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Even being a fan of Greek mythology and having a soft spot for The Odyssey, I knew little to nothing about Circe. A modern retelling of a variety of age old stories, Circe explores the myths of goddess, half titan, often looked over titular character. Despite the ups and downs (and there an abundance of 'downs' in this poor Titans life) there is never a lack of hope woven into the stories. A character that creates her own destiny despite rarely, if ever, receiving any support or love from her family or those she interacts with. Miller's writing style is straight forward while not being overly devoid of detail. Truly an homage to the original Greek myths and how those stories are told. A fantastic read, and one I should have gotten around to sooner.

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Cute comics that make you feel good. I've always been a Sarah Anderson fan, so I knew I'd enjoy this series. Her cryptid designs are absolutely adorable. A perfect coffee table book!

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Cryptid Club

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This is my second Grady Hendrix book I've read and I can comfortably say: I do not like his writing style. His work reads as Script Novelization to me, and it was difficult for me to become interested. The first 1/4 of this book was a chore, and I didn't really care what was happening. The characters weren't different enough (at first) and it felt like Hendrix was relying on visual aids that weren't even there. Now that I got the negatives out of the way, here are the positives: I did manage to find a rhythm and really enjoyed the second half of the book. I loved that the main characters were all over the age of 38, they were fairly inclusive, and they were TOTAL badasses. While I do not enjoy his writing style, I still recommend this book. He kept me trying to figure out how the characters were going to react and how the story was going to wrap up. Hendrix has original, interesting ideas and some of them are being adapted for television! (Which I believe may be better suited for him) I anxiously await to watch his work....just maybe not read.

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The Final Girl Support Group

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