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A #1 Wall Street Journal, Amazon Charts, USA Today, and Washington Post bestseller.#1 New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen's shocking and empowering true-crime story of three sisters determined to survive their mother's house of horrors.After more than a decade, when sisters Nikki, Sami, an

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Author Gregg Olsen

Pages 405

Publisher Thomas & Mercer

Published Date 2019

ISBN 154200523X 9781542005234


Angela Thompson's profile image

angela_thompson_7114 shared a tip "This book will really stick with you. Very well written"

Rebecca C. Gioia's profile image

rebecca_c._gioia shared a tip "I felt depressed and hollowed after this book. I kept hanging on for a turning point that never materialized."

Amanda Berrey's profile image

amanda_berrey shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

christina_silva_4950 shared a tip "If you are okay with child abuse and graphic detail, then you will like this book."

Jessica 's profile image

missrabbit shared a tip "Great Kindle read, heartbreaking and shocking and just -how- can people be so evil? Read the TWs"

inez_alvarez shared a tip "I’m disappointed, I feel they didint get the punishment they deserved for all the damage they caused"

lauren_lindholme_911 shared a tip "Very good, but very sad because it’s a true story. That mom is crazy and the fact that she is out is terrifying!!"

Tabitha Umarji's profile image

tabitha_umarji shared a tip "It was very disturbing and sad that people get away with so much because of manipulation. I couldn't put it down."

keara_benton shared a tip "This book is so sad the awful things that happened… I actually had to put the book down a handful of times and do something else…"

Courtney Coffin's profile image

courtney_coffin shared a tip "Holy cow this was a hard read. I can’t believe how horrible this woman is."

Stephanie Seig's profile image

stephanie_seig shared a tip "Amazing true story about dang crazy people"

Angel Rainey's profile image

angel_rainey shared a tip "Gripping, sad, angering… all of the things a true crime book should be."

Heidi Oneil's profile image

heidi_oneil shared a tip "So disturbing, I couldn’t put it down because I just wanted to end it. Totally horrifying."

Valerie Arnold's profile image

valerie_arnold shared a tip "Great read, some secrets must be told and this one most definitely needed to be shared."

stephanie_cadena shared a tip "Well written horrific true story."

rachel_3008 shared a tip "I couldn't put this book down!"

Brandi George's profile image

brandi_george shared a tip "True crime story of 3 sisters who went through the unthinkable with their parents."

Sister Carolyn's profile image

sister_carolyn shared a tip "Unbelievable that such abuse was allowed and not stopped"

erika crabb's profile image

erika_crabb shared a tip "This is the first ive read from Gregg Olsen and I'm about half way through the book now, but so far its amazing!"

brandy_dunn shared a tip "It’s definitely disturbing, but an amazing read. Hard to believe it’s real. Gregg Olsen is a great true crime writer!"

Taylor Evans's profile image

taylor_evans_5490 shared a tip "Very sad but written almost as a fictional story! Had to keep reminding myself that it was true 💔 bookclubbook"

Randi Bartl's profile image

randi_bartl shared a tip "This is a true story, not very suspenseful but well written. I can’t believe this woman is about to be released from prison!"

Hannah Foster's profile image

hannah_foster_9605 shared a tip "5⭐️"

Idigy Cartagena's profile image

idigy_cartagena shared a tip "I heard it's a good book so I'm going to check it out."

Krystal Darrow's profile image

krystal_darrow shared a tip "Very well written, wild story."

sierra_douglas_1896 shared a tip "Interesting way to recount the tale straight from the source"

Casey Boswell's profile image

casey_boswell shared a tip "Seriously effed up!! But I enjoy reading about crazy people…"

vic_baez shared a tip "such a great enticing read, hard to believe this is real life for some people"

Dishode 's profile image

dishode shared a tip "Awesome author!"

Mel Hornsby's profile image

mel_hornsby shared a tip "This is one of those that sticks with you for a long time. Highly recommend, but should come with a trigger warning"

Diana Quintero's profile image

diana_quintero shared a tip "I personally liked it a lot. Very vivid. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!"

rhonda_hopkins shared a tip "That mom is nuts and it’s scary she gets out this year"

Cherie Garcia's profile image

cherie_garcia shared a tip "The entire book I was just like...OMG. very disturbing"

Maggie Larsen's profile image

maggie_larsen shared a tip "Hard to say I “liked” it since what happened to these girls and victims is horrific but it’s very well written."

Delia Gabrielle's profile image

delia_gabrielle shared a tip "Incredible book, I’ve never heard about this case & it’s so interesting!"

