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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us and It Ends with Us, a novel about risking everything for love—and finding your heart somewhere between the truth and lies.At age twenty-one, Auburn Reed has already lost everything important to her. In her fight to rebuild her shat

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 320

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2015-03-10

ISBN 1476791465 9781476791463


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Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "SO good!! probably my second favorite Colleen Hoover book"

Gabby Lucas's profile image

gabby_lucas_3972 shared a tip "This was such a cute read and had me on my toes at the very end"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Twenty seven."

Natalee Grover's profile image

nataleegrover shared a tip "cute love story with a good plot, good romance & very engaging !!"

Riley 's profile image

r1l3yru3 shared a tip "no major point idk"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "This book has an unexpected depth to it that brings forth a heart wrench and then the happy resolve."

Paige Eilers's profile image

paige_eilers shared a tip "Confess is my second favorite book from Hoover so far! Definitely worth the read."

Megan Pate's profile image

megan_pate shared a tip "This was really good! The last 100 pages had me on the edge of my seat!"

hallie_a shared a tip "This was a cute romance! It definitely keeps you on your toes throughout."

Cassie Tuttle's profile image

cassie_tuttle shared a tip "Loved this book!"

heather_predragovic shared a tip "I would say this is one of the very few books I have ever read that made me cry. Must read."

keiko 's profile image

kaylakeiko shared a tip "Started this book last night and the prologue has me in tears! #fiction #romance #colleenhoover"

Maribel 's profile image

mac.xo716 shared a tip "“I’ll love you forever even when i cant” 😩🥺🥺🥺"

aunaka_wasil shared a tip "THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL. the syntax, the mystery, the love. phenomenal. her best book I’ve read so far (and I’ve read seven)"

Kayla Dobbin's profile image

kayla_sanders_6491 shared a tip "Another one of my favorites! The ending is what brought the whole book together!"

Emma Ruth 's profile image

emma_christie_103 shared a tip "Amazing story! Love how it’s written!"

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Lexi Marie🌊🤎's profile image

lexi_maire shared a tip "I loved this book so much def one of my favss"

Katarina Jordan's profile image

katarina_jordan shared a tip "Loved the characters"

Zoe Huber's profile image

zoe_huber shared a tip "I loved this book. O.m.g! But I will say it has a lot of similarities to the it ends with us series"

Emily Scanlan's profile image

emily_scanlan shared a tip "Loved it"

Kellen G's profile image

kellen_gondo shared a tip "In love with it! Surprisingly adorable ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

camilla looney's profile image

camilla_looney shared a tip "took me longer to finish than her others but it was very good and a good story line i really enjoyed this book."

Lauren Lo Presti Daiger's profile image

lauren_lo_presti_da shared a tip "Probably not my favorite coho read but still a great one"

Madi Glatfelter's profile image

madi_glatfelter shared a tip "Cried good during the last few pages, such a good ending. I was on my toes the whole time!"

nathalie_corbin_6618 shared a tip "Love it"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "Loved it. Not in my top 3 of hers but still a great quick read"

Anna 's profile image

anna_2004 shared a tip "End. Just get to the end. That all I have to say. Beautifully written and a beautiful ending!!"

raegan wessendorf 's profile image

raegan_wessendorf shared a tip "such a good books, an emotional roller coaster for sure"

Levi Crouse's profile image

levi_crouse shared a tip "I LOVED this book!! It was so entertaining and always kept me thinking what was gonna happen next."

Caroline Williamson's profile image

carolinewilliamson shared a tip "such a cute one loved it"

laura_8526 shared a tip "Great book!!! And there is a show on Amazon prime!!!!!"

Monica Fisher's profile image

monica_fisher_718 shared a tip "I was sorta starting to get bored with this one then chapter 11 has me crying and now I need to k ow where it’s going"

Caroline Espinosa's profile image

caroline_espinosa shared a tip "loved O.M.G with all of my heart."

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "Didn’t like it as much as Ugly Love and others but has a really interesting concept."

Ella Eckerley's profile image

ella_eckerley shared a tip "Love love love"

Ana Armijos's profile image

ana_armijos shared a tip "7.5/10 good read, engaging, great ending."

