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The #1 New York Times bestselling novel and basis for the Academy Award-winning film—a timeless and universal story about the lines we abide by, and the ones we don’t—nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read.Aibileen is a black maid in 1962 Jackson, Mississipp

Author Kathryn Stockett

Pages 544

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2009-02-10

ISBN 1440697663 9781440697661

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Kaylee Vie's profile image

Kaylee shared a tip "My all time favorite book!! It's beautifully written I would highly recommend."

Liz Hayden's profile image

Liz shared a tip "Smart, well written, read it."

Meg Wadlington's profile image

meg_wadlington shared a tip "Beautifully written. Full bodied characters. The movie is fantastic also."

Bettie Felumlee's profile image

bettie_felumlee shared a tip "The narrators are absolutely superb. This will keep you entertained for hours."

Bettie Felumlee's profile image

bettie_felumlee shared a tip "Best audio book!"

Julie B's profile image

julie_b_5706 shared a tip "Makes one ashamed to be white. An eye opener."

Veronica Serrato's profile image

veronica_serrato shared a tip "Even the movie is good."

Michelle Hanson's profile image

michelle_hanson_5326 shared a tip "I did! I thought it was well done."

Agru Pathak's profile image

aggu shared a tip "Very good and educational book"

Adrienne Torres's profile image

adrienne_torres shared a tip "Really good! Would very much recommend."

Lori Ellsworth Leavell's profile image

lori_ellsworth_leavell shared a tip "Love"

Teresa Shults's profile image

Teresa4810 shared a tip "The book is very good also. Dont forget to give someone that pie! Lol"

Sandra Wilson's profile image

sandra_wilson_450 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Tracey Lantz's profile image

tracey_lantz shared a tip "For sure! It is an excellent book. My daughter also read it and loved it (she's 15 and an avid reader)"

donna_korb shared a tip "Rich characters."

sandy_androckitis shared a tip "I have! I think I prefer the book"

Jessica Gulliver's profile image

jessica_gulliver shared a tip "I did. It was good"

Kim Artman's profile image

kim_artman shared a tip "great movie!"

YaYa PopPop's profile image

yaya_poppop shared a tip "I'm not sure this is the only one I've read"

Isabella Smythe's profile image

isabella_smythe shared a tip "Great book! Deals with racism in the South, and powering through a bad situation"

margaret_mills shared a tip "This is the only thing I’ve read by her so...but I liked this one"

Sajeed Hassan's profile image

sajeed_hassan shared a tip "Maybe this was a random selection. I liked 'educated' by Tara Westover."

nickie_4273 shared a tip "Yes"

Hillary Erin's profile image

hillary_erin shared a tip "One of the greatest books of all time"

Andrea Stephenson 's profile image

andrea_stephenson_ shared a tip "I listen to this book via audio"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Terrific. Makes you look at chocolate pie in a whole new way...."

Pj Miller's profile image

pj_miller shared a tip "This is a small glimpse of the everyday world of the domestic engineers in the south"

Sherri Walker's profile image

sherri_walker shared a tip "Yes, it was great."

Rachael Clevenger's profile image

rachael_clevenger shared a tip "I like this book by her, but I haven't actually read anything else she's written."

carrie_4617 shared a tip "Great book and movie"

Melissa Ehrlich's profile image

melissa_ehrlich shared a tip "The book was good. Easy read. The movie was a good adaptation, in my opinion."

Tracy Mirabelli's profile image

tracy_mirabelli shared a tip "I actually am reading it now. I will definitely let you know when I'm done!"

Sky Hildebrant's profile image

sky_hildebrant shared a tip "Yes!"

kirsten_sheehan shared a tip "Yes I have seen the movie! It was good but the book is better. That is usually the case though so no surprise lol"

panagiota_kutsukos shared a tip "Loved the movie, loved the book. Can't decide which one was better."

Mack 's profile image

bookwormrae shared a tip "One of my all time favorite reads"

Misty Kudlas's profile image

misty_kudlas shared a tip "Absolutely!"

olga_mcleod shared a tip "Yes, a while was great also!"

heidi_medeiros shared a tip "Yes! Book was better but the movie was still good"

witchyw0man 87's profile image

witchyw0man_87 shared a tip "Hands down one of the best books I have ever read."

Tara Croft's profile image

tara_croft shared a tip "Yes"

Mark Strathmann II's profile image

mark_strathmann_ii shared a tip "Great Movie and story"

Nancy Brey's profile image

nancy_brey shared a tip "The pie incident!"

Steve Greifer's profile image

steve_greifer shared a tip "Liked it. You?"

kirsten_m shared a tip "I loved the movie too but not I haven't read the others"

angie_1160 shared a tip "I love this book, no interest in the movie compared to the book!"

amy_a_7749 shared a tip "No not yet. Is it good?"

Crystal Spock-Shepperson's profile image

crystal_spock-shepperson shared a tip "My favorite book"

Elise Martin's profile image

elise_martin_5681 shared a tip "Eye-opening, wonderful."

Sandra Munsters's profile image

sandra_munsters shared a tip "Felt like I was right there in that time and place."

shay_lindsay shared a tip "This is a great look into the 60’s and what it was like for a person of color back then."

cynthia_kelly shared a tip "Pretty close. Both are good!"

Abby Ruller's profile image

abby_ruller shared a tip "Yes loved it."

ashley_stevenson shared a tip "Powerful, historic and amazing"

kathleen_w_conley shared a tip "I'm reading this for the second time after a few years and I had forgotten what a marvelous book this is."

pat_oconnor shared a tip "Great book. Great movie!"

aveline 's profile image

aveline shared a tip "one of the best books ive ever read. and its an absolute necessity in todays society."

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