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From the bestselling author of The Bomber Mafia, learn what sets high achievers apart—from Bill Gates to the Beatles—in this seminal work from "a singular talent" (New York Times Book Review). In this stunning book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"

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Author Malcolm Gladwell

Pages 320

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2008-11-18

ISBN 0316040347 9780316040341


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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Excellent book. Like most gladwell books, it reads like fiction and you learn a lot along the way"

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "Gladwell always shares something thought provoking and surprising. A fun read."

Cole Whitworth's profile image

cole_whitworth shared a tip "Haven’t read it yet."

Michael Wood's profile image

michael_wood_4102 shared a tip "Really enjoyed this book, more so the first five chapters the last couple didn’t grasp my attention as much! Great book!"

▪︎Angie▪︎ 's profile image

angiebayy shared a tip "📌"

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hannah_vasquez shared a tip "i just finished midnight library. extremely different than this one but worth the read"

Jacob Dowd's profile image

jacob_dowd shared a tip "Liked this book, looking for more books covering social mobility and factors determining success"

Michael Tran's profile image

michael_tran shared a tip "Good book for those interested in science, data, or just how decisions/conclusions about things are made."

Angela WooKay's profile image

angela_wookay shared a tip "Really interesting information!"

Brenda Marion's profile image

brenda_marion shared a tip "Love all of his books!"

Digbalay Bose's profile image

digbalay_bose shared a tip "Yup it's a nice book. Full of interesting information :)"

mason_leffler shared a tip "I just finished another of Gladwell’s, Talking to Strangers. Have you read it?"

Jocelyn Kim's profile image

jocelyn_kim shared a tip "Yes. All of Malcolm Gladwell's books are worth reading."

Patricia Masterson's profile image

patricia_masterson shared a tip "Absolutely! I found it fascinating"

john_feit shared a tip "The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. It’s a life-changing book."

Elise Dondero's profile image

elise_dondero shared a tip "Of course! I think you’ll enjoy it!"

Tameka 's profile image

tameka_7466 shared a tip "Very insightful and helps you to realize no one makes it by themselves People help people excel."

Emily Musgrave's profile image

emilyemusgrave_ shared a tip "Have recently read some of his books. So thought po provoking."

kyle_reed_3301 shared a tip "It’s Gladwell’s best book, the whole thing is great."

megan_doll shared a tip "So fascinating"

Tipu Usman's profile image

tipu_usman shared a tip "Yes. No doubt"

Cat Moon's profile image

cat_moon shared a tip "Great book!"

carrie_merrick shared a tip "The Body Keeps the Score is what I’m currently reading"

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enriqueiglesias shared a tip "[Source: theguardian.com]"

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willsmith shared a tip "[Source: usatoday30.usatoday.com]"

v_rutledge shared a tip "Interesting read!"

amy_a_7749 shared a tip "Yes"

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raynah_morris shared a tip "Very eye opening and encouraging. He is easily become one of my faves."

Jack Petrie's profile image

jack_petrie shared a tip "all of gladwell's books are great reads!!"

Even Bahta 's profile image

even_bahta shared a tip "It’s a very interesting and motivational book. Do you have any similar suggestion?"

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ben_mckenzie_9343 shared a tip "Favorite book I read in college!"

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mayte_3614 shared a tip "So worth it!!! Give it a try!"

tugba_erden shared a tip "I’m only a quarter of the way so far and I love it!"

john_p_kelly shared a tip "It discusses timing and advantages/ disadvantages in some of lifes persuits. I liked it. I might read it again."

margarita_wise shared a tip "The Plague Year"

ellen_morrow shared a tip "Malcolm Gladwell is an amazing explainer!"

Elizabeth Wheeler's profile image

elizabeth_wheeler_9857 shared a tip "I didn't check Tipping Point by Gladwell. I may like that even more."

Marie Matzulis's profile image

marie_matzulis shared a tip "Honestly i read it so long ago i cant remember. Just remember reading it."

Maggie Motorbike's profile image

maggie_motorbike shared a tip "Loved it! Really cool way of thinking about things"

Corey Mealer's profile image

corey_mealer shared a tip "I am really loving How the Word is Passed right now"

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