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After years of imprisonment, Morpheus — the King of Dreams — embarks on a journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and restore his power.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-08-05

Last Air Date 2022-08-19

Seasons 1

Episodes 11


TMDB 8.2


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "Just beautiful 🌺"

Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished the bonus episode episode 11"

madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Very dark but also very interesting"

Kristal Kaur's profile image

kristal_kaur shared a tip "different"

I'mperfection x-underground's profile image

imperfection_x-unde shared a tip "I’ll comment again later but for now the hype isn’t real it’s just ok."

christine_7040 shared a tip "Not my kind of movie"

mikew shared a tip "Couldn’t get into it. Episode 1 was too boring."

Laura Bracken's profile image

laura_bracken shared a tip "Well done!"

James Bailey's profile image

james_bailey_808 shared a tip "This was a different story than what I expected. I liked how several different things happend in the same season."

My Own Worst Enemy's profile image

enemy shared a tip "Magnificent. Several episodes had me in tears."

Abby 's profile image

abby_881 shared a tip "This is a pretty good show so far, can’t wait for season 2"

Tara Woolard's profile image

tara_woolard shared a tip "Loved this show ❤️ can't wait for next season"

lisa_earp shared a tip "Depth and substance with a little strange and scary. Great show"

Emily Hagen's profile image

emily_hagen_2764 shared a tip "I couldn't stop watching this once I started. So many interesting characters. So many mind bending concepts. Really a must watch!"

jennifer_marriott shared a tip "Entertaining but slow start second episode is way better!"

christopher_bowerso shared a tip "Didn’t do much for me. I wanted to like it, but it didn’t hold my interest."

Alexis Rieck's profile image

alexis_rieck shared a tip "Great show! Lots of twists and turns and new plot threads incorporated like every episode."

ty_3204 shared a tip "Excellent series excellent"

Amanda 's profile image

amanda_1353 shared a tip "So good"

DarkPoetess 's profile image

DarkPoetess shared a tip "Pretty fantastic!"

Ryan Schlip's profile image

ryan_schlip shared a tip "Visually stunning. Eager to see where the story goes, but I was hooked after Episode 1"

Cassandra Paquette's profile image

cassandra_paquette shared a tip "One of my fav now ❤️"

Duckingwood 's profile image

duckingwood shared a tip "Was amazing to see something so faithful to the comics but still exploring different methods of storytelling"

Shanen Langomez's profile image

shanen_langomez_3803 shared a tip "Great concepts, very dark for the most part but at times it could be light and fun. M ande me want to read about the DC comics"

Lily 's profile image

lily_rolfe shared a tip "God he’s so sexy!"

Serena Penner's profile image

serena_penner shared a tip "Stunning series I hope the wait for season 2 isn't too painful. 🙃"

Debbie Head's profile image

debbie_head shared a tip "Very good!"

Juliann Winfree's profile image

juliann_winfree_527 shared a tip "Greatest CGI of all time. Great acting. Neil Gaiman's direct adaptation!"

parker_paez shared a tip "Awesome!!"

christie_biggers shared a tip "Fantastic!"

Pjara 's profile image

pjara shared a tip "Beautifully produced but terminally meandering and bloodless."

france_fillion shared a tip "OMG soooo good"

denise_dowden shared a tip "It was very well done and stayed true to the source material. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope they green light season 2 soon!!"

Mattie Reese's profile image

mattie_reese shared a tip "This show is ex-CELL-ent! The acting and cinematography are out of this world. I want to read the comics now too!"

sandy_joseph_4766 shared a tip "It’s REALLY good! You will not regret it."

Kelli Johnson's profile image

kelli_johnson_5462 shared a tip "Loving this story! It is so original and captivating. If you like Dr. Who, GOT and Good Omens, you will enjoy this series."

Jennifer Smythe's profile image

jennifer_sied shared a tip "Not as good as the books, which are life-changing, but this show is still worth a watch."

Seph Ness's profile image

seph_ness shared a tip "Neil Gaiman, need I say more"

Émilie 's profile image

emilie_03 shared a tip "Really good show"

Brian Parker's profile image

brian_parker_6524 shared a tip "Spoke too soon lol just learned that the writer is working on the script for season 2!!! 🥳🥳🥳"

Layali Krimi's profile image

layali_krimi shared a tip "Why do I LOVE IT, you ask? Well DUH! It was awsome!"

Beth Garver's profile image

thedrunkbeth shared a tip "Absolutely adored this show! I hope it gets many seasons!"

Andrea Klotz's profile image

andrea_klotz shared a tip "Love this series!!! Sooo good!"

