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#1 bestselling author Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the world of Twilight with this highly anticipated companion: the iconic love story of Bella and Edward told from the vampire's point of view.When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until

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Author Stephenie Meyer

Pages 672

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2020-08-04

ISBN 0316592250 9780316592253


Google 3.5


Mara 's profile image

tomatotainment shared a tip "Edward's pov is so much better"

Coobs 's profile image

coobs shared a tip "I read all the other books & liked them. I also liked this one. I loved the different view from Edward."

Just Sierra 's profile image

JustSierra shared a tip "I preferred his side of the story. Sorry, not sorry. Much more sophisticated."

Jill A. M.'s profile image

jill_a.m. shared a tip "I got my copy today!!!!! #TwihardForever"

Hope 's profile image

hopeuyemura shared a tip "hearing the classic story from edwards point of view is fantastic. loved hearing the voices he hears in his head"

Arnela Salkic's profile image

oharnela shared a tip "A MUST READ!!!"

Bella 🐝's profile image

wolfie_honey shared a tip "Edward you lovely stalker…"

Ashy dashy's profile image

ashy_dashy shared a tip "It's really good Edward's perspective is so wholesome❤️"

Pip 's profile image

pipchuu shared a tip "Midnight Sun and Twilight are my FAVS."

Sarah Askham's profile image

sarah_askham shared a tip "So excited to read this and I loved it! I needed this way sooner!"

Alli Smith's profile image

allis_moving_castle shared a tip "I LOVE THIS BOOK SM"

Sara Motta's profile image

sara_motta shared a tip "Idk just couldn't get into it."

Jessie Anderson's profile image

jessie_anderson_3912 shared a tip "Every Stephanie Meyer book is a good one ever since twilight"

Lauren Moraca's profile image

lauren_moraca_4716 shared a tip "Purple Hearts by Tess Wakefield"

Amzette Auld's profile image

amzette_auld shared a tip "I loved hearing from Edward’s perspective."

deva d's profile image

deva_d shared a tip "more detailed than bella’s perspective. i like that his darker thoughts are finally shown in the book."

Danielle Galitzer's profile image

danielle_galitzer_1481 shared a tip "This was a very interesting telling of twilight and showed Edwards perspective very well!"

samantha_cohen_8398 shared a tip "Rlly boring. Could not finish."

Alicia Smail's profile image

alicia_smail shared a tip "Just like the movie"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "I liked reading it from Edward's perspective"

Mikcayla Hallberg's profile image

mikcayla_hallberg shared a tip "Cool to see a different perspective one one of my favorites."

Nancy Smith's profile image

nancy_smith shared a tip "Reminded me of the segration still alive today."

Madison Taylor's profile image

madison_taylor_4707 shared a tip "I loved Twilight so I’m not saying this lightly- personally loved this more."

Bapreet Kaur's profile image

bapreet_kaur shared a tip "Life and death"

Leah Turner's profile image

leah_turner_2025 shared a tip "Can't wait for this to come out!!!"

Noelia Romero's profile image

noelia_romero shared a tip "It was just okay"

Jessica Burgess's profile image

jessica_burgess_7713 shared a tip "If you liked twilight, you’ll like this. I liked seeing the other perspective."

Alexa 's profile image

amcmay12 shared a tip "Better than the original, I hope she does the whole series."

Caroline Lewis's profile image

caroline_lewis shared a tip "I remember reading excerpts from this on Stephenie Meyer’s website years ago. Totally worth the wait!"

Jaime Crawford's profile image

jaime_crawford shared a tip "My younger self was just living for this book. I hope she does the entire series again from his perspective."

Your mom(im so sorry) 's profile image

howaboutyoumsrafferty shared a tip "It was so long and hard to read but amazing #"

leah biwott's profile image

leah_biwott shared a tip "absolutely!!"

Sheila Brown's profile image

sheila_brown_2302 shared a tip "I admit to being a closet Twilight fan and am very excited about this new book."

Megan K's profile image

megan_kes shared a tip "And people say the prequel isn’t as good as the the original! This proves that statement is false."

Sydney Grahl's profile image

sydney_grahl shared a tip "Makes you see things differently. If your team Jacob after reading this you're most likely switch teams."

