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Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger, sets out on his journey of good and evil in his ultimate quest for the Dark Tower. This is the first volume in the series.

Author Stephen King

Pages 280

Publisher W. F. Howes Limited

Published Date 2013

ISBN 1471227898 9781471227899

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claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Isn’t this the first book in The Dark Tower series??"

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agentq5ft2 shared a tip "Not his usual, but he is an exquisite writer. Any Stephen king lover should at least give this book a chance."

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michelle_pelate shared a tip "It's a series of like 10 books. It's excellent!!"

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robert_burns_2803 shared a tip "You are welcome!"

emily_mullins_2643 shared a tip "I love this whole series!"

Beverly Wertman 's profile image

beverly_wertman shared a tip "Not yet read but on the list"

christina_schellenb shared a tip "Oh gosh...thats a very tough question lol so many good ones out there :)"

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carri_bop shared a tip "Right now I am really enjoying Dave Grohl’s Storyteller. Completely different genre but just as mesmerizing."

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tricia_hall_6533 shared a tip "You will love it!"

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grace_clark_5353 shared a tip "Oh gosh that's really hard for me to choose"

travis_9555 shared a tip "Since January I've been reading The Endworld series and the Blade series by David Robbins. Great post apocalyptic stories!"

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kayla_thomas_9184 shared a tip "You're very welcome!👍"

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dave_sanford shared a tip "Just finished Revival and now am reading Confess by Rob Halford."

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lil-farrah shared a tip "5/10"

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constantine_2739 shared a tip "An amazing first book. Very unconventional. Vague at times but full of philosophy and metaphors."

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pat_selph shared a tip "It by Stephen King"

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johnathone_hart shared a tip "I have not read it yet"

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shortney shared a tip "Yes, I love him!!"

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mindy_s_2473 shared a tip "3.5/5"

jessica_a._sarcos shared a tip "Reading Salems lot because I heard it was best to read before the gunslinger"

jessica_a._sarcos shared a tip "Yesss I'm reading the Insomnia by him and it's 👍"

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patience_hoig shared a tip "I can choose 😭 theres so many books that ive read and that I want to read choosing just one seems like torture"

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patience_hoig shared a tip "*cant"

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juan_macias-moreno shared a tip "The city of Tulll is dead. I killed it."

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heather_stewart_5059 shared a tip "I have a bunch of favorite books. Lol what are some of yours?"

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lee_moran shared a tip "Its very good. There's about 8 books in the series."

Tierney McNabb's profile image

tierney_mcnabb shared a tip "Currently I'm reading Jurassic Park again. I love it so much"

Kimmyjo Rolfzen's profile image

kimmyjo_rolfzen shared a tip "It definitely one of my favorites too!"

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christopher_turner_3059 shared a tip "It is! And it's the first book of an 8 part epic. Enjoy your journey to the Tower!"

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jack_killman shared a tip "Cemetery road"

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elisabeth_oasen shared a tip "It is a great series! I've read it several times and I love it! 😊"

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abraham_hubik shared a tip "I actually never read the whole thing lol"

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katrina_strong_9082 shared a tip "Definitely worth it! My favorite series!"

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tyler_mcbeath shared a tip "Hard to say.."

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paulag90 shared a tip "Yes, definitely, it’s on the Fantasy side, but I found it interesting"

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pamela_brown_3517 shared a tip "Excellent series! Young Stephen King at his finest."

michelle_garrison_143 shared a tip "Oh yes! It became a whole series of books."

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stan_hansen shared a tip "I've read the series the times."

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catherine_poole shared a tip "It's so hard to choose! I would have to say The Stand."

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dustin_travis shared a tip "No way. Every one is unique so it's impossible for me to have one that stands above all the others. :)"

Ifeanyi Agulefo's profile image

ifeanyi_agulefo shared a tip "All the connections within his multiverse."

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stephanie_dixon_9782 shared a tip "It's been so long since I've read it to be honest. Time to read the series again!"

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augusta_tuozzo shared a tip "Paranormal romance called allure of the vampire king. Bella Klaus 7 books in the series. I’m on book 3."

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lisa_brown_9768 shared a tip "I do both however I'm doing more and more e-reading because of the convenience. Which do you prefer?"

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lilliahna_m shared a tip "Brian Lumley's Necroscope series"

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