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Panromantic asexual who hates mushiness (but still enjoys a little background romance), melodrama, and Woe Is Me attitudes. Loves action, snark, adorable family interactions and teamy goodness. Tends to gravitate towards slightly damaged but extremely mouthy protagonists.


I did not expect much from this title, so boy was I surprised when I ended up enjoying the heck out of it. The underlying Big Bad is creepy and unsettling and just horrifying enough without going overboard with violence and gore; the Other world is beautiful and complicated and terrifying without feeling contrived and fake; the characters are multidimensional and full of shades of grey. It reminded me of a mildly dark impressionist painting with just a tiny dash of gothinc horror for flavor, and I am definitely going to be continuing the series. Here's hoping book 2 and 3 live up to their potential.

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White Trash Warlock

Books | David R. Slayton

One of my favorite books and an in-between for some of my favorite series! I have read this one and the following Winds of Fate series so many times I have lost count over the years! Mercedes Lackey had always been extremely LBGTQ friendly as well.

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By the Sword

Books | Mercedes Lackey

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