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Panromantic asexual who hates mushiness (but still enjoys a little background romance), melodrama, and Woe Is Me attitudes. Loves action, snark, adorable family interactions and teamy goodness. Tends to gravitate towards slightly damaged but extremely mouthy protagonists.


This book was an extremely fun read with quirky unique characters, pretty good world building, AND ROMANCELESS MALE/FEMALE FRIENDSHIP! -happy dance happy dance- Even better is how the friendship is *developed* and not InstaBros - they actually hate each other at first but end up grudgingly respecting each other after shared experiences until finally we get some form of "I will always have your back, you uncouth uneducated street vermin." "And I got yours, too, you overblown dandified primping peacock. -rude gesture-"

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The Bloodless Assassin

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