Brooklynn Boyd's profile image

brooklynn_boyd_5346 shared a tip "The way she layed things out and dual perspectives."

Emma Pearson's profile image

emmarpearson shared a tip "LOVED this book. Finished it in a day. Really struggled to put it down! 😍"

mila 's profile image

kamisia shared a tip "5/5"

piper_key_4672 shared a tip "My favorite book… literally breathtaking storyline"

eleni <3's profile image

eleniloev shared a tip "I feel like this book is underrated. I loved it 💕"

Lo🫧 's profile image

avery_bavery shared a tip "I just don’t think I like Colleen Hoover books-"

kendal tucker's profile image

kendal_tucker shared a tip "Amazing!!"

Isabella Harris's profile image

isabella_harris_7027 shared a tip "Amazing book! Loved the ending!!"

Mackenzie Barnes's profile image

mackenzie_barnes_14 shared a tip "This was the first romance book I’ve ever read and I absolutely loved it"

Marissa Burgos's profile image

marissa_burgos shared a tip "1000/10 this is in my top 3 favorites! I loved Auburn and Owens relationship. The art in this book is amazing as well"

dunia Villalba's profile image

dunia_villalba shared a tip "Interesting twist"

shelby_frieda shared a tip "I love the storyline"

Michaela Mencacci's profile image

michaela_mencacci shared a tip "I loved the artistic vibe of this book. SO creative and of course heart wrenching. Definitely a great read!"

Lucie McKenzie's profile image

lucie_mckenzie shared a tip "All I have to say is omg"

Sydnie Beeman's profile image

sydnie_beeman shared a tip "I couldn’t get into this at all."

awesome_user_836369 shared a tip "Ugly Love"

Julia Jills's profile image

julia_jills shared a tip "What the guy does with the confessions, turning it into artwork is a really cool idea"

grace_fessler shared a tip "Amazing story! Always had me on the edge of my seat"

mckenzie_clopton shared a tip "So good finished reading it maybe 5 seconds ago"

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "really good"

Miranda Larson's profile image

miranda_larson_4902 shared a tip "Was kind of a boring storyline.. didn't get attached to any of the characters."

olivia_7950 shared a tip "My favorite of all time is Layla!!"

jenifer_trett shared a tip "Read it in a day couldn’t put it down!!"

Lixsiana Velazquez's profile image

lixsiana_velazquez shared a tip "Too good"

Gabrielle Gill's profile image

gabrielle_gill shared a tip "Finished 1/23"

Elva Shepard's profile image

elva_shepard shared a tip "I didn’t like it. Almost DNF."

Lauren Fye's profile image

lauren_fye shared a tip "Suspenseful. Easy read. Love Colleen Hoover!"

_._4815 shared a tip "Love love love this book it gave me butterflies most of the time 😫"

Chrisleidy Suero Regalado's profile image

chrisleidy_booklover shared a tip "Just got this book today #excitedtoreadit"

Chrisleidy Suero Regalado's profile image

chrisleidy_booklover shared a tip "#Confess"

Molly Moore's profile image

molly_moore_2075 shared a tip "By far one of the best colleen Hoover books"

Jenna Bailey's profile image

jennalfay- shared a tip "Okay, this book is so cute!!!! I love the main characters and there’s also a Amazon prime series about this book"

Kacie Moyer's profile image

kacie_moyer shared a tip "4/5"

LIYA YOHANNES's profile image

liya_yohannes shared a tip "Such a great book!"

peyton_epperson shared a tip "this book SHOOK me in ways I didn’t know possible. wait till the ending…wow."

Angelina :)'s profile image

angelina__jai shared a tip "literally loved the concept so much + the book"

angelyz_quiles shared a tip "This for me was 5/5. Guy falls first, the artwork was so unique and I loved the chemistry and the plot. 100% recommend !"

