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I read lots of books. It’s not that I love to read. I just want to get better. Every day.


The translation of the great samurai Miyamoto Musashi. This book describes his Way and the Martial Arts. If you are at all curious about the Samurai and the bushido, this book and the Hagakure are the best!

The Book of Five Rings imageThe Book of Five Rings image

The Book of Five Rings

Books | Musashi Miyamoto

My new favorite book of 2020. This is the story of the first all black high school rowing team. This book has something for everyone and it is unbelievable how important the message is at a time like we are in. It has extreme lows and extreme highs, but most of all, it gives hope. I would highly recommend this book to anyone - its short, it’s fun, it’s deep, it’s timely. On top of all that, it’s wonderfully written! So good!

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A Most Beautiful Thing

Books | Arshay Cooper

One of the best baseball books I have ever read. I do think that this book requires a reader who is either a true baseball junkie or a younger athlete who is familiar with the change in today’s game to really appreciate the core message of this book. I’ve always felt that sports were years ahead of the rest of society in terms of trends and the rise of technology in baseball really represents what is happening as the world shifts...especially today. Anyway, this book is a really fun read and you can easily see why the homerun revolution is in full swing...chicks dig the long ball!

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Swing Kings

Books | Jared Diamond

This book is a really well written memoir by a black woman who grew up in rural Mississippi. She painfully describes 5 deaths of men around her as she tells her life story, touching on a lot of very important things including racism. It reminded me of My Vanishing Country or even Hillbilly Elegy. Timely read for what’s happening today too!

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Men We Reaped

Books | Jesmyn Ward

Hadn’t read a Spec Ops memoir for a was time! This was a great story. An army Green Beret nearly loses his leg after stepping on an IED only to return to combat for almost another decade after! These people are incredible and their stories are motivating and especially timely at a time where perspective in this country is being lost at rapid rates.

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Tip of the Spear

Books | Ryan Hendrickson

For anyone who is a fan of investigative journalism, this is your book. The story of Deutsche Bank is just as scandalous as Theranos or even the authors other book, The Spider Network. I personally am not shocked anymore by the rampant criminality of banks so nothing in here surprised me. There is quite a bit of info on Trump in here as well, also none surprising to me. This was a great book and in my opinion, important to understand how today’s economies operate. Especially dirty banks.

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Dark Towers

Books | David Enrich

This book, about fear and anxiety in the brain, was very comprehensive and reads a lot like a textbook. This was a very difficult read for me and it’s a topic I am very interested in. It’s just very dry and academic. I do know some people who prefer books like this though so if that’s your type, this is a really well researched book about the human brain. It goes into great detail about how our minds work and bow thoughts are formed.

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Books | Joseph LeDoux

I’ve always enjoyed reading the stories of athletes and their journeys but this was particularly interesting because Tyson Fury has said and done some controversial things. He addresses them all in this book and he really embraces the struggles he has had with mental health and suicidal thoughts. A great read for boxing fans or really anyone who enjoys athletics. But also, a cool story of seeing someone who “has it all” nearly throw it all away.

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Behind the Mask

Books | Tyson Fury

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