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A Time Best YA Book of All Time (2021) A lyrical novel about family and friendship from critically acclaimed author Benjamin Alire Sáenz.Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool,

Author Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Pages 359

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2012-02-21

ISBN 1442408928 9781442408920


Google 4.5


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Malfoy_76 shared a tip "Loved this so much😍"

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bobbyhannafey shared a tip "A MASTERPIECE!"

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maram_ shared a tip "Transphobic author"

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gabriela_reitz shared a tip "new favorite book 😗"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#lgbt #youngadult #contemporaryromance #comingofage #bipoc #hispanic_and_latino"

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Droid.Birdy shared a tip "It was a real tear-jerker. Its an incredible book with so much emotion"

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brittany_boller shared a tip "A book I think every human should read. I loved the truth in this book and the sequel."

sarah_machado_7379 shared a tip "Slow burner, good lessons"

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olivia_hicks_626 shared a tip "I want to drop dead after reading this. I have no words."

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Milky_B0ba shared a tip "The biggest emotional Rollercoaster you'll every ride. (But amazing) All characters are beautifully written <3"

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bananatheidiot shared a tip "So cute and wholesome! Quick binge :)"

mai_clarke shared a tip "this is one of my favourite books ever"

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ve_8274 shared a tip "I think that the last 15%-20% was really where the book became beautiful and just an amazing story."

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makaela_lewelling shared a tip "I loved it I thought I was friendship now they gay as hell anyways a good read"

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atsui shared a tip "so many emotions, man. i genuinely love this book so much and i absolutely recommend it."

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apricotti shared a tip "Cried"

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moumouon shared a tip "also best book ever"

ashley_phillips_1748 shared a tip "Dreamiest young love story."

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addie_dillard shared a tip "Excited for some well written representation and thrilled that it was such an amazing story"

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heavens shared a tip "I read it in one sitting. It's so lovely and the relationship between the two characters is so... precious. It means a lot."

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brie_1876 shared a tip "such a beautiful book. I’ve never read a book so fast. If you want to read this, please do."

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ruby_skye shared a tip "ahhhhh this is so sweet ilylylyy"

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torro_tarantula shared a tip "this was the first book with queer representation that I read, and I love it so much"

lily_kahsin shared a tip "love"

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rebecca_sharp shared a tip "Please I beg if you’ve ever thought about reading this one do it. You won’t regret it. I love it so much."

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marcus_parks shared a tip "Not a bad book. Definitely a slow burn that was a little too slow for me."

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cami_salazar_6042 shared a tip "✨?"

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sammy_594 shared a tip "great plot and good romance"

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ashlee__ shared a tip "one of my favorite books!"

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sonia_kanshyna shared a tip "Happy-sad and very cute."

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Good."

grace_stringer shared a tip "52 pages in before I started crying. so so so good"

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ghostgirl_ shared a tip "read it rn"

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bwch13 shared a tip "5/5. I love this book so freaking much. I do have some small issues with it but not giving it a 5/5 feels so wrong so yeah <3"

mackenzie_w_6720 shared a tip "Such a good book got me buying the second book"

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exavion_valentine shared a tip "i just finished it and it is literally sooo good"

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mirielle_sanford shared a tip "This book was a beautiful treasure."

lina_accaria shared a tip "it's SO good!! really a great read"

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rayne_moreno shared a tip "Best book I’ve ever read"

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ethan_samuel shared a tip "If you enjoyed heartstopper, red white & royal blue, or just like the friends to lovers trope, you'll love this book."

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amy_wynn shared a tip "Really speaks about the human experience and the agony and joy that comes with coming of age."

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grace_hubbard_6385 shared a tip "Slay"

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IM_GAY_AF_83 shared a tip "Best book I have ever read!!! My favorite!"

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ascarpone shared a tip "so so good, does anyone know any books w similar writing style??"

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HellenM shared a tip "No words, just ABSOLUTELY beautiful."

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lumina_4052 shared a tip "this book changed me!"

elycia_carr shared a tip "i’m reading this right now and so far I LOVE IT OMGG"

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emily_geiger_9660 shared a tip "I’m reading the sequel then on to Greek Mythology!"

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el_8992 shared a tip "beautifully written. never related to a character more than i relate to ari."

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kay_. shared a tip "so good omg"

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ciara_curley shared a tip "very wholesome coming of age book. also a very quick read!"

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derek_kennedy shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. Read it in less than a day! Highly recommend!"

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sophie_bauman shared a tip "Love it! It is written poetically and I read it in less than a day! I couldn’t put it down!"

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rachel_hansen_6345 shared a tip "Beautiful story telling!"

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varahi_prashant shared a tip "SO BEAUTIFUL, one of the most relatable coming of age books ive read."

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jourdan_mendoza shared a tip "It’s breathtaking. I read it in less than a day."

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photographs-from-a-window shared a tip "It was so nice and just an fluid read."

peyton_1619 shared a tip "Omg yes I am absolutely loving the selection series by Kiera cass."

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fran_chandler shared a tip "Such a sweet and wonderful book about boys figuring out life and their way through it!"

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hades7 shared a tip "So so so good"

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jordan_pilz shared a tip "couldn’t put it down. has a story plot, could see this being a movie"

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frankie_4283 shared a tip "i just got this and i’m so excited to read it, based off the summary it’s literally what me and my partner have gone through"

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blueyedfinn shared a tip "read it my beloved"

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october1234 shared a tip "This book was so good I just finished it and I think I'm going to be staring at the wall for a very long time"