Pxrple Mxss's profile image

pxrple_mxss shared a tip "So good I recommend 👍👍"

jan_clarke_bell shared a tip "Excellent show"

nicole elizabeth's profile image

nicole_elizabeth_8867 shared a tip "Some of the best stories written, by my no-contest favourite author"

Isaiah Magana's profile image

isaiah_magana_387 shared a tip "Awesome story, first show binged in a while. Can’t wait to see what happens next section."

Tonya Costello's profile image

tonya_costello shared a tip "Fantastic! I hope they have a second season."

Rose Selene's profile image

rose_selene shared a tip "I'd let Morpheus destroy me, if you get what I mean"

quang_3001 shared a tip "This is the trend now."

Pau Martínez's profile image

paumartnez shared a tip "LOVED IT."

Zene Byrdsong's profile image

zene_byrdsong shared a tip "Amazing loved episodes 5 and 6 the most"

e_a_5518 shared a tip "One of the best shows I have watched recently and I can’t wait for season II."

Felicity Gates's profile image

felicity_gates shared a tip "Get past episode 5 and the rest is good"

Felix Rivera's profile image

felix_rivera_9422 shared a tip "Amazing, dark, sad…. Looking forward for another season."

angelicita shared a tip "Haven't read the comic but this was beautiful and extremely entertaining nonetheless"

moises_ochoa_8549 shared a tip "Love the storyline!"

Sunny 's profile image

Everest.002 shared a tip "i only got through the first four episodes and it didn't really do anything for me"

jimmy_lake shared a tip "It’s awesome so far. Stays true to the comic. The actor portraying Sandman is perfect."

Loura Ann Caffey's profile image

loura_ann_caffey shared a tip "Wonderful characters"

Pierre-André Sirard's profile image

pierre-andr_sirard shared a tip "Perfect casting, great adaptation. I absolutely love the Witt of Gaiman."

Janalee Webb's profile image

janalee_webb shared a tip "Well done."

Jamie Barclay's profile image

jamie_barclay shared a tip "Great adaptation of a unique comic property."

Alaura Marsden's profile image

alaura_marsden shared a tip "Great show absolutely loved it!"

Asia Nichole's profile image

asia_nichole shared a tip "Visually captivating but some plot holes and it was a bit slow at first"

Stephanie Thompson's profile image

stephanie_thompson_6038 shared a tip "This show made me finish the whole season in on sitting. I loved it, can't wait for more."

Tiefling_Chaos 's profile image

tiefling_chaos shared a tip "I cannot say enough good things about this show, especially as a fan of the comics"

Bobby Edmondson's profile image

bobby_edmondson shared a tip "As a huge fan of the comic I absolutely love what they did with this."

Heather Muessel's profile image

heather_muessel shared a tip "Great Show!!! Great Cast!!! Very Suspenseful! Leaves you wanting more after each episode!!! 🤞🏻More Seasons 🤞🏻 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

K Fo's profile image

k_fo shared a tip "It started out, believable. Then with each episode, got weirder and stranger, and more bizarre. It was a complicated and quirky."

crystal_torres_5767 shared a tip "Love it"

Joscelynn Waits's profile image

joscelynn_waits shared a tip "Love this show it show the darkness that I love in a show I just can't wait till they come out with more episodes"

Maryann Rosie's profile image

maryann_rosie shared a tip "Well done. Loved it. Although I was a little freaked out from the separate? story at the beginning of episode 11"

Mahak Bhatti's profile image

mahak_bhatti shared a tip "Amazing, best show ever. Can’t wait for season 2"

morgan_mahn shared a tip "One of the most visually stunning things I’ve watched, fantastic characters, and a great story. Seriously hoping for a season 2!"

Alex the great's profile image

alexandroid shared a tip "Did great justice to the original source material while still adding new twists in classic Gaiman adaptation style."

stephanie_albino_129 shared a tip "Beautiful and fantastic storytelling!!! Really recommend!"

Toni Feeney Ciano's profile image

toni_feeney_ciano shared a tip "it's different. weird. 😁"

Jess Narain's profile image

jess_narain shared a tip "Freaking loved the show. Love the comics. Hope Netflix renews for another season"

Brittney Hendriksen's profile image

brittney_hendriksen shared a tip "Greatest audible I have heard thus far. DARK and FUN."

Julie Lynskey's profile image

julie_lynskey shared a tip "The cinematography is amazing! Best new fantasy series!"

aiyla_zaidi shared a tip "bc it was amazing lol"

Liza Fletcher's profile image

liza_fletcher_5131 shared a tip "Very faithful adaptation of a landmark graphic novel series. Stunning visuals complement a deep and rich story."

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