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Claudia Henry



absolutely loved it! perfect combo of nostalgic and excitement.

Spider-Man: No Way Home imageSpider-Man: No Way Home image

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Movies | Action

It reminded me of beauty and the beast but in a much more fantastical and exciting way. I absolutely adored the film.

Howl's Moving Castle imageHowl's Moving Castle image

Howl's Moving Castle

Movies | Fantasy

Stacked cast. Twists and turns. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is truly wack a doodle

The Beguiled imageThe Beguiled image

The Beguiled

Movies | Drama

Wouldn’t recommend for children. A creepy movie but an interesting story that is definitely worth watching.

Spirited Away imageSpirited Away image

Spirited Away

Movies | Fantasy

Stacked cast with a quirky fun story

The Royal Tenenbaums imageThe Royal Tenenbaums image

The Royal Tenenbaums

Movies | Comedy

An incredible film. I plan on rewatching it many times.

The Grand Budapest Hotel imageThe Grand Budapest Hotel image

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Movies | Comedy

Wholesome and charming.

Moonrise Kingdom imageMoonrise Kingdom image

Moonrise Kingdom

Movies | Comedy

A charming story unlike anything I’ve ever seen before

Fantastic Mr. Fox imageFantastic Mr. Fox image

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Movies | Adventure

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