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Most girls waking up without any memory and meeting a serial killer would panic, but not Rachel. In fact, far from being her biggest problem, killer Zack might just prove a convenient resource when it comes to finding a way out of the building in which they're both trapped!

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-07-06

Last Air Date 2018-09-21

Seasons 1

Episodes 12


TMDB 8.2


KunaiKun 's profile image

CylonRev shared a tip "Anyone else watch this and or play the game? I watched this and liked it a lot so I'm playing the game now :)"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "I want a second season. Such a great show!"

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octavia_clarke shared a tip "OMFG MY NEW FAVORITE"

Osamu Muki Official Page's profile image

osamu_mukiofficial shared a tip "Best Creepy Show in the world!! Ah!! It’s amazing⚰️🔪"

Sofia Jiron's profile image

sofia_jiron shared a tip "Was really interesting at the beginning but I got bored in the middle and the ending was kinda confusing"

callen 's profile image

callen shared a tip "one of my favs !!"

Alex Cat's profile image

alex_cat_4403 shared a tip "I just thought it was amazing show kept me very entertained"

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_the_charmed_one_ shared a tip "One of my favs really like how it portrays different views of death"

Brittany Levesque's profile image

brittany_levesque shared a tip "Compelling, interesting, intriguing"

keilani_236 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite anime to watch. It’s 16 episodes and is on Hulu. 10/10 would watch again."

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sophie_8532 shared a tip "WATCH SO GOOOOOOOD"

Scar lette's profile image

scar_lette shared a tip "Amazing characters, very well thought out, great voice actors."

Viv Martinez's profile image

viv_martinez shared a tip "I’ve watched this over and over again because of how much i liked it"

Msfour 's profile image

msfour_16 shared a tip "It’s a little confusing watching it in sub but still amazing"

Brittliz92 's profile image

brittany_van_dyke shared a tip "Zack owns my ass."

Victor Lopez's profile image

victor_lopez_8106 shared a tip "If you are looking for a horror anime but you still a scaredy-cat about it..perfect starter because it’s not that scary."

Emma Stephens's profile image

emma_stephens shared a tip "I only started it recently but so far it's great! I really enjoy watching this and reccomend it."

qeytcn 's profile image

qeytcn shared a tip "amazing show! was a little confusing at first but later on it was easy to understand.#anime"

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toga_uravity shared a tip "I love this anime so much and I’m not even half way! This is a perfect anime!!"

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taneia_cruz shared a tip "Found my self a little bored.... twist was great though"

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ZUFO shared a tip "really good"

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oaka_hull shared a tip "It's great as both game and show. The storyline is excellent tbh"

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jake_bettencourt shared a tip "It’s so suspenseful."

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nati_ochoa shared a tip "Definitely it was a bit short left me wanting to see more"

X x S o u f f l é K i t s u n é x X's profile image

x_x_s_o_u_f_f_l__k_ shared a tip "one of my favorites"

RUTHIE WRIEDT's profile image

ruthie_wriedt shared a tip "I loved this show so good never seen a story quite like it before. But watched way to fast lol."

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bunny.exe shared a tip "Yes, just yes"

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denver__1590 shared a tip "I loved this. It kinda played with my emotions. Very short, but it's amazing."

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adrian-moltendew shared a tip "Played the game; really good"

Avatar of Weird ✨♉️✨'s profile image

animeweebhere shared a tip "I’ve recently finished this one and HOLY **** ITS GOOD"

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