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Nora Grey is responsible and smart and not inclined to be reckless. Her first mistake was falling for Patch. . Patch has made countless mistakes and has a past that could be called anything but harmless. The best thing he ever did was fall for Nora. . After getting paired together in biology, all No

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Author Becca Fitzpatrick

Pages 416

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2012-05-22

ISBN 1442465131 9781442465138


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briana 's profile image

brianaaa shared a tip "I loved reading this, and that’s besides the fact that I absolutely fell for Patch"

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shell_will_tell shared a tip "Bad boy teasing troupe with a twist where he is an angel that can mess with her perception of reality."

monika johnson's profile image

monika_johnson_4817 shared a tip "Love love love this series"

Summer Loomer's profile image

summer_loomer shared a tip "I LOVED IT IT IS LITERALLY SO GOOD"

lily_bates_9193 shared a tip "so amazing and patch is just dreamy!!!"

Amber Critchlow's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "Gave me goosebumps! A sweet teen romance that will have you on the edge of your seat. #romance #angels #fear"

nikita_passmore shared a tip "To be honest I love romance books but this book was not it."

Mazie 's profile image

mazie_1982 shared a tip "Currently reading this and it’s making me smile like a freak and rolling on the floor 🤭🤭"

Josslynn Borders's profile image

josslynn_borders shared a tip "I've read it so good, I need to finish the series I'm on the last book. I just have to get it first 🤣🤣"

noorah ꨄ's profile image

noorah shared a tip "probably one of the worst books i’ve ever read lol"

aryiana_296 shared a tip "I remember reading it back then and it wasn’t how I expected it, but it was when he made her car break down."

Savannah Ucha's profile image

sreads shared a tip "absolutely atrocious. the storyline was all over the place and so many empty plot holes throughout the book."

Katie Schaub's profile image

a42z shared a tip "Loved this series"

Rebecca Sharp's profile image

rebecca_sharp shared a tip "If you like twilight or Riverdale, you’ll like this much more than I did"

regan_dunham shared a tip "Hard to find good novels based around fallen angels this falls on my top 10"

Selene Stoner's profile image

selene_stoner shared a tip "One of my very first favorite reads"

Teddy May's profile image

teddy_may shared a tip "A couple, I don't think I could pick just one lol"

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book_nerd_1869 shared a tip "The writing was phenomenal"

Maura Jean's profile image

maura_jean shared a tip "It was one of the first series that got me into Angel and Devil type themes"

Jessica Kirchner's profile image

jessica_kirchner_3470 shared a tip "It's been a while since I read it"

Malina Murray's profile image

malina_murray shared a tip "Ofc! It's a great book!"

Sammy 's profile image

noisybook shared a tip "Read this in high school and couldn’t put it down. Still in love with the characters will definitely read again ❤️"

Corey Holmes's profile image

corey_holmes_4703 shared a tip "I read it 10 years ago, but I do remember liking it. Need to finish series though!"

Serena Gatlin's profile image

serena_gatlin shared a tip "Patch is adorable 🥺"

Breezee 's profile image

izzie_stot shared a tip "It was OK. Not my favorite and the plot did not really make sense but I give it a 3/5 stars for Patch and Nora."

Miki Swanson's profile image

miki_swanson shared a tip "I wouldn't be sure I've only read this series I didn't know she wrote anything else"

Crafteez 's profile image

crafteez shared a tip "I loved this book left my in tears"

Indra Yunen's profile image

indra_yunen shared a tip "This an amazing book! You will fall in love with the the plot!"

Niya Xie's profile image

Niya1224 shared a tip "Dark romance? Oh yeah..."

Robyn Burrell's profile image

robyn_burrell shared a tip "Not annoying lead"

emma_clardy_7008 shared a tip "Loved hush hush but I didn’t enjoy the rest of the books in the series"

Logan Oehler's profile image

logan_oehler shared a tip "So good!! One of the best books I’ve read ever!!"

Marie Waaler's profile image

ezyntalli shared a tip "Absolutely amazing if you love an adventure and romance!"

Sadie Dennes's profile image

sady_dennes shared a tip "I really liked the first one too because of the suspense and heat 😭🥺. Though I would say what falls second is the last book"

Sadie Dennes's profile image

sady_dennes shared a tip "It’s definitely worth reading c:"

Oddly Perfect's profile image

oddly_perfect shared a tip "I like fallen angel books and romances it was just a great series."

eve_simmons shared a tip "I loved this book"

Erica Colomb's profile image

erica_colomb shared a tip "I actually have only read the first but do have the rest coming.. it was a Christmas gift."

Talys Whirlwind Horse's profile image

talys_whirlwind_hor shared a tip "#1 favorite book of all time."

Nicole Costanzo's profile image

nicole_costanzo shared a tip "Loved this series"

angie_yancey shared a tip "this book literally was amazing. the love interest was introduced in like page 8. the action was intense. it was amazing"

angie_yancey shared a tip "also ily patch"

Celine Vaillant's profile image

celine_vaillant shared a tip "It was amazing and romantic and spicy. An emotional roller coaster if you like those."

Cassandra Steffensen's profile image

cassandra_steffensen shared a tip "Read this book a few years ago but it was my favorite book when I read it. I’ve now read it 3 times."

McKenzie Dew's profile image

mckenzie_dew shared a tip "Loved this whole book series!"

Anna Montero's profile image

anna_montero_5805 shared a tip "Loved this series! Kept me hooked the whole time"

Brittany Lynn's profile image

brittany_lynn_9314 shared a tip "I've read the entire series at least 5 times! It's honestly my favorite series of all time❤❤❤"

Rissa 's profile image

pineapplerissa shared a tip "amazing book !! helped get me back into reading. I was so obsessed w it I didn't want to put it down"

Jessica Gilder's profile image

jessica_gilder_5442 shared a tip "Welcome!! Your going to love this book, it's one of my favorites"

Rebecka Leisgang's profile image

rebecka_leisgang shared a tip "I've read this series 3 times (as a teen and an adult) and can't help but love it!"

grace_9657 shared a tip "its a good book :)"

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deborah_smith_2308 shared a tip "Loved it"

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camille_aubry shared a tip "I’m. In. Love."

Nina King's profile image

nina_king_4209 shared a tip "One of my favorite book series ever, and my favorite book boyfriend."

Victoria Stahmann's profile image

victoria_stahmann shared a tip "This book was great. Not my fan favorite, but definitely in the top 15!"

lygia_kotzin shared a tip "Loved this series"

cheyenne_beck_9717 shared a tip "The characters"

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