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Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared off the secluded island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger family. There was no corpse, no witnesses, no evidence. But her uncle, Henrik, is convinced that she was murdered by someone in her own family - the deeply dysfunctional Vanger clan. Disgra

Author Stieg Larsson

Pages 600

Publisher Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

Published Date 2009

ISBN 0307454541 9780307454546

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CupcakeTron shared a tip "One of my favorite book. This book is my favorite of the series and way better than the movie."

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anita_skop shared a tip "This book will leave you wanting more... More answers and more of the lead character. Fortunately it is a trilogy!"

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Claire.Lavergne shared a tip "Warning: You’ll be hooked and want to read the trilogy!"

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kathleen_hyslop shared a tip "A bestseller for a reason! Get yourself past the slow start, and you will NOT regret it. The whole series is great."

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ricky_a shared a tip "Compelling crime thriller."

jessica_4474 shared a tip "It's so good!!"

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danielle_krivinchuk shared a tip "I haven't yet, I should check it out!"

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colton_thomas shared a tip "Yes! My favorite book is Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy"

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francie_r shared a tip "This whole series is just great. Lisbeth is a badass!"

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fran_hirchak shared a tip "W"

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alanna_horowitz shared a tip "Slow start but then a rapid fire ending I couldn’t put down"

cynthia_plante shared a tip "Awesome book series!"

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sam.v shared a tip "A crazy in your face thriller-mystery with all the intriguing Scandinavian starkness, we've come to love. Not for the squeamish."

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katie_comfort shared a tip "The whole original series of 3 books is amazing!"

sally_munro shared a tip "Too many to pick a fav!"

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ashley_abbott_9946 shared a tip "I couldn’t put this whole series down!"

melanie_ragland shared a tip "So much tension and plot twists!!"

liz_hochhalter shared a tip "My latest fav is Baby Teeth by Zoja Stage!"

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bruce_baker_4896 shared a tip "Enjoyed the whole series"

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whittney_ijanaten shared a tip "The entire series is incredible!"

shannon_2210 shared a tip "It’s amazing!"

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connie_gonzalez shared a tip "Right now I’m reading the red Queen saga. I enjoy it a lot! @sarahlong21"

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rebecah_buck shared a tip "Lord of the rings series"

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marie_mcbride shared a tip "I loved the entire series!"

jennifer_marchitto shared a tip "The whole series is great."

katusha shared a tip "No"

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katelyn_griggs shared a tip "I have! It was so good!"

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zann_breen shared a tip "I have-not bad, but I liked the book better"

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lucie_l_58 shared a tip "I haven't ! How is it?"

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michelle_8886 shared a tip "The novels follow a specific formula, but they are fun who-done-its."

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kathleen_kunkle shared a tip "I am currently reading the 6th book...slow start. But no, I am looking for something similar..."

andrea_osterholm shared a tip "Absolute fav"

celina_rambally shared a tip "I would say so! I thought it was a captivating read!"

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deleted_user_1621281281768 shared a tip "This is my favorite. Intriguing characters and storytelling by Larsson. The entire series is terrific."

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jolene_anderson_2129 shared a tip "Liked then she was gone"

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luis_czares shared a tip "I’ve read the entire series. I’m reading legion from William Peter blatty"

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cas_stark shared a tip "Right now, my favorite book is probably The Shadows Between Us, or Wicked Magic!"

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jen_noffke shared a tip "I think the best in the series is the first."

carol_matzas shared a tip "I just finished The Music Shop. Was really good! What about you?"

princes_dian_braquez shared a tip "And then there were none by Agatha Christie and The word is murder by Anthony Horowitz."

sam_f_2270 shared a tip "Mr penumbra's 24 he library by Robin sloan, and wired in. How about you?"

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deborah_jane_potts shared a tip "Yes it’s very good! The characters are interesting and it keeps you guessing until the end!"

jana_jusupovic shared a tip "It’s a little disturbing, but it definitely keeps your attention and that’s an understatement! Ever seen girl on the train?"

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leigh_hutchinson shared a tip "Page turner"

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luckycharmz_91 shared a tip "The trilogy is amazing. This book will never disappoint"

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michele_thomas_9976 shared a tip "Not a favorite book, but a couple authors I like e.g. Dan Brown, John Grisham, James Patterson"

isa_7627 shared a tip "Yw! The series is really great. As are the (Swedish) movies"

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terri_hemmerling shared a tip "Did you read the whole series?"

iniirie shared a tip "Shantaram by Gregory David roberts- quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read"

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julie_strietelmeier shared a tip "I enjoyed the Inheritance Game and Where the Crawdads Sing."

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lorraine_northcott shared a tip "Yes I enjoyed it very much."

stephanie_6006 shared a tip "I loved the whole series!"

lyndsay_ward shared a tip "I just finished the Throne of Glass series with Sarah Mass. on a bit of fantasy kick lately. How about you?"

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brittany_scianno-go shared a tip "Love the book and the movie!!!"

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carolyn_dunne shared a tip "Definitely"

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emilyemusgrave_ shared a tip "One of the few sci-fi I've really enjoyed."

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glenn_allen shared a tip "I've seen the Swedish movie but not the Daniel Craig one"

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holly_chastain shared a tip "It’s pretty intense, don’t read if you are squeamish. But if you can get past the ugly parts, it’s a really good book."

