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Dealing with Dragons

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Patricia C. Wrede
Meet the princess who rescues herself and the female dragon who would be king in this first fantasy adventure in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.   The traditional duties of a princess fail to please Cimorene, the daughter of a very proper king. She is quite sure that there’s more to the world than curtseying and courting. And what she finds in her chosen career as a dragon’s princess is sometimes more than she can handle. But fear not! Our intrepid heroine has just what it takes to keep her dragon, Kazul, safe and happy, while learning to fireproof herself, organize the treasure trove, and stay free from the clutches of pesky princes.    This updated edition features a new introduction by the author.   “The story is full of excitement, sly references to the staples of fantasy and fairy tales, and good humor. Cimorene is of a sisterhood that includes Menolly, the dragonsinger of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsong; and Avi’s Morwenna of Bright Shadow, but Wrede’s delightful voice is all her own.”—School Library Journal (starred review).   “What a charmer! A decidedly diverting novel with plenty of action and . . . laugh-out-loud reading pleasure.”—Booklist (starred review)   “Smoothly written and ingenious fantasy. Both Cimorene and her dragon are firmly drawn, tough-minded females who refuse to conform to stereotypes (being female doesn’t prevent a dragon from becoming king). The touch of feminist persuasion only adds to the story’s charm.”—Kirkus Reviews   “This was a delightful read, in every sense.”—SFF Book Reviews
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Patricia C. Wrede
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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0547538642 9780547538648
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