Krista Thomas's profile image

krista_thomas_1629 shared a tip "It really feels like you are Bella"

Jamie Parchman's profile image

jamie_parchman shared a tip "It was worth the wait. I don't think it's a stand alone but, if you read the series this book is a must read. Loved it."

Lindsay Raucci's profile image

lindsay_raucci shared a tip "Just finished this long awaited book 💜"

Lex 💕's profile image

alexissTyler shared a tip "On chapter 8 and already in love. I can’t believe how spicy Edward is lol #drama #young_adult_fiction #twilight"

logan_warsko shared a tip "Edward Cullen <3 but TEAM JASPER <<<333"

Lena Hope's profile image

lena_hope shared a tip "It threw me off at first the different time I mean but I liked it"

Amanda-June Paradis's profile image

amanda-june_paradis shared a tip "Currently reading where the crawdads sing, next I got the seven and half deaths of Evelyn hardcastle"

Janet Pemberton's profile image

janet_pemberton shared a tip "Here another part to Twilight"

Ally Chapman's profile image

ally_5292 shared a tip "Does anyone know if they are making another twilight movie I would love to see a new movie"

heather_creel shared a tip "As a Twilight fan, I loved this book. You get to know Edward and how strongly he feels for Bella."

Erin Collett's profile image

erin_collett shared a tip "I absolutely love the Twilight series"

Jaymie Van Cuyk's profile image

jaymie_van_cuyk shared a tip "Omg this book is amazing! Im reading it right now!"

Caitlin Morris's profile image

caitlin_morris_4864 shared a tip "I got to experience twilight all over again from Edwards perspective!"

first_last_8083 shared a tip "It just dragged on and on and on. Reminded me of when I read Les Misérables Unabridged."

Brianna 's profile image

brianna_1013 shared a tip "If you love Twilight, you will love this!!"

Mr Ducky's profile image

mr_ducky shared a tip "Definitely Alice!"

makenzie_hamilton shared a tip "I honestly liked this more than Twilight, but it does get a little weak towards the end!"

Torrie Richmond's profile image

torrie_richmond shared a tip "I love it I try to read it everyday If I can"

ariel_kent shared a tip "An interesting perspective on the story we all know to well. I’m hoping she writes another one!"

Katie Goff's profile image

katie_goff shared a tip "Read Twilight first- this is amazing to get to understand his thoughts as well!"

Kershena Calongne's profile image

kershena_calongne shared a tip "It was a great look into Edwards perspective."

cecilia_regalado_di shared a tip "Interesing"

Tyler Wilson's profile image

tyler_wilson_1171 shared a tip "It can be a lot, but it was good. Very nostalgic to my 12 year old self"

Kristen Vest's profile image

kristen_vest shared a tip "We waited for soooo long for this book to come out... huge disappointment! 😒"

Meena Dowden's profile image

meena_dowden shared a tip "I loved this book! If you were a big fan of twilight and team edward like i was u will definitly like this book!"

bella_9520 shared a tip "2-3 days."

Bella Schoofs's profile image

bella_schoofs shared a tip "Edwards side was heartbreaking but also beautiful as his POV opened a whole new door way into the twilight saga."

kandace forsyth's profile image

kandace_forsyth shared a tip "It's like meeting an old friend. I've missed her voice"

Tara Franco's profile image

tara_franco shared a tip "I hope she comes out with more for this series. I would’ve liked the books and movies better from Edwards point of view more."

Love Opal's profile image

love_opal shared a tip "Enjoyed Edwards perspective om things. It took a while to read"

cindy_rocca shared a tip "It was a sweet story of love that overcomes obstacles. #lovewillfindaway"

Ashley Samantha's profile image

AshSam shared a tip "Loved this more than I imagined! #twilight #edwardcullen"

hannah english's profile image

hannah_english shared a tip "This is my favorite book in the twilight series"

Hope's books's profile image

hopehelen shared a tip "Literally gave me butterflies reading it I couldn't put it down!! Team Edward lol"

Hope's books's profile image

hopehelen shared a tip "Loved. Gave me butterflies. The love between Edward and Bella is everything."

Rey Amidala's profile image

rey_amidala shared a tip "More Cullen content."

wendy_purdon_9864 shared a tip "Did not recommend this..."

Courtney Schreier's profile image

courtney_schreier shared a tip "What’s your favorite"

april_hatton shared a tip "Great read"

andrea_jensen_594 shared a tip "Loved reading rhe story from Edwards eyes! I was pleasantly surprised!"

