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Claudia Henry



watched it with my sister on a plane ride and we both cried and laughed so many times - truly an incredible movie đź’–

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Movies | Animation

hate to be this person but book is SO MUCH better

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The Shining

Movies | Horror

rewatched it and loved it. definitely want to watch again soon to find even more things that I didn’t notice the first two times around!

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Donnie Darko

Movies | Fantasy

loved the homage to the time period. think they could’ve dove into the backstory a bit more. made sense once i read an article with the writer/director

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The Black Phone

Movies | Horror

hadn’t seen it in years and it DEFINITELY did not disappoint!! going in the top 5 for sure

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Movies | Action

Wouldn’t recommend watching this while going through a breakup

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The Worst Person in the World

Movies | Drama

Was unsure where it was going in the middle, but by the end I was more than satisfied. Super cool film!!

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Movies | Thriller

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