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Author Ruth Ware

Pages 352

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2016-07-19

ISBN 1501132946 9781501132940

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Google 3.5


Emma Geiler's profile image

emma_geiler shared a tip "Started: Jan. 18 | Finished: Jan. 22 | Pages: 340"

hallie_a shared a tip "I felt like some parts of the story were unnecessary, but it was an overall good read!"

mackenzie_4592 shared a tip "Great read full of twists I could have never predicted"

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katelyn_dalton shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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emgonz0 shared a tip "7/10, kept me reading"

j_heck shared a tip "Pass. Stupid ending."

Jacquelyn Rafert's profile image

jacquelyn_rafert shared a tip "Liked it, good plot but a few aspects of the protagonists personality were redundant, point was made early on, point taken."

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joyce_santos shared a tip "I gave this 3 stars"

Sarah Hall's profile image

sarah_hall_924 shared a tip "Slow start but awesome ending! Loved it."

grace_w_9764 shared a tip "great read - sort of slow in the beginning but caught on afterwards. twisting and turning the entire time. left me wanting more."

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joiwormish shared a tip "It was a roller coaster ride with a good twist! Will she or won’t she"

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "8.5/10"

patrica_camacho shared a tip "Yes, where the crawdads sing is a phenomenal read I highly recommend it haven’t seen the movie as of yet but excited to!"

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rachel_reynolds_9714 shared a tip "Rate: 3/5 stars. Suspenseful and well written but some parts dragged on"

Lauren Rose Fontaine's profile image

lauren_rose_fontaine shared a tip "Just started Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter, it's very good!"

Remy Kelbel's profile image

remy_kelbel shared a tip "Terrible book, couldn’t even finish it. It was that bad!"

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SiennasBooks shared a tip "Great Book! Lots of plot-twists!"

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jade_1669 shared a tip "Soo.. I have to buy the book to read it..? 😐"

jessica_cole_3620 shared a tip "Great psychological thriller! I couldn't put it down"

jennifer_8243 shared a tip "It is a quick read with a good twist."

Christa Eversman's profile image

christa_eversman shared a tip "This book kept me on the edge of my seat the way a movie would with twists and turns and who done its..."

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kendall_elizabeth_4989 shared a tip "Great mystery read. Keeps you guessing!"

terri_lessard shared a tip "Could not put it down"

geo_martelli shared a tip "It’s aaaamazing, I read it in two days!! You should read behind closed door too, it’s even better"

Hannah Phlegar's profile image

hannah_phlegar shared a tip "The Wife Upstairs-so good!"

stephanie_pratt shared a tip "This book was so great! I read it in two days and I couldn’t put it down! Definitely didn’t see the ending coming."

Jessica J's profile image

jessica_j_2964 shared a tip "In a dark. Dark wood"

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annette_pement shared a tip "Makes me not want to go on a cruise. lol"

marilyn_patternac shared a tip "I have loved every one of Ruth Ware books!"

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stefanie_talkington shared a tip "I read it years ago. I remember I really enjoyed it."

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samantha_mcconachie shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

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danielle_jimenez shared a tip "It is an easy read and i couldn't guess the ending . It was fast paced and kept you interested"

Pat Dunham's profile image

pat_dunham shared a tip "Addictive! Will she make it?"

Ksquared 's profile image

ksquared shared a tip "It was slow to start out but when things started moving along I couldn’t put the book down! #suspense"

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catherine_baker_2446 shared a tip "The Lying Game by far!"

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thenoveltourist shared a tip "Great book to read on a cruise!"

jana_ishee shared a tip "Another quick read from Ware. I always finish these in just a few hours because the mystery is so captivating!"

Hilary Himmelberg's profile image

hilary_himmelberg shared a tip "The Wife Between Us!"

melanie_mensing shared a tip "Silent patient"

Yvette Dunn's profile image

yvette_dunn shared a tip "Good to know hopefully I’ll get to read it soon - what did you like most about it"

gloria_1134 shared a tip "One of my favorite mystery books. I couldn’t put it down!"

Ashley Bellevou's profile image

ashley_bellevou shared a tip "I loved it!! It keeps you in the dark the whole time."

Travis Hammond's profile image

travis_hammond shared a tip "They were all whackados..."

Emily Lefsky's profile image

emily_lefsky shared a tip "It absolutely is! I loved it and per usual there were unexpected twists ala all of Ware's work!"

Maggie Larsen's profile image

maggie_larsen shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read! Keeps you guessing all the way to the final page"

Susan McDevitt's profile image

susan_mcdevitt shared a tip "It's been a few years since it read it but remember it made me read most of her books."

maria_lattanzi shared a tip "Right now Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. Very relevant in today's world."

Rachel Hornung's profile image

rachel_hornung shared a tip "It’s a quick read too! Very enticing!"

loray_greece shared a tip "My favorite book I think is Rose Madder by stephan king"

Sonia Main's profile image

sonia_main shared a tip "This book is a fantastic thriller - I don’t often reread books but for sure want to read this one again!"

darien_fulton shared a tip "Recomendable"

Olivia Mardin's profile image

olivia_mardin shared a tip "I loved this novel. Would defiantly recommend to anyone who likes a good suspense. One of my favorite reads!"

