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The basis for the blockbuster motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island by New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane is a gripping and atmospheric psychological thriller where nothing is quite what it seems. The New York Times calls Shutter Islan

Author Dennis Lehane

Pages 416

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2009-10-13

ISBN 0061897221 9780061897221

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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Riveting. You won’t sleep well while you are reading it but it’s terrific."

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agentq5ft2 shared a tip "The movie didn’t even hold a candle to the book, and the ending is different if you are worried about that/"

lisakrikke shared a tip "The book is SO GOOD; mysterious and thrilling. The movie is WOW. Highly recommend."

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ashlynn_michelle shared a tip "Looks like a good one. Thoughts?"

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kevin_fleming shared a tip "Mind blown!"

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cindy_carey shared a tip "Right now I'm reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky"

xochitl_meyer shared a tip "You should! It is soooo good!"

lori_mullan shared a tip "Book was okay. I enjoyed the movie better"

debi_4216 shared a tip "Your welcome"

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carol_pryor shared a tip "If you’ve seen the movie and liked it, then you’ll 💜💜💜 the book twice as much!!"

marci_blum shared a tip "Not yet. I'd really rather read another one of his books!"

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lisa_carde shared a tip "Page turner! Anti-climatic ending."

Jessica Anderson's profile image

jessica_anderson_3768 shared a tip "I just finished home before dark. I am usually good at figuring out the ending but I couldn't do it with this one."

Candi Schleig Ratliff's profile image

candi_schleig_ratli shared a tip "Right now I'm reading One of Us Is Lying."

Kiley Southall's profile image

kiley_southall shared a tip "4.09/5"

Angela Paulo's profile image

angela_paulo shared a tip "Great book, very well written and engrossing storyline."

John & Alyce Carls's profile image

john__alyce_carls shared a tip "Fast paced. Mysterious. Twisty."

Jessica Edwards's profile image

jessica_edwards_8114 shared a tip "Very welcome!!"

tori_9794 shared a tip "Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi!"

shelby_6210 shared a tip "You're welcome :)"

theresa_whiddon shared a tip "It's been too long to remember ifnInhad a favorite part!"

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libraryfeline shared a tip "Hmmmm..The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard was awesome."

Amanda Gipson's profile image

amanda_gipson_4459 shared a tip "I don't particularly a fav part but solving putting together all the clues was enjoyable!"

Melinda Macklem's profile image

melinda_macklem shared a tip "This book spoke to me and…. I love a twist"

Angie Turner's profile image

angie_turner_5571 shared a tip "I have too many favorites! Lol!"

Jennifer Newhart's profile image

jennifer_newhart shared a tip "Amazing!! Especially if you haven’t seen the movie"

ce_7624 shared a tip "So incredible that I immediately started the book over again."

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amanda_jones_9050 shared a tip "Yes. It wasn't what I was expecting."

William Miller's profile image

william_miller_7833 shared a tip "Yes"

sarah_ausmus shared a tip "I have not yet"

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patrick_kiser shared a tip "Mitch Albom"

Tina Hewitt Loftin's profile image

tina_hewitt_loftin shared a tip "Loved the movie"

Martinezn Msrtinezn's profile image

martinezn_msrtinezn shared a tip "The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly"

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tina_young_3406 shared a tip "Great read!"

Barb Kujawa's profile image

barb_kujawa shared a tip "Awesome book. Surprising too."

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ron_776 shared a tip "Read this if you are lucky enough to have not seen the movie. Great thriller with a twist."

sarah_tridi shared a tip "The she was gone by Lisa Jewell"

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ash_wark shared a tip "Ishmael!"

brandy_nelson_9139 shared a tip "Yes!"

Joy Farnam's profile image

joy_farnam shared a tip "Yes, I love a good suspense, however right now I’m reading Finding Freedom; A Cook’s Story by Erin French"

Rebecca Charlesworth's profile image

rebecca_charlesworth_2268 shared a tip "Just dark enough"

kyle_8740 shared a tip "It's good. Better than the movie."

sara_teal shared a tip "Loved the ending!"

wyntyr_oberlin shared a tip "Emotional rollercoaster! Hold on!"

cathy_maury shared a tip "Psychological thriller with a twist. Interesting look at the nature of reality."

mihazhane shared a tip "The outsider by Stephen king @robinjohnson301"

Dani Honeycutt's profile image

dani_honeycutt shared a tip "Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Stephen King"

Leah Radovich's profile image

leah_radovich shared a tip "I read this book in almost one sitting. The end is so unpredictable and it keeps you on the edge of your seat!!!"

David Larangeira's profile image

david_larangeira shared a tip "This could be it. I read it before the movie. Loved this book"

David Larangeira's profile image

david_larangeira shared a tip "It made me look up this author and stsrt reading his other books"

Yvonne Speece's profile image

yvonne_speece shared a tip "Malibu Rising by Taylor Reid"

kim_806 shared a tip "Verity and The Push are excellent reads!!"

erin_dwyer_7421 shared a tip "I thought it was great…super creepy. I think I wished it was a bit longer. But I really like most Lehane, and this is favorite."

Thrivignya Yedlapalli's profile image

thrivignya_yedlapal shared a tip "Recently, my favorite has been The One by John Mars. It’s a scientific thriller."

monique_stephan shared a tip "Once you pick it up, plan on not putting it down. Will keep you on your toes from page one until the end."

Loresa Chisum's profile image

loresa_chisum shared a tip "Most definitely."

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haley_mcabee_9689 shared a tip "Nothing I’m presently obsessed with — looking to be inspired if you have any 😎"

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jamhands shared a tip "Currently reading 11/22/63 for the first time. I’m late to the party but it is really good!"

Rachel Strojny's profile image

rachel_strojny shared a tip "I highly recommend it. The movie is well done too."

frieda_7740 shared a tip "1 of my favorite authors"

teresa_maldonado shared a tip "So many twists and turns and I was very satisfied with how everything connected in the end. Loved this book."

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