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I read lots of books. It’s not that I love to read. I just want to get better. Every day.


It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine. Awesome book about the Notorious BIG, Christopher Wallace. The book is really a history of hip hop and gets into the politics and race relations as well. Anyone who grew up listening to 90’s hip hop, which is the best era, would love this book. Covers the good and the bad of the lifestyle many of these early rappers were in, particularly Bad Boy and Death Row records.

It Was All a Dream imageIt Was All a Dream image

It Was All a Dream

Books | Justin Tinsley

In depth history of the Middle Ages. Really long book that introduces a lot of characters. Covering about 1500 years, you hear a little about many different people, places and things, all that shaped the world. Dan Jones is a great history writer so I think fans of him would like this but it is a massive period of time and book, so it’s quite a commitment.

Powers and Thrones imagePowers and Thrones image

Powers and Thrones

Books | Dan Jones

Biography of David Cone, the great Met and Yankee pitcher. This definitely gives insight into who he was and how he approached the game. Cone has a pretty amazing career with 5 World Series rings and a perfect game to his name.

Full Count imageFull Count image

Full Count

Books | David Cone

A bit of niche book as it’s sort of a baseball book, but really it’s American History around WWII. Not that long ago, famous baseball players willingly left the game to serve the country but also filled Chapel Hill to play for Navy baseball teams like the Cloudbusters, including the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams. This story is a throwback to a different era where athletes and celebrities still worked blue collar jobs in their off time. Cool story.

The Cloudbuster Nine imageThe Cloudbuster Nine image

The Cloudbuster Nine

Books | Anne R Keene

Memoir of Minnie Driver…just felt like since I loved her in Good Will Hunting and Sleepers, I had to read. Very different style of writing than I expected as it sort of tells her life story in essays, but there often isn’t context. Just sort of jumps into things. I personally would have preferred more structure and details, but she is interesting and this reads like her inner monologue.

Managing Expectations imageManaging Expectations image

Managing Expectations

Books | Minnie Driver

Really cool social science book that takes a data driven approach to self help. The author is a self described nerd who wanted to use data to do things like make himself more attractive. Touches on marriage, happiness, parenting, and more by using massive data sets. It’s not necessary, but his first book Everybody Lies is just as good.

Don't Trust Your Gut imageDon't Trust Your Gut image

Don't Trust Your Gut

Books | Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Growing up a baseball fan and going to the Kingdome with my dad I saw a lot of Yankee games. Paul O’Neill was a fun player to watch and I always identified with him. He really gets into how he approached hitting in this book and you can tell that maniacal approach is exactly what worked for him. I’d say this is a must read for any Yankee fan, particularly of that era.

Swing and a Hit imageSwing and a Hit image

Swing and a Hit

Books | Paul O'Neill

Not what I was expecting, but this ended up being a really good book on relationships. I like the author a lot for his science based approach and about a quarter through the book I was disappointed but unlike a lot of self help books, it got much better. Really a cool sort of contrarian way to look at relationships in all facets.

Plays Well with Others imagePlays Well with Others image

Plays Well with Others

Books | Eric Barker

The follow up to Red Notice…Browder tells the backstory and the aftermath of exposing Vladimir Putin and the many schemes his Oligarchs use to hide and embezzle billions of dollars. I would recommend reading Red Notice first as most of the story of why Bill Browder started the Magnitsky Act is from that. Pretty timely book when you think about the context of the world today.

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Freezing Order

Books | Bill Browder

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