Nevada Price's profile image

nevada_price shared a tip "Awesome view. Loved that it explained so much"

Im_Done For_Life's profile image

im_done_for_life shared a tip "Everything is what I liked. Edwards Pov is so interesting."

Katie Bright's profile image

katie_bright_228 shared a tip "It was a good read but kinda irritating how often Edward has a panic attack because he is VERY protective over Bella"

Stephanie Byers's profile image

stephanie_byers_3573 shared a tip "Loved experiencing this story again and from edwards perspective. Filled gaps I didnt even know I felt were missing."

Rebeca Pm's profile image

rebeca_pm shared a tip "Not what I expect edward thinks too much and deviates from track a lot but all in all good book"

ryan_leinen shared a tip "Nostalgia!!!"

Abby Vogt's profile image

abby_vogt shared a tip "I feel like I'm a teen again!"

Martia Brandon's profile image

martia_brandon shared a tip "If you love everything twilight this is a great edition just replace the original twilight with this"

Abbra Kaufmann's profile image

abbra_kaufmann shared a tip "Nostalgia with a darker twist! Would recommend for anyone who was obsessed with this series in high school. 😂"

Christina Witulski's profile image

christina_witulski shared a tip "I love getting the side story!"

EnergizaJempy Frank's profile image

energizajempy_frank shared a tip "Its nice to have a different pov"

cheyanne_sullivan shared a tip "I couldnt put the book down, i read the whole thing in 3 days!"

taylor_estes_9267 shared a tip "Because it brought a whole new perceptive to the books i love"

Cassidy Cross's profile image

cassidy_cross shared a tip "Finally from the perspective of Edward! Good read especially if you grew up reading the Twilight series."

Sonta Frindt's profile image

sonta_frindt shared a tip "Vampires"

Haley Arizpe's profile image

haley_arizpe shared a tip "I loved hearing the story from Edward's point of view. I like it just as much if not more than the original."

emily caron's profile image

emily_caron shared a tip "I liked seeing Edwards point of view!"

monique_cruz shared a tip "This book is my favorite book ever!! I lived the knew input and the new way of looking at the entire series!!"

Kerry McCabe's profile image

kerry_mccabe shared a tip "Loved it"

alexis_mcbee shared a tip "I love the way she has made the book through his point of view"

aliah_c shared a tip "Very good and great to see after reading the other twilights!"

Delilah Ritchey's profile image

delilah_ritchey shared a tip "Yes"

Erin Barger-Albu's profile image

erin_barger-albu shared a tip "It was good, definitely interesting to get Edwards perspective however it was a bit long and wordy for me."

Erin Barger-Albu's profile image

erin_barger-albu shared a tip "It was good and because I love the Twilight novels I did finish it but honestly at about 3/4 of the way thru I was over it."

Leanne Duss's profile image

leanne_duss shared a tip "I loved re-reading one of my favorite books from Edwards perspective. Love love love!"

Kate 's profile image

kaejx shared a tip "I liked this one more than the original Twilight series lol"

Kim Ashworth's profile image

kim_ashworth shared a tip "I loved reading Edwards persoective, what he was thinking and feeling!"

Tammy Tharp's profile image

tammy_tharp shared a tip "Written better than the original!"

Stephanie Pearre's profile image

stephanie_pearre shared a tip "Fun nostalgic read!"

Olivia Peroni's profile image

olivia_peroni shared a tip "Loved everything about it:)"

Alicia Wright-Kleist's profile image

alicia_wright-kleist shared a tip "Yes I think so 🤔"

Jessica Adams's profile image

jessica_adams_5877 shared a tip "It is I would struggle to focus on my work."

Lexie Ross's profile image

lexie_ross_8002 shared a tip "new insight"

Jessica Goss's profile image

jessica_goss_6763 shared a tip "I liked it because it gave a new view on twilight."

Megan Monko's profile image

megan_monko shared a tip "I loved the perspective a mind reading vampire whose friend knows the future gave to Twilight."

kayleigh_keim_2136 shared a tip "It added some great details to the cullens and filled in some holes from the first book"

Rhyannon Baxter's profile image

belladonnadream shared a tip "Worth it for the Alice and Bella love story"

Harlie Tha Graves's profile image

harlie_tha_graves shared a tip "Better than anything I've ever read on Wattpad!"

