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An unlikely friendship. A lost love resurfaced. A marriage at its turning point. A date that might not have been a date. An unconventional new family. These are unique stories about the joys and tribulations of love, each inspired by true events.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-10-18

Last Air Date 2021-08-12

Seasons 2

Episodes 16


TMDB 7.4


Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "The story starring Dev Patel hooked me. More please!"

amanda_5250 shared a tip "Have not watched season 2 yet but loved season 1."

Juan 's profile image

juanito shared a tip "The stories are super corny but good. If you like romance you should watch this show."

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Luv this show!"

Deanna Michelle's profile image

EyeWonder shared a tip "Season 1 was great... Season 2... Soso"

Michelle Ward's profile image

michelleward shared a tip "All the feels! ❤️"

The Makeup Canvas's profile image

the_makeup_canvas shared a tip "Great romance stories loved every episode. For someone who loves love"

Kathy Picozzi's profile image

kathy_picozzi shared a tip "Watch this on a rainy day😃"

Carl Walker's profile image

carl_walker_4083 shared a tip "Cutest thing ever!"

Britt F's profile image

britt_f shared a tip "August 13th"

ace 's profile image

ace_737 shared a tip "Tbh I only wanted to watch this show for Dev Patel,but I’m glad I did. The show turned out to be really interesting and fun."

Amy Huey's profile image

amy_huey shared a tip "Loved this podcast and fun to see a visual version of a few of the stories!"

Melissa Matador's profile image

melissa_matador shared a tip "If you love love! This will definitely put a smile on your face"

Lisa Garza's profile image

lisa_garza shared a tip "💕"

Ilkiz Senturk's profile image

ilkiz shared a tip "Each story was unique and at the same time so familiar. I laughed and cried in each of them. Definitely recommend!"

gretchen_day shared a tip "Be sure to watch in order."

Nikki L Brady's profile image

nikalynn shared a tip "All the feels! Loved this show!"

Katelyn Vallecillo's profile image

katelyn_vallecillo shared a tip "9/10 realistic and beautiful, love this short series"

Linda Yarish's profile image

linda_yarish shared a tip "Watched the whole series in 2 days. Loved it. I think the older crowd like me will love it. I give it an A."

Anni Isenor's profile image

anni_isenor shared a tip "Loved these stories"

Bruno Georget's profile image

bruno_georget shared a tip "Great love stories, felt good. Me and my wife binged all the episodes in no time."

Karol Brown's profile image

karol_brown shared a tip "Interesting perspectives on love, with many actors you'd recognize. Each episode is different."

lottie-jean_custance shared a tip "This is Us!"

El Di's profile image

el_di shared a tip "SomE ep. ArE great, but others, are??? You decide!!"

Jenn R's profile image

jenn_r shared a tip "Definitely check out the column and the podcast for the original works these episodes are based on."

Erin Cunningham's profile image

erin_cunningham shared a tip "Awesome show!"

Nancy Gallagher's profile image

nancy_gallagher shared a tip "Good show! I enjoyed it. Thought provoking and good for discussion."

Lori McMulkin's profile image

lori_mcmulkin shared a tip "This show is so wonderful and delightful."

lauren_roy shared a tip "Great new show!"

suze_dickinson shared a tip "Sweet fun and easy"

neeraj_gupta shared a tip "I'm not into romantic shows/movies but this is really good. I am waiting for season 2."

sara_ann_knight shared a tip "Some of the sweetest love stories."

Nicole Widerlund's profile image

nicole_widerlund shared a tip "Sooo freaking good! It made me tear up a bit."

Cathy Cholewinsky's profile image

cathy_cholewinsky shared a tip "Hi Ali. I've really enjoyed the show Younger. It's not at all like Modern Love but it's fantastic. IMHO"

Anna Schneider's profile image

anna_schneider_7939 shared a tip "Oh yeah. Such good stories, and their from the New York Times. Not sure if they embellished, but very good nonetheless!"

Benny hashim's profile image

benny_hashim shared a tip "A great representation of the NYT articles/podcast. Featuring some of the best actors and most heart pulling outcomes!"

Debbie Morris's profile image

debbie_morris_5253 shared a tip "Wonderful series"

Roobee Lester's profile image

roobee_lester shared a tip "A sequence of short stories that tie into a greater narrative."

Baraah 's profile image

baraah_ shared a tip "Such a great watch!!"

Lynn Sauler's profile image

lynn_sauler shared a tip "What a treat!!"

Diana Walsifer's profile image

diana_walsifer shared a tip "Great individual stories tied all together. A hidden gem for sure."

Christy Arteaga's profile image

christy_arteaga shared a tip "Sooooooo good!!!! Must watch"

Maria Adams's profile image

maria_adams_1089 shared a tip "Loved it."

Tracie Dinh's profile image

tracie_dinh shared a tip "every episode is unique but captivating. makes use of the old 30 minute tv show format"

Heather Ann's profile image

heather_ann shared a tip "Such a powerful show"

Donnazia Trigg's profile image

donnazia_trigg shared a tip "It's one of the best shows on prime!"

Olga Chavarria's profile image

olga_chavarria shared a tip "Loved it"

teri_adams_9899 shared a tip "Uneven, but some of the episodes are quite good."

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "Wonderful true love stories come to life in this delightful series based on the award-winning podcast."

liat_g shared a tip "Likeeeee"

megan_coffey shared a tip "LOVE!!"

Valerie Breder's profile image

valerie_breder shared a tip "Wonderful stories a bd finale was beautiful"

margaret_hinely shared a tip "Excellent reimagining/retelling of wonderful stories from NYT’s Modern Love column. Hope there’s a second season in the works."

dee_smee shared a tip "Such a good show!"

angela_nicholson shared a tip "So excited that a second season is here! Love this"

Erin N's profile image

erin_n shared a tip "Upload is a great show, The Good Place, Outlander (if you enjoy game of thrones type stuff?), Younger"

Lauren Manley's profile image

lauren_manley shared a tip "Upload is another really good series on Amazon prime. Let me know what you think of Modern Love if you watch it!"

heloisa_varesio shared a tip "Yes, it's the perfect combination of light, fun and emotional. I loved it!"

aurora_pena shared a tip "I watched first season and loved episode 6 & 8"

laura_dye_3023 shared a tip "So sweet, and every episode almost felt like a different show."

gianna_santana shared a tip "It’s amazing and the fact that each episode is something different is great"

Rèi Rèz's profile image

ri_rz shared a tip "I really love season 2, episode 1 the most honestly."

Diane Cumbie's profile image

diane_cumbie shared a tip "I give it a thumbs up, but half heartedly. Some of these stories fall flat for me. Worth a go, though. Try it."

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