Kari Everitt's profile image

kari_everitt shared a tip "This book will definitely keep you guessing! I read it in 2 days! And make sure to check out the rest of her books!"

melissa_bernardo shared a tip "The last flight and Seven days!"

brooke_nash_9337 shared a tip "It’s been a while since I’ve read it but yes!"

awesome_user_936570 shared a tip "Amazing author! Second book I’ve read from her and she never ceases to amaze me."

Sydney P's profile image

sydney_p_3173 shared a tip "this book had a slower start but i loved it overall, such a crazy ending"

Kristin Jonasson's profile image

kristin_jonasson shared a tip "Delightfully suspenseful"

Alex Batten's profile image

alexinnewfoundland shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

Stephanie Nusbaum's profile image

stephanie_nusbaum shared a tip "It been a little bit since I read it but I love that the author made me doubt the character! You?"

Allison Footit's profile image

allison_footit shared a tip "Really enjoyed this one"

carolyn_barnes shared a tip "Definitely thrillers / mysteries! What about you? :)"

erika_cohn shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

Molly Glover's profile image

molly_glover shared a tip "Great as an audiobook!!"

Noelle Khan's profile image

noelle_khan shared a tip "Ruth Ware is an excellent author. I am making my way through all of her books!"

chelsea_arthur shared a tip "one of my favorite books!!"

megan halasey's profile image

megan_halasey shared a tip "I couldn't put it down. I had to know how it ended!"

April  Roberts's profile image

april_roberts_6982 shared a tip "Excellent read. Writing style is easy to follow and the suspense will not disappoint"

sylvia_haak shared a tip "Just finished the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo and absolutely loved it"

holly_becker_8907 shared a tip "Unexpected"

ruth_chapman shared a tip "This was a great read. It kept me guessing until the end."

Tavia Freedman's profile image

tavia_freedman shared a tip "I really liked The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter"

julie_9442 shared a tip "Oh gosh, I can’t remember it in great detail. I read it too long ago, but I really enjoyed it!"

nikki_powell_2214 shared a tip "Yes, I loved it!"

Hugie Richichi 's profile image

hugie_richichi shared a tip "I found this very boring."

Jenny Coyle's profile image

jenny_coyle_4295 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it!"

Lauren Vieaux's profile image

lauren_vieaux shared a tip "Just finished The Guest List. Worth a read!"

Sarah Winfrey's profile image

sarah_winfrey shared a tip "It has a great plot and keeps you on the edge of your seat"

rebekah_laclair shared a tip "I liked it! It had a couple good twists!"

Rebecca Richbart's profile image

rebecca_richbart shared a tip "Read it in like a day!"

Ashley Fiala's profile image

ashley_fiala shared a tip "Great book to read on weekend. Like the author style"

S Code's profile image

s_code shared a tip "I've been on a fantasy kick lately so the Blood Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop was amazing. Also The Couple Next Door was awesome!"

Ron Freese's profile image

ron_freese shared a tip "I do,"

Tabetha Otten's profile image

tabetha_otten shared a tip "Just listened to Me Before You"

jessica_banes_9516 shared a tip "The last thing he told me. Or summit lake were also soooo good"

nicole_lasak shared a tip "I’m reading The Pact by Jodi Piccolt and I’m really enjoying it so far!"

Diana Michelle's profile image

diana_michelle shared a tip "Has some of the best unexpected turns!#suspense #ruthware #mystery"

Sydney P's profile image

sydney_p_2382 shared a tip "I love this book especially Ruth Ware."

pj_536 shared a tip "Really slow start in the beginning but really picks up in the end"

dena_watson shared a tip "Lots of twists and turns!!!"

Krystal 's profile image

Nerdy_book_lover_1987 shared a tip "My favorite My Ruth Ware is The death of Mrs. Westaway"

jill_kaye shared a tip "Definitely"

hanna_anders shared a tip "All of her books are really great but this is probably one of my favorites!"

olivia_8252 shared a tip "#ruthware #suspense #fiction"

tray_3660 shared a tip "I liked the book but I keep seeing a trend in these type of mysteries. But it was still a good book."

Alyssa Hanson's profile image

alyssa_hanson shared a tip "This book was so mystic with a new twist around the corner"

katrina_rose_8931 shared a tip "A great suspense novel! Kept me hooked the whole time"

whats_up_1417 shared a tip "Honestly, no."

Sarah Gable's profile image

sarah_gable shared a tip "I really liked it!! Very interesting and has quite the twists!!"

Alexandra Caniano's profile image

alexandra_caniano shared a tip "Yea it was a really good read !"

Toni Dillhoff's profile image

toni_dillhoff shared a tip "I liked it. Kind of a mystery with added ghost story."

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