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You can usually find me in a bookstore or spin class✨


This was the perfect Christmas novel by one of my favorite southern authors! Highly recommend.

Christmas in Peachtree Bluff imageChristmas in Peachtree Bluff image

Christmas in Peachtree Bluff

Books | Kristy Woodson Harvey

An insane story about one of the most extreme, evil and delusional criminals you’ve probably never heard of. Definitely a great Ann Rule pick.

Everything She Ever Wanted imageEverything She Ever Wanted image

Everything She Ever Wanted

Books | Ann Rule

This book is a great resource on beginning and end of Jim Jones and his reign over the cult he created. It’s the perfect study of a narcissist who built his following based on the idea of social justice, but became overcome with greed, ambitions and delusion.

The Road to Jonestown imageThe Road to Jonestown image

The Road to Jonestown

Books | Jeff Guinn

Loved this concept and this story so much! It has a different feel from other Grady Hendrix novels, but is just as exciting as the others.

The Final Girl Support Group imageThe Final Girl Support Group image

The Final Girl Support Group

Books | Grady Hendrix

This started out as a slow burn, but twisted itself into a very unique plot.

Mirrorland imageMirrorland image


Books | Carole Johnstone

I find it difficult to review this book, because while I appreciate the attention and detail it gives on significant issues within modern day Chinese government, this extremely vain sounding author is a big part of that very problem. I also feel that a majority of this story is actually his wife’s story - not in her words, and definitely not in a flattering or neutral light.

Red Roulette imageRed Roulette image

Red Roulette

Books | Desmond Shum

Overall, I really enjoyed this memoir. Will Smith was one of my favorite rappers and actors growing up, so I knew I had to read this. I appreciated how open and candid he was, especially when reflecting on some of his not so great moments (family conflicts, relationship issues, financial situations, etc).

Will imageWill image


Books | Will Smith

This was written by Natalie Wood’s sister, and mainly focuses on her disappearance, and the inconsistencies of the initial police report, and why the case was re opened. I appreciate the effort and strength it must have taken for the author to write about such a personal situation.

Little Sister imageLittle Sister image

Little Sister

Books | Lana Wood

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