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Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safet

Author Suzanne Collins

Pages 400

Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Published Date 2010-06-01

ISBN 0545227240 9780545227247

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Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "You didn't expect the hunger games to get better, but is definitely did."

sofiai shared a tip "I love this book. Hunger games in general is really amazing"

Kat 's profile image

kat_2000 shared a tip "Re-reading this book again and it's always been one of my favorite series!"

shawn_s shared a tip "Mockingjay"

Leah Stovall's profile image

leah_stovall shared a tip "Just the hunger games trilogy!"

Leah Stovall's profile image

leah_stovall shared a tip "The Gender Game is an interesting one. I don't know if I loved it but it kept my attention."

brenda_nix shared a tip "This is the only series I've read by this author."

michelle_creech_5056 shared a tip "Love all the hunger games books/movies"

Blessing Effiong's profile image

blessing_effiong shared a tip "Yes😁,when katniss started falling for peeta, though I'm not sure if she was just acting"

Blessing Effiong's profile image

blessing_effiong shared a tip "What about you?"

mia_6659 shared a tip "my favourite book in the series. collins writes like no other"

Gracie Gates's profile image

gracie_gates_7010 shared a tip "It was just so good"

Levi Simmons's profile image

levi_simmons shared a tip "I enjoyed hearing how Katniss lived after the games."

Tobi 's profile image

Bucket_ shared a tip "Mhm. I've seen the movie and read some of the book!"

suet_lee shared a tip "Hmm, I don’t have a favorite book. The Catching Fire and Hunger Games were definitely one of my great reads though!"

Alyssa Mattingley's profile image

alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "5/5"

Magic 's profile image

MagicFrost shared a tip "This book is fire, pun intended."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "4/10"

Life Francisco's profile image

life_francisco shared a tip "Definitely! Especially if you like the movies, the book gives more insight to the characters."

That Nerdy Bookworm's profile image

saraelisabeth shared a tip "My favorite Hunger Games book! Very nostalgic for me and definitely my comfort book"

Krista Campbell's profile image

krista_campbell_5487 shared a tip "The last one"

Mya Price's profile image

mya_price shared a tip "The romance melts your heart away!"

Sofia Pizzo's profile image

sofia_pizzo shared a tip "It is! I think I read it in 2 days because it was just so good. It’s my favorite hunger games book"

veronica_8809 shared a tip "@ley_ley i love them all but probably catching fire:))"

daniela_tellez shared a tip "I feel like this was the best out of the trilogy!!"

kate_877 shared a tip "@taylorosterbind catching fire was my favourite"

<3 's profile image shared a tip "I really liked this Johanna and Finnick are in it ;)"

chels. shared a tip "I finished this book in a day. Felt really bad for Peeta though."

Jamie Beck's profile image

jamie_beck shared a tip "Love the series the story"

Miranda Burton's profile image

miranda_burton shared a tip "Extremely good. I think the trip around the district's really gave her such a perspective on the injustice."

vicky_9572 shared a tip "Oh yeah I would agree! I think the first was my favorite"

Adam Morrow's profile image

adam_morrow shared a tip "The whole series is amazing"

Kailey Hutteman's profile image

kailey_hutteman shared a tip "No specific reason"

jade gage's profile image

jade_gage shared a tip "Amazing story."

Giovanna Passos's profile image

giovannavpassos shared a tip "It’s the best book I ever read! ❤️"

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