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Now a major motion pictureThe Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity. Max Brooks, driven by the urgency of preserving the acid-etched first-hand experiences of the survivors from those apocalyptic years, traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world, from d

Author Max Brooks

Pages 432

Publisher Broadway Paperbacks

Published Date 2013

ISBN 0770437400 9780770437404

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Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "January read"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Extremely entertaining book, definitely a fun read!"

Jack Waldeck III's profile image

jack_waldeck_iii shared a tip "It was ok. Very different from the movie. Not quite sure which was better."

Liz Rivera's profile image

liz_rivera_3012 shared a tip "I felt fully immersed in this fictional world to the point it makes you believe the recanted stories actually happened."

Victoria Deezar's profile image

victoria_deezar shared a tip "Interesting and immersive; I reread this book every couple of years."

Erik Merrill's profile image

erik_merrill shared a tip "A unique perspective on a typical zombie apocalypse."

brandon_cotton shared a tip "An amazing read. Love the narrative being told from all different points of view. Max Brooks did an amazing job."

Jason Soderlund's profile image

jason_soderlund_4388 shared a tip "How Max Brooks became so many different personalities is beyond me!"

Angela Edwards's profile image

angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "Never read the book but the movie I loved."

Jenna Hatfield's profile image

jenna_hatfield_5338 shared a tip "Love the audio book"

Jazzer Maitland's profile image

jazzer_maitland shared a tip "This book is a million times better than the movie. They have the same title but are almost 2 seperate stories."

Lorna Theotokos St. Louis's profile image

theotokos shared a tip "Fantastic audiobook, still a top 5 favorite"

tess_6922 shared a tip "It's a great read."

J. Sterling Smith's profile image

j._sterling_smith shared a tip "You almost HAVE to listen to the audio book. It adds so much depth and texture to the story."

Alvaro Rubio's profile image

alvaro_rubio shared a tip "It by Stephen King"

Alvaro Rubio's profile image

alvaro_rubio shared a tip "Well nothing take I would recommend. Lots of misses trying different genres"

Marcel Montoya's profile image

marcel_montoya shared a tip "To be honest, it has been a long time since I read the book. I just remember that I enjoyed the book very much."

Danny Winther's profile image

danny_winther shared a tip "This is nothing like the movie"

Dee Fulwiler's profile image

dee_fulwiler shared a tip "The audio book gave me goose bumps!!!"

Tanya Pearrell's profile image

tanya_pearrell shared a tip "The audio version was excellent!"

Evangheline Farcas's profile image

evangheline_farcas shared a tip "I liked it, it reads from the pov of a reporter, very different from the movie."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "9/10"

Kimberly Sayers Bartosch's profile image

kimberly_sayers_bar shared a tip "The movie isn't too bad either with Brad Pitt.☺"

cole_christian shared a tip "Top Tier"

Krystal Reid's profile image

krystal_reid_9958 shared a tip "The Babysitter My Summer With a Serial Killer"

LJ Paraiso's profile image

lj_paraiso shared a tip "I have. Not the same format as the book. Movie is great though"

Will McMillan's profile image

will_mcmillan shared a tip "Great preppier book. The graphic novel is very good too. The movie barely uses anything from the book. Very disappointed."

Robert Dallas's profile image

robert_dallas shared a tip "I have. Liked it for the most part, but the books are always better."

Kristi Evans-Henry's profile image

kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "I really liked this. I loved seeing how different cultures and people around the world lived and died from the zombie apocalypse"

Claudia Contreras's profile image

claudia_contreras_9196 shared a tip "Very good."

Aurora Thornton's profile image

aurora_thornton shared a tip "Much better than the movie - really wish the movie had been shot as a mockumentary to match the style of the book."

Sarah Mascotti's profile image

sarah_mascotti shared a tip "I liked the movie"

vinh_3251 shared a tip "Yes but didnt like it. The book is amazing though!"

Julie Finn's profile image

julie_finn shared a tip "I truly hated this book. I thought I was listing books I’d read. I can not not not recommend this book enough."

Chris Hanson's profile image

chris_hanson_4150 shared a tip "Favorite zombie fiction"

tina_ly shared a tip "I think the stories of the nerdy kid and the old man were great! It was even better when they merged. How about you?"

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