Amber Jane's profile image

amber_jane_4517 shared a tip "Its so detailed. Knowing what Edward went through. Draws the story together for me. Definitely recommend!"

Analiese Hickman's profile image

analiese_hickman shared a tip "This book was so good, it was so interesting to be in Edwards perspective. I absolutely loved it!"

Jazzmin Oropeza's profile image

jazz_may shared a tip "Probably this one!"

SpiffingBean Salad's profile image

spiffingbean_salad shared a tip "A fun return to a classic with a fresh perspective."

emely_p shared a tip "Its not exactly like the original twilight book but it’s still a great read"

Liat Green's profile image

liat_green shared a tip "I liked how strong Edwards POV was and reliving the plot again"

lily_caldwell shared a tip "The parallels of Bella & Edward is uncanny. Loved it."

Lizzy A the singer 's profile image

lizzy_a_the_singer shared a tip "I like this book because it has a lot of drama and catching up on feelings"

Diana Smith's profile image

diana_smith_2779 shared a tip "I read this before it was officially out. I got done in 2 days. I could not put it down."

Norah Lucier's profile image

norah_lucier shared a tip "Loved the writing style!!! Beautiful rewriting"

Richard Lunn's profile image

richard_lunn shared a tip "Not yet. I thought that it was interesting to see the same story from a different perspective."

Beth Davis's profile image

beth_davis_5951 shared a tip "It was in Edwards voice"

Kerri Chappelle's profile image

kerri_chappelle shared a tip "Love all the Twilight Saga books!"

rawr_xd_7863 shared a tip "Amazing perspective"

Aishwarya Pandit's profile image

aishwarya_pandit shared a tip "I loved how deep it was and I really hope she makes the whole series in his POV I enjoyed every minute of it"

Siddney Huddleson's profile image

siddney_australia shared a tip "I really hope she does the whole series, it was really interesting to get a bit more history on the Cullens."

colleen_kleinmann shared a tip "Much better from Edward’s point of view! Get to know a bit more about his family and their powers. Great read"

Cheryl Tyler's profile image

cheryl_tyler_8291 shared a tip "Awesome"

camille_whalen shared a tip "Hell yeah to a darker version. You need to read this"

Alyssa Darling-McCullough's profile image

d-mackin shared a tip "I loved this book more than the original"

Liz Moreno's profile image

liz_moreno_1674 shared a tip "Love love love! There’s so many new things uncovered in this version!"

Libby Clubine's profile image

libby_clubine shared a tip "I liked it because I liked the original series. It’s just in Edwards POV."

laura_weaver_5646 shared a tip "I read the twilight series long ago when I was younger and reading this new one was so nostalgic for me. Loved it."

Brooke Benally's profile image

brooklyn44 shared a tip "This is my favorite book in the entire series!!!!! I think all of the books should be rewritten from Edward's perspective"

Naticet Luna's profile image

naticet_luna shared a tip "It was good to get Edward's side of the story but Stephenie could have added more complexity to Edward's character."

Emma 's profile image

emma_386 shared a tip "Yes! I loved reading Edward's P.O.V about the first book. It's so detailed and I love it. You should read it if your interested !"

Daniel YellowElk's profile image

PurplePanda shared a tip "Hmm basically fantasy at the moment with werewolves right now loving it"

Katie B's profile image

katie_rose89 shared a tip "This is SOOO good. It really creates a new perspective on, quiet honestly, the entire plot of the twilight series."

April Gatlin's profile image

april_gatlin_1200 shared a tip "I am team Eward but it was just too much of Edward complaining how difficult it is to be around Bella"

Anna Thomas's profile image

anna_thomas_5470 shared a tip "Not necessarily! Just enjoyed the different point of view ☺️"

Alexis Roberts's profile image

alexis_roberts_5838 shared a tip "Hands down my favorite read of the entire twilight saga!"

Lara Oden's profile image

lara_oden shared a tip "I liked seeing it for Edward’s point of view"

Skilier Holmes's profile image

skilier_holmes shared a tip "Because I like to read books"

Kayla-marie Dudley's profile image

kayla-marie_dudley shared a tip "Better then all the other twilight books hands down 10/10 read"

Emily Williams's profile image

emily_williams_4122 shared a tip "AMAZING OMG"

Day 's profile image

dayana_r. shared a tip "Too good"

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