Cancer show. Love it."

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aubrey_perez_2415 shared a tip "I love the friendship"

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autumn_kearns shared a tip "Great show watched it already truly inspiring"

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amiyah_brewer shared a tip "How do you watch it"

jenna_chand shared a tip "Yea it is so worth it, the friendship between Alexa and Katie is amazing go watch it!"

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kota_m_5843 shared a tip "Personally it’s a little to stereotypical for the characters would not recommend "

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unicorn_sisters shared a tip "Amazing"

Miriam Siegman's profile image

miriam_siegman shared a tip "If you’re ever in a bad mood, or just want to watch something funny I would recommend this."

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charlotte_2967 shared a tip "It’s the perfect family show Very funny"

Jaye Collins-Friedland's profile image

jaye_collins-friedland shared a tip "Love this show!!"

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christine_t_3031 shared a tip "I love this series i watched it 4 time already 10/10  recommend"

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hannah_edwards_8909 shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

abigayle_4797 shared a tip "So sad and touching.i do recommend #iloveit"

Sophie Sanguinet's profile image

sophie_sanguinet shared a tip "Best show ever"

ryker_van_gelderen shared a tip "This was one of my favorite t.v shows for 5 years I highly suggest ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

georgia_wahl shared a tip "Yes! It’s very heartwarming and my go to show when I need a pick me up ;)"

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k_f_4954 shared a tip "Season 1 episode 10! Did you see that the 4 season is coming on June 13?"

Hariah Barrett's profile image

hariah_barrett shared a tip "My favorite season is four and the last episode"

Julia Lazzer's profile image

julia_lazzer shared a tip "I love this show you should try it"

Kyleigh Horton's profile image

kyleigh_horton shared a tip "The last one is my favorite it’s so good and season 3 episode 1"

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jayla_maria_2865 shared a tip "Such a good show for people all ages"

rayna_grant shared a tip "probably s4 e5 the one at the cancer fundraiser! that episode was amazing!"

bestieee 's profile image

gojosfav shared a tip "Panic at putt putt"

nancy_9521 shared a tip "It was fun watching teo bestfreinds always being there for eachother.I loved it!"

maria_cano_8684 shared a tip "Best friends on adventure"

Naomi 's profile image

naomi_4713 shared a tip "This show is too cute and literally broke me emotionally when it ended!"

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good love the story"

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ayo69 shared a tip "Very nice"

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trans_punk shared a tip "I love re watching it."

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fortnite_epic_fail shared a tip "I love it"

olivia_kibbon shared a tip "I love this show it gets better the more you watch it every time a new season comes out i watch it all in 1-2 days!"

savanna_langford shared a tip "Sorry for the late response, but my favorite character would have to be alexa. Do you have a favorite character?"

fatimah_1880 shared a tip "everything its so nice how both best friends stay together no matter what"

layla_lowndes shared a tip "Loved it watched it 5 times ( the whole show"

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ella_durrence shared a tip "I loved this show so much. The connections between the actors makes me smile."

jennifer_brown_32 shared a tip "Very cute show."

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janay_howard_3375 shared a tip "Heartwarming"

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josh_h._7981 shared a tip "I loved this show and watched every season as soon as it came out! The last episode is definitely a tear jerker 😤"

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ruby_shimek shared a tip "I thought it was great! It’s really like real life problems!"

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julia_8168 shared a tip "love it"

Kristiani Alberto's profile image

kristiani_alberto shared a tip "most definitely!!!"

orieauna_richards shared a tip "So fun and funny"

jordymalai shared a tip "I love how relatable it is"

brooke_9667 shared a tip "love this show"

audery_boyle shared a tip "Alexa"

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meg.m shared a tip "great story on friendship"

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kristen_williams_6142 shared a tip "This movie is so good you have to watch it"

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eric_lewis_4072 shared a tip "Great for everyone"

Alyssa Toney's profile image

alyssa_toney shared a tip "If you ever need a good cry definitely recommend"

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isabella_. shared a tip "So sweet and funny love it"

aniya_mcdowell shared a tip "This show teaches you about how important friendship is."

brianna_nicholas_2737 shared a tip "What to know what is like to have a serious best friend? Watch this show!"

aniya_wilkerson shared a tip "Love it"

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brianna_amaya_5312 shared a tip "I’m looking for something like Alexa and Katie?"

daphne_ohara shared a tip "Funny show about best friends. Great show to binge watch!"

kierra_9709 shared a tip "Love this show!! If I don’t know what to watch in the evening, I will just watch Alexa and Katie!! It never gets old!! #iloveit @"

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mia_davis_6476 shared a tip "Gave me a very great feeling about friendship"

Onna 's profile image

onna. shared a tip "Very good show fun to watch. I love watching it when i cant fing somthing good to watch"

Sara Dotson's profile image

sara_dotson shared a tip "Great heartwarming family show totally worth the watch!"

khemiya_grant shared a tip "Love this shoe"

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valarie_lind shared a tip "I loved this show. It's a very interesting premise and so sweet and funny!"

Linda 's profile image

linda_2259 shared a tip "I love this show but it ends quick😪"

Ke'alohilani K.'s profile image

kealohilani_k. shared a tip "Made me happy :)"

Sadie Burnette's profile image

miabellaroo shared a tip "Alexa and Katie is awesome . Just finished it today!! Love it and totally recommend."

tahani shared a tip "my favorite show is probably FRIENDS or Gilmore Girls lol it’s hard to choose"

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michele_leonard shared a tip "Super cute show"

nadia dayani's profile image

milie_loves_shows shared a tip "Very bad #dontwatch"

Yesenia Davila's profile image

yesenia_davila shared a tip "It describes friendship at its core with a twist."

ruthie_losch shared a tip "This TV show is great. So fun, and always gives you a happy, family feel vibe."

Rylee Borgnan's profile image

Randomgirl shared a tip "It just a very good show overall!#loveit"

Mariana Kloak's profile image

mariana_kloak shared a tip "Great very similar to Disney channel or Nickelodeon"

Cupcakepuppy shared a tip "I love this show! Its the best!"

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alyna_flores shared a tip "There is no explanation on why not to like it"

graycee_smillie shared a tip "Super kid friendly and funny #bestie4life"

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abby_lizabeth shared a tip "Best movie ever!!"

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lauren_kleckner shared a tip "Amazing highly recommend. Good lift me up series."

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makenzie_adams_1142 shared a tip "How to Train your dragon race to the edge on Netflix"

awesome_user_632235 shared a tip "Of course!!! It was amazing!!"

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jaedynmadi shared a tip "Super sweet and heartwarming. Actually cried during the series finale. Love this show ❤️"

kayla_mcnamara_4678 shared a tip "It's happy and feel good with really cute romance"

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bethie shared a tip "ahhhh this show has it all literally wish they made more seasons :(("

lane_tyler_williams shared a tip "Definitely!"

Adventure Maddie's profile image

adventure_maddie shared a tip "#netflix #iloveit"

Emma Tamplain's profile image

emma_tamplain shared a tip "It was such a good comedy, all character were amazing and loved how they easily mixed hard topic with comedy"

ty_995 shared a tip "I still think I about this show sometimes it’s been a year and a half"

awesome_user_750351 shared a tip "Só good"

Briana 's profile image

danna_laye shared a tip "It’s a funny sad interesting show"

bronte_scarpellini shared a tip "My grandparents died of cancer and I think this is such a fun and beautiful story"

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alexa24 shared a tip "such a good show"

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tia_nguyen shared a tip "It’s not really a show but After it’s so good or shameless"

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