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Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-02-17

Last Air Date 2022-04-07

Seasons 1

Episodes 9


TMDB 8.273


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Meredith shared a tip "Brilliant storytelling. I’m hooked! It’s a fascinating concept and so well done. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror"

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briandeweese shared a tip "Saved"

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brian_addison shared a tip "First season probably could have been done in 1 or 2 fewer episodes but I give a strong rec anyway 👍"

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thegalwithpluck shared a tip "I wanted to like this so badly. Was I the only one who was bored out of my mind? What a disappointment! 😬😢"

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chad_cooper shared a tip "So far, so good!"

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chad_cooper shared a tip "Keeps getting better and better! So far, my favorite series of the past couple years."

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nicole_norm shared a tip "So bizarre like wtf is even going on here🙄 Don’t bother wasting your time on this garbage."

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danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "This show sucks you in slowly and then explodes your brain with its brilliance. Absolutely genius."

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molly_sullivan_6439 shared a tip "The end?!?! HELLO?!? I need season 2 NOW!!!!"

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enemy shared a tip "My favorite show of 2022 thus far"

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josh_elman shared a tip "Yup. It’s good as everyone says. And better. And the cliffhanger… can’t wait for season 2."

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deena_c shared a tip "The opening itself is pretty amazing!"

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Rob.Bennett shared a tip "‘Lost’ meets ‘Office Space’"

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ann_rac shared a tip "Absolutely mindblowing"

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charla_reid shared a tip "Took me a few episodes and then I really got pulled in!"

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cole_whitworth shared a tip "Excellent sci-fi worthy of your time"

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kelseyannb shared a tip "A must see for all corporate office workers and horror/mind bending fans"

IAmVance shared a tip "Absolutely loved this mind trip of a show! Can't wait for Season 2"

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kyle_whitehead shared a tip "Fantastic performances by the entire cast and gripping writing, Severance is my show of the year so far."

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upmyali shared a tip "Really enjoying this so far. Unlike anything I’ve seen before!"

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krunner09 shared a tip "An absolute masterpiece. Cannot wait for Season 2!"

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suzy_bee shared a tip "Intriguing!"

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joseph_moffat shared a tip "Really great show. Makes you think a lot about the dichotomy of work and life. 10/10 for me."

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shane_dakan shared a tip "Easily one of my current favorites. The end of each episode has me almost mad that it’s the end."

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nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "If they would show it on something other than apple 🍎 tv so I can watch it.."

phil_getzen shared a tip "It’s a slow start but really ramps up. Great if you like dystopian type shows."

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katie_hassler shared a tip "Loved this show!! It’s exciting and worth getting Apple TV just so you can binge it."

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sandra_wiggans shared a tip "I love this show! Started a little slow but I couldn’t stop watching. By the 2nd episode I was hooked. Can’t wait for season 2!!"

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living_therapy shared a tip "This show is sooooo good. Kubrickian filming. Best mind bending show I’ve seen in a minute."

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fawn_mokulis shared a tip "This takes some attention, but it's worth it. A slow burn, I'm a fan."

carisa_green shared a tip "Ended on a great cliffhanger. Can’t wait for season 2"

sandeep_gupta_3508 shared a tip "WTF!!!!!!! What am I gonna do with all this time waiting for the next season"

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chelsea_tirone shared a tip "So dang good!! And the first season isn’t even done yet!"

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karen_stanford shared a tip "Plot is certainly unique"

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camilla_aubrey shared a tip "Omg this show has me hooked! Haven’t seen a show this amazing since… game of thrones I think. 100/10"

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karen_study shared a tip "Can’t wait for season two!!!"

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deanna_milks shared a tip "Absolutely love it!!!"

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cindy_lee_2422 shared a tip "One of my favorites. Odd things going on here"

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jenn_myers_5631 shared a tip "Sooooo good!"

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jasmine_maharisi shared a tip "If I could like this again, I would! Can’t wait for Season 2!"

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bellaskye shared a tip "just started it but i’m super into it! the concept is really interesting. reminds me of black mirror"

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sammorris shared a tip "I absolutely love this show. The only thing I dislike is having to wait a week to see the next episode."

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jessica_olmos shared a tip "Ive never been so thrilled to be confused. ❤"

sarah_makoshi shared a tip "I cannot recommend this show enough! Watch it"

kate_lyons_3850 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing, couldn’t stop watching."

erika_shaw shared a tip "I love this show. I’m hooked and I want to know MORE…"

jennifer_garcia_vega shared a tip "A roller coaster! With a great ending."

Sebastian Aparicio's profile image

sebastian_aparicio shared a tip "I love this show! The genre is great for people who like dystopian and controlled realities!"

itzel_4705 shared a tip "The best ! Mind-f"

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parisha_haque_9038 shared a tip "S01E01"

awesome_user_814328 shared a tip "This future America meets handmaidens tale. Like forced to give birth = forced to be a good lil worker."

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michelle_meehan_cli shared a tip "Loved it but not until 3-4 episode"

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krista_berkshire shared a tip "I'm obsessed with this show, incredible acting and the idea is so unique! Can't wait for the finale!!"

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debbie_ferber shared a tip "So good!!"

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blondie_b shared a tip "Watched the entire season in less than 24 hours, one of the best shows I've seen in years! So hard to wait now for season 2!"

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zach_dworken shared a tip "Best TV Show ever. In history."

haylee_grime shared a tip "this is probably the best show i’ve ever watched in my entire life. 100000/10 definitely recommend"

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manish_malhotra shared a tip "New concept"

billy_8395 shared a tip "Unique and twisted"

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dale_penn shared a tip "It was short for a series."

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michele_mccool shared a tip "This show has a Black Mirror feel. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s worth the cost on Apple TV."

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jessica_eileen shared a tip "Obsessed!"

meredith_shlasko shared a tip "So weird! And sooooo good!!!"

J. Stroyer's profile image

j_stroyer shared a tip "Perfection. The pace, the dialogue, the ambiguity, the visuals, the casting!! I cannot wait for next season. So good."

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krystie_marie shared a tip "This was a great concept of a show!"

Gia Valdés Lastre's profile image

gia_valds_lastre shared a tip "The season finale got me 😳"

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sarah_beldo shared a tip "The most addictive show since Devs."

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roz_fulcher shared a tip "Different and unique! Excellent cast and acting."

amy_gaskins shared a tip "Such a fascinating alternative universe to imagine. Loved it. Looking forward to the second season."

Kylie O'Neil's profile image

kylie_oneil shared a tip "Best show of the year?? must watch, fantastic. The only problem is the rest of tv feels lame after watching something this good."

Carolyn Mantia McMann's profile image

carolyn_mantia_mcmann shared a tip "Slow start but hang in there it’s Excellent what a cliff hanger can’t wait for season 2"

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kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "Loved it"

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snoozZzanne shared a tip "A must watch. Brilliant."

elizabeth_3164 shared a tip "Amazing last minute! Can’t wait for S1"

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marcella_blum shared a tip "Devastated when the season was over. Can’t wait for season 2"

aziza_russell shared a tip "This is soooo good. Sci fi done right."

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