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diane_thomson shared a tip "Yes...loved it, but the book was better!"

dorie_moore shared a tip "One of my favourite books"

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tonya_beltran shared a tip "It's a long read, moves quick. Stick with it, the start is a little slow, to follow. It really starts in about page 200"

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nena_7595 shared a tip "I was at the edge the whole time; I even googled the locations"

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jennifer_m_2090 shared a tip "Yes, have you read his other books?"

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carol_scrivner shared a tip "The revenge of course!"

nate_kujawski shared a tip "The Swedish versions of the movies are much better than the American version. If you don't mind sub-titles."

annette_4422 shared a tip "Definitely. It is a series"

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gabrielle_robertson shared a tip "Its a good book, it takes a while to get to the action but when it does, it doesn't disappoint"

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amy_casson shared a tip "I preferred the book. More detailed in my opinion"

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shanna_takayama shared a tip "Loved this trilogy! Followed up by watching the movies, both US and Swedish! Highly recommend!!!"

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hannah_madsen shared a tip "Graphic, dark & sexy. Couldn’t put it down. Love the characters’ interactions & the investigative writing."

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rylee_6205 shared a tip "I've never hated a book more -- forever on my TBR goodreads list. :("

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shalimar shared a tip "I’ve heard good things about “Bangkok Tattoo” by Burdett. It’s the second in a series."

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deborah_haddock shared a tip "I liked the entire series"

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linda_m_10 shared a tip "you will love it!"

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isabel_wall_9125 shared a tip "4.8"

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sherry_foster_2 shared a tip "Yes"

courtney_4177 shared a tip "This was my very first book i read and watched the movie for. My favorite book...i. not sure."

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ashley_janssen shared a tip "Couldn't put it down !"

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natosha_velasquez shared a tip "Jane Eyre is my all time favorite book. "

stephanie_3147 shared a tip "I think so!! I liked it!"

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jennifer_jones_6457 shared a tip "The Posoinwood Bible by Kingsolver"

debbe__stephens_ shared a tip "Great series..different. wish there could be more."

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dianne_bracken shared a tip "No I haven't but I listen to audiobooks and have listened to all of them."

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natalie_gajski shared a tip "Gripping series"

amber_dibernardo shared a tip "Yes, not as good as the book but I enjoyed it."

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allyson_blackburn shared a tip "I thought it was ok. It didn't do the book justice though."

doug_toombs shared a tip "No I haven't"

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craig_smith_4410 shared a tip "The three Swedish originals which were excellent. I enjoyed the Hollywood version but it was tame in comparison."

artbyjuli shared a tip "This whole series is good, but if you shock easily pass it by"

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john_tarpley shared a tip "Tedious"

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melissa_deffenbaugh_4226 shared a tip "No i haven't, my husband watched it. He said it was a good one"

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deleted_user_1609960665052 shared a tip "It's starts out a little dry and full of technical financial jargon but stick with it."

kristine_medrano shared a tip "@megan_stone I like the book, but haven’t read anything else by the author so don’t have an opinion. Sorry"

lilya_7989 shared a tip "Yes, but I saw it after reading the book."

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dikra_b shared a tip "Yes!! So good!"

jill_9637 shared a tip "Yep!"

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renee_nahan shared a tip "Loved it!"

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tracey_elliott shared a tip "Absolutely love this series!!"

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martha_palmer shared a tip "Writing style"

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christine_zinky shared a tip "Its a wonderful mystery novel."

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cynthia_p. shared a tip "Yes I have! I love the original Swedish version!"

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deidre_mihok shared a tip "Well written. Lots of twists and turns. Great series."

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steve_kraft shared a tip "The first one is by far the best."

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nicole_curhan shared a tip "This book keeps you deeply involved in the intricacies of it’s murder mystery plot."

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deleted_user_1614540575832 shared a tip "Captivating."

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christina_sharp_2834 shared a tip "A little slow at parts for me but so good! Well written and gripping :-)"

marta_rodriguez_723 shared a tip "Non stop action"

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aaron_babbitt shared a tip "Slow burn but very attention capturing."

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heather_galvin-torr shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down."

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kaitlyn_ahalt shared a tip "This is honestly one of my favorites! Have you read any others in the series. I’ve liked them all but the first 3 are the best."

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chris_brouzes shared a tip "From Steig? Just the first book of this series. I’m more of a Stephen King fan! Loved Doctor Sleep."

marguerite_lieb shared a tip "Loved the entire series! So well written."

marguerite_lieb shared a tip "Love how well it was written-had to read entire series...wished there were more."

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deleted_user_1618594679829 shared a tip "I have many favorites, lol. I like a lot of John Irving books. He's had some really great characters, especially in the 80's."

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stephen_burke_2928 shared a tip "Yes, just be aware that sexual trauma is a big theme in this book, it's not for everyone"

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tracy_tutt shared a tip "I like a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian novels. Not sure I have a “favorite” yet."

kelly_neville shared a tip "YES"

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amber_mcilroy shared a tip "The entire series was great!"

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amber_mcilroy shared a tip "I have read those and they were great! It’s hard to find such well thought out books..."

shannon_thompson_1008 shared a tip "Great book! Page turner!"

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