Jasmine Bowden's profile image

jasmine_bowden shared a tip "Definitely relatable if you have a narcassist in your life. What made this really good was it is based on a true story."

makayla_spangler shared a tip "Soooo creepy. Especially since its a true story!!"

Alive_in_Tx shared a tip "This story was not fun to read but I’m glad to have read it."

brittany_rodriguez_7395 shared a tip "Loved this!"

Cindy Simons's profile image

csbooklove shared a tip "Heavy content, yet I couldn’t put it down."

Holly Spencer's profile image

holly_spencer shared a tip "Absolutely LOVED this book!! 10/10 recommend"

Kathryne Dommermuth's profile image

kathryne_dommermuth shared a tip "Very good. It's scary there are people like this in the world. If you like ID then it is a must read."

Bobbie Rost's profile image

bobbie_rost shared a tip "This book was AMAZING AND CRAZY"

brandi_4955 shared a tip "The Last Victim. It's disturbing...so if you're sensitive, it may not be for you."

shelly_engstrom shared a tip "This book hooked me from the first page"

Stacey Bretz's profile image

stacey_bretz shared a tip "What a roller-coaster of a story!"

samara_schenkeveld shared a tip "The fact it’s based off of a true story makes it so much better. It is scary because it’s true but it’s honestly such a good book"

Tracy Gaudet's profile image

tracy_gaudet shared a tip "Disturbing and captivating. The details were shocking and horrifying but I couldn’t put the book down"

Jessica A's profile image

jessica_a_3788 shared a tip "Me too, such a chilling story and it's true!!!"

alexandra_livermore shared a tip "Pretty dark but a good read."

Stephanie Garyait's profile image

stephanie_garyait shared a tip "No problem! It was a great book!"

Kelsey Ashford's profile image

kelsey_ashford shared a tip "One of my favorite books! I love that he put this story out there so the truth of what happened was told."

terra_alvarez shared a tip "This was a heavy read, especially as a survivor."

mason_fitzpatrick shared a tip "I couldn’t put this book down, absolutely INSANE! Trigger warning, CHILD ABUSE. Graphic but the story was so well written"

Tiffany Dawson's profile image

tiffany_dawson_5146 shared a tip "Holy.****. This is the most messed up true story I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down!!! More like this please!"

jessica_pickett_2711 shared a tip "It will leave your mind blown"

Treqtr 's profile image

treqtr shared a tip "Loved it. Hard to put down! I'm still trying to figure out how someome can be so.. Evil."

danielle_branham shared a tip "Captivating story. It will break your heart but it’s amazing."

stephanie_kramer_3248 shared a tip "Good read….sad that it’s a true story and things like this happen."

Marta Boner's profile image

marta_boner shared a tip "A wonderful true crime book that focuses on the psychological history of a killer and not just their crimes!"

teresa_collier_2359 shared a tip "Some parts are hard to digest. Unbelievable what that woman does"

taide_munoz shared a tip "Yes!! It's been the only book in a long time that I could not put down until I finished it."

jamie_reese shared a tip "Wow just can’t believe anyone is that sadistic! Gotta read it to believe it!"

Madison Kosater's profile image

madison_kosater shared a tip "I read over 100 pages the first night I sat down to read it. Not a happy read at all, but definitely a page-turner."

Mel Montez's profile image

mellyelle shared a tip "This book is insane, yet intriguing."

zulema_vela shared a tip "This book is so good! Based on true events as well."

Hannah Spagnoletti's profile image

hannah_spagnoletti shared a tip "Disturbing true story. Gregg writes beautifully about an unbearable reality. 10/10, but big trigger warning"

morgan_ullom_2152 shared a tip "Amazing writer sad but amazing story. Kept me on my toes."

stacey_cash shared a tip "Great read but a awful story of murder."

Amanda Gray's profile image

amanda_gray_5998 shared a tip "A terrible story but wonderfully told!"

Ale Elaine's profile image

ale_elaine shared a tip "Absolutely heart wrenching. Had to take a few breaks because it gave me anxiety to discover what they went through."

Carrie Lester's profile image

carrie_lester shared a tip "This book had me intrigued the entire time I was reading!"

cindy_5236 shared a tip "True crime"

Savannah Baldwin's profile image

savannah_baldwin_4736 shared a tip "What a story. Finished it in 3 days. Could not put down!"

Patrycja Wysocki's profile image

patrycja_wysocki_8669 shared a tip "Amazing read"

Kellie Hill's profile image

kellie_hill_9411 shared a tip "4.8/5"

tanya_moreno shared a tip "A hard but great read."

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