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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • More than one million copies sold! A “brilliant” (Lupita Nyong’o, Time), “poignant” (Entertainment Weekly), “soul-nourishing” (USA Today) memoir about coming of age during the twilight of apartheid “Noah’s childhood stories are told with all the hilarity and intellect

Author Trevor Noah

Pages 304

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 2016-11-15

ISBN 0399588183 9780399588181

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Google 4.5


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Princess shared a tip "Cant wait to see this movie."

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CupcakeTron shared a tip "Great book. The audible version was awesome. Well produced and narrated by Trevor himself."

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nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "You literally hear Trevor Noah's voice reading this book to you as you read it."

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through-glass shared a tip "Exciting, funny, frightening, and enlightening from start to finish."

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through-glass shared a tip "Exciting, funny, frightening, and enlightening from start to finish. ✨"

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auri_love26 shared a tip "Hilarious"

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jw81496 shared a tip "A wonderful, inspiring story of resilience and perseverance ❤️."

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kentongewecke shared a tip "Listen to the audiobook! So gooood"

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griffin_burrough shared a tip "Not only illuminating but his sense of voice is just so good. Its funny, it's sad, its amazing, and a must read."

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jodilu shared a tip "You really need to have this in audiobook form. Trevor reads it himself and his accents are really a main part of the story"

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diana_mjekiqi shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read:) I highly recommend reading it."

deborah_harbaugh shared a tip "Very readable. He has had an incredible life."

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ellie_turner_887 shared a tip "Definitely worth it."

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alanna_horowitz shared a tip "Highly recommend listening as an audio book! It really brings the story to life."

kathleen_mccormick shared a tip "I loved the audio book. It is an incredible story of Trevor Noah’s beginning. And I think it is best heard—read by Trevor."

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sukanya_bhattacharya shared a tip "Must read"

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lindsey_almeida shared a tip "Read by the author"

jennifer_heft shared a tip "Such a great read! So interesting and enthralling!"

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summer_steffen_land shared a tip "His mom was a strong woman that shaped him a lot"

compassion_riley shared a tip "Funny and insightful"

jessica_winslow shared a tip "Great to listen to on a road trip. So funny. He’s such a great guy"

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jason_cadden shared a tip "Stuck on pro wrestler bios at the moment."

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sheridan_conde shared a tip "Malcolm Gladwell books. Being loving the way he makes you think"

marcus_brown_9085 shared a tip "I would highly recommend this insightful look at the life of Trevor Noah."

gabriela_garcia_431 shared a tip "Finished it in 3 days"

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marie_drama_llama shared a tip "Entertainingly funny book that teaches you a little about south african history and culture."

kyene_pratt-pena shared a tip "mind blowing, funny, sad, funny great read"

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michael_ellis shared a tip "Yes yes yes my favorite book ever!! Trevor is such a great narator and has lived a amazing life."

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sara_malina shared a tip "Highly recommend the audiobook"

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javaughn_stewart shared a tip "Excellent! The stories are great!"

emily_rimas shared a tip "Amazing read. Funny, informative, inspiring."

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dr._julia_viscomi shared a tip "I just finished reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. It was great!!!"

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maryam_suleyman shared a tip "Haha I loved it all, he is a fabulous person."

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sarah_newman_7454 shared a tip "So amazingly well-written. Trevor Noah speaks candidly about his life in ways that make you think (but without being preachy)."

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cory_gonzalez shared a tip "Loved how he doesn't paint himself as a golden child and discusses his struggles. Beautiful and funny story."

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christine_stevens_3847 shared a tip "The audio book is amazing too!"

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mariam_sambe shared a tip "I’m actually looking…"

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vanita_lockley shared a tip "Love the truth and honesty that is shared #documentary"

marian_raum shared a tip "Anecdotes were told on an interesting way. His life has been a mixture of ups and downs."

marina_2312 shared a tip "Love this book"

lynnette_klassen shared a tip "Especially good as an audiobook!"

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stacey_green shared a tip "Are u talking to me."

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victoria_zac shared a tip "Yeah Trevor Noah is hilarious"

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martina_de_lao shared a tip "I wish I could read it for the first time all over again"

yasmina_allen shared a tip "My favorite author would be Angie Thomas or nic stone"

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dana_petrie shared a tip "He tells his story well. Very interesting story, well told."

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adreann_paul shared a tip "Loved"

sherri_rotter shared a tip "Fascinating story about Trevor and his family and their experiences with poverty, danger, violence, racism, luck and success."

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sarah_brumberg shared a tip "Trevor Noah is my new favorite person of 2021. #trevornoah #bornacrime #letshangout"

claudine_debeaumont shared a tip "So funny, so witty, so perfect"

andrea_aklo shared a tip "Funny and emotional, will have you spending sleepless nights to just read."

deborah_lyles_ shared a tip "Best biography I've ever read!!"

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duaa_ahmad shared a tip "Such a good read! it's hilarious and incredibly engaging"

alan_nixon shared a tip "Great book. Incredible life already."

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deleted_user_1615936181784 shared a tip "The most engaging and eye opening book I’ve read in years. Get the audio version read by Trevor."

lisa_6745 shared a tip "Little fires everywhere"

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anissa_colin shared a tip "There are two versions of this book, one for adults and one for kids, its an amazing read!"

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robyn_nosari shared a tip "Poignant and humorous"

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carol_breen shared a tip "And incredible story of upbringing told with humor and wit"

pat_oconnor shared a tip "Funny book!"

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jacki_walker shared a tip "My absolute favorite audiobook ever."

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kiwi_leong shared a tip "Great enlightening story that gave me a new perspective on life."

victoria_rivera_ben shared a tip "One of the best book I’ve ever read!"

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kimberly_woods_1896 shared a tip "Highly recommend, especially as an audiobook!"

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cathy_mcnair shared a tip "One of the best bios I've ever read."

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cami_sanders shared a tip "Entertaining and eye-opening."

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kevin_marin_4935 shared a tip "Funny AF"

daniel_farina shared a tip "Funny... honest. Loved his stories."

janet_fitzgerald_7249 shared a tip "This is an amazing true story. It is miraculous that we were gifted with such a funny and decent soul."

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jeff_piercey shared a tip "Amazingly real"

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anna_bui shared a tip "Wonderful book 📚"

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carla_rimando shared a tip "I can't remember them all to be honest, I read it a while ago. But I do remember I had some laughs out loud!! You?"

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heather_leary shared a tip "I’m getting ready to start The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. :)"

abigail_gass_4213 shared a tip "An eye-opening collection of stories directly related to Apartheid from a familiar face."

claire_hazlett shared a tip "Fascinating read! Amazing all the obstacles he overcame. He’s a great storyteller and it was hard to put down."

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