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I read lots of books. It’s not that I love to read. I just want to get better. Every day.


Great, short book on getting in shape. Very practical steps anyone can take and covers all of the important topics.

The Fitness Mindset imageThe Fitness Mindset image

The Fitness Mindset

Books | Brian Keane

I think I liked this even better than The Alice Network. The way she writes is makes it hard to put down. If you like Kate Quinn it’s a must read.

The Huntress imageThe Huntress image

The Huntress

Books | Kate Quinn

The story of David Bellavia, the only living Medal of Honar recipient from the Iraq War and his beloved Ramrods.

Remember the Ramrods imageRemember the Ramrods image

Remember the Ramrods

Books | David Bellavia

Interesting look into how animals senses shape their world and what more we can learn. This goes beyond just the traditional 5 senses and into more detail about things like pulsations and electromagnetic fields, which some animals can use and detect. The book is fairly academic so a basic interest in the animal kingdom will help but there is certainly a human aspect to the entire book.

An Immense World imageAn Immense World image

An Immense World

Books | Ed Yong

The story of the lone survivor of the Yarnell wildfire. Really moving story of a boy who had many struggles growing up and finds himself as a part of the Hotshots, a wildland firefighting team, in Arizona. Sadly, a huge fire kills 19 members of his team and he lived to tell their story.

Granite Mountain imageGranite Mountain image

Granite Mountain

Books | Brendan McDonough

Interesting business book on all things lead generation from marketing to sales. Filled with a lot of impactful data especially around follow up. For me, I didn’t get a lot out of the scripting portions particularly on sales but it would be impossible to read this and not learn at least one way to be better in sales or marketing.

The Conversion Code imageThe Conversion Code image

The Conversion Code

Books | Chris Smith

Went into this open minded and it was a better piece of writing than expected. The book is mostly about the 4 years he was in the Trump admin, but goes into quite a few issues/crisis I hadn’t heard of, mostly in diplomatic relations. For example, he spent a ton of time with the Middle East and negotiating peace deals. There is also an odd dynamic in that he is liberal and was often mocked for it. Overall, I think it’s worth a read.

Breaking History imageBreaking History image

Breaking History

Books | Jared Kushner

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