Rebecca Tomlin's profile image

rebecca_tomlin shared a tip "Good feeling romance that proves just how much a mother will go through to ensure her children are safe, happy and cared for."

jeniah_ shared a tip "YESSS"

awesome_user_537317 's profile image

cat_mama18 shared a tip "ColHo is ahhhmazing!!!"

ayan_hassan_4766 shared a tip "Yes ‘ugly love’ is the best same author"

Reagan Moran's profile image

reagan_moran shared a tip "It was beautiful and the ending is just omg amazing"

sehrina<3 's profile image

sehrinaaa shared a tip "so fkn good. the storyline is sooo good. such a cute story. the end is adorable"

Lily Gibson's profile image

lilyan_gibson shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorite books"

cassandra_furtado shared a tip "My favorite book of all time"

Luhita Sharma's profile image

luhita_sharma shared a tip "Wow.... Just wow...."

macy_taylor shared a tip "Finished it in one day!"

abbysaccount 's profile image

abbysaccount shared a tip "So good!!"

edina_taerbaum shared a tip "I started November 9 by Colleen Hoover. It’s pretty good so far"

elycia_carr shared a tip "loved this book…everything abt it is amazing, and it kept getting better and better"

veronica_nola shared a tip "It’s a fantastic read! You should :)"

Lucy Reid's profile image

lucy_reid shared a tip "Really loved this story. One of my favorites of CoHo!"

Zaya G's profile image

zaya_g shared a tip "Love you CoHo"

peyton_mills_6668 shared a tip "the ex talk (currently reading) and punk 57 is my all time fav book"

Teia Show's profile image

teia_show shared a tip "it was okay, the ending was the best"

Kayla K's profile image

kayla_k_7189 shared a tip "She does it again. Another Colleen book that I couldn’t put down! A beautiful love story."

Emily Crewz's profile image

emily_crewz shared a tip "I couldn’t get enough of this book!"

alexa_4624 shared a tip "I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did but it was absolutely amazing!!!!"

becca_raio shared a tip "Definitely worth it! Amazon Prime has a mini series you can watch after you finish! 😊"

Olivia Roberts's profile image

olivia_roberts_1326 shared a tip "Another incredible story. Amazing ending"

Tashia Vandeven's profile image

tashia_vandeven shared a tip "I love this book!! It has real life confessions in it. This book is stunning!"

ana_gonzalez_3957 shared a tip "Engaging, fun and romantic story!"

krista_king_3799 shared a tip "Quick read…fast paced but detailed writing!"

Laura Strizzi's profile image

laura_strizzi shared a tip "May 2021"

Tiffany L.'s profile image

tiffanyyy shared a tip "My fifth Colleen Hoover book and I loved it. I'm convinced I will wind up reading every single one of her books!"

Alisha Khan's profile image

alisha_khan_4027 shared a tip "best book in the whole world"

Ashley Chauvin's profile image

ashley_chauvin shared a tip "Yes! The last couple chapters made me emotional. That painting hanging in her living room 🥺 Ugh.. I love!!"

clove weaver 's profile image

clove_weaver shared a tip "ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK"

chloe_b_9833 shared a tip "SO GOOD !!! definitely a 4/5 for me !"

Candy 's profile image

Candy_01 shared a tip "I read this book years ago and I still think about it to this day. “I‘ll love you forever. Even when I can’t.” 🥺"

cameron_skaggs-rowe shared a tip "amazing"

Faith Zornes's profile image

faith_zornes shared a tip "Best book"

evy_osorio shared a tip "everything."

Heather George-Keuper's profile image

heather_george-keup shared a tip "Favorite book ever by Colleen Hoover. The beginning was tied to the end. And there was more than one love story."

Taylor Dubina's profile image

taylor_dubina shared a tip "I reaaaally enjoyed this one! The characters, the plot, ugh! So beautifully executed - I’ll be thinking about it for weeks."

Mackenzie Kolesar's profile image

mackenzie_kolesar shared a tip "a very easy read, and a great cross between romance and suspense!"

Ashia Rodriguez's profile image

ashia_rodriguez shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! It made me ugly cry!"

emma_spann shared a tip "you’ll be crying by the end, but you get really into the book almost immediately after opening it! highly recommend :)"

Kieri English's profile image

kieri_english shared a tip "I loved it! It was funny, provoked emotion, and made me wish I could back in time when I finished so I could read it again!"

Audrey White's profile image

audrey_white_9856 shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in a long time, the bonus artwork was amazing. I love Colleen Hoover so much!"

Angela Houser's profile image

angela_houser shared a tip "2022"

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