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A New York Times bestselling series A USA TODAY bestselling series A California Young Reader Medal–winning series In this riveting series opener, a telepathic girl must figure out why she is the key to her brand-new world before the wrong person finds the answer first.Twelve-year-old Sophie has neve

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Author Shannon Messenger

Pages 512

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2013-08-06

ISBN 1442445947 9781442445949


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kate_lunarskye_212 shared a tip "This was meh… a bit overhyped for me. But I hope the rest of the series is good. 🙃"

lorelai_atwell_2119 shared a tip "No problem! There’s 8.5 books and the next one comes out November 8th I think…."

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area_bha shared a tip "Liked this book and the next. After that series started to get dragged on."

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syddddb shared a tip "very vyer good"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#middlegrade #fantasy #elf #powers #magic #adoption #foundfamily"

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dani_dearmond shared a tip "Yeah of course! It’s a great series! I hope u enjoy it!"

sophie_loewen shared a tip "This is book 1/9 of a greatttt series And really recommend if u like fantasy"

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peyton_lynn_9840 shared a tip "No way to talk about it without spoiling it, so,"

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peyton_lynn_9840 shared a tip "By the way if you see bad ratings on the series, it's usually because the person didn't finish the 1st book or something.."

amy_coe shared a tip "Entire series is fantastic!"

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elizabeth_kyle shared a tip "Same!"

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danae_mckain shared a tip "Wonderful characters and tons of action to keep the book moving."

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aiden_beland shared a tip "This is my all-time favorite book series"

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BookishBoi shared a tip "It's definitely for younger audiences (probably 10-12) but good anyways!"

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jailee_674 shared a tip "Thank you!!! Yes my favorite book is definitely caraval, but out of the kotlc books the 7th is my favorite!"

lucy_bertram_4463 shared a tip "Book 1 was lacking, but all the rest were so amazing 😃"

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nat. shared a tip "I’ve literally read this book 6 times- I love it so much <3"

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ella_rawson shared a tip "THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING OMG I LOVE IT!"

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ella_rawson shared a tip "This is definitely a comfort read that I will always come back to."

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rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "Love this series!"

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vasinya_iyer shared a tip "THIS IS THE BEST SERIES EVER! 100 percent reccomend"

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alaina_k_7304 shared a tip "This book series will always be in my heart it’s so nostalgic for me now :)"

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_ashleecalder_ shared a tip "It’s the best book series ever!!!!!!!"

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Avery_25 shared a tip "Yes!!!! I love Keeper!!! So good!!!!!"

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cryptic54 shared a tip "An amazing series! I honestly can't wait for the next book"

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fiction_enthusiast shared a tip "It’s really good! I definitely suggest it."

Sofia Arango's profile image

sofia_arango shared a tip "I’m not sure! It’s all one big story so they’re all good. Do you have a favorite one?"

amy_1481 shared a tip "this series is by far my favorite i’ve read so far!"

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kerryberry_wonderla shared a tip "This is the best book! Everyone should read it! I read it 10 times, if not, then more. #bestbookever"

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chlo_carter shared a tip "Love this series! ❤️❤️❤️"

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booklover9612 shared a tip "This is such a good series!"

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abby_maetche shared a tip "My series EVER!"

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Teagan_Ocampo shared a tip "Yes!!!"

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sammie_hewitt shared a tip "Amazing!! I really enjoyed this book and the series so far has been great overall"

pamela_marie_sherry shared a tip "Also a great book for teens and for people who like mystery things recommend to get this book!"

darragh_ansorger shared a tip "Best book series ever"

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meeray09 shared a tip "This is a really good book!!!!"

✨Emmerson✨ 's profile image

emmerson_springer shared a tip "Any books similar to this just finished reading the last one absolutely loved it"

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abbey_wylie shared a tip "I’m in love with Keefe"

lexie levitt's profile image

lexie_levitt shared a tip "My favorite book series of all time! I’ve read each book ten times! Definitely recommend! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!!"

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tessa_rose_5007 shared a tip "Such an amazing series"

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avery_o_connell shared a tip "The absolute best series ever to exist! 🥰🥰#sokeefe #kotlc"

sophia_tellez shared a tip "I am reading this book right now! Its amazing!"

sophia_tellez shared a tip "Make sure to remember what happens in the book because you’ll need it for more information in the book later on ;)"

maria_smith_5984 shared a tip "The most amazing book! Nothing bad to say :) I recommend this book to ANYONE!! #ladyfosboss"

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claire_figgins shared a tip "I love this series and think its a greatvread if you want fantasy!"

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vicy_bell shared a tip "I would say I was shocked in a good way. Idk how to elaborate on that really, without out spoilers sorry. 😅"

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cosette_2830 shared a tip "Loved this book"

Sofa Wallace's profile image

sofa_wallace shared a tip "Ya, this was one of my favorite series I've read!"

josefa_7416 shared a tip "Best ever describe it all"

ivanna_melendez shared a tip "Yes! I’ve read the whole series and it’s my favorite"

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sara_smith_4663 shared a tip "My favorite book by far. The only book I ever truly loved. Such relatable characters. Love story. Fantasy."

briar_hammond shared a tip "My Favorite Book :)"

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natalie_jamison shared a tip "Gave you adventure, fantasy, and some cute butterfly feelings"

Greta Skeens's profile image

greta_skeens shared a tip "Just finished the series, it's long, fantasy middle grade and cute romance. If you liked Percy Jackson then read this book!!!"

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coffee_cottage shared a tip "loved it! Perfectly straightforward and a simple yet so enormous plotline!"

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maris_22 shared a tip "Loved it!"

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alex_cooper_6772 shared a tip "I loved this book it kept me busy and entertained i never got bored with it."

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ruth_adventure shared a tip "Ok, if you haven’t read this series, go read it!!! This book is amazing!"

PresidentRoarie _'s profile image

presidentroarie__ shared a tip "This series is still amazing and at least one more is coming out! I cant wait!"

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rebekah_ames shared a tip "This book series is one of the best I have ever read. I highly recommend it to any young teens who like fantasy."

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aliciasworld shared a tip "Best series everr"

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grace_kember shared a tip "So Good"

zizi shared a tip "Amazing book with mystical animals and people 👍"

cay_9788 shared a tip "Yeah, a few"

catherineauthor shared a tip "It had action, adventure, and fantasy - all my favorite themes packed in one!#fantasy"

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bailey_nobles shared a tip "I love this series! Watching them grow as characters and the plot thicken every chapter."

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chloe_stanton shared a tip "i literally couldn’t put this down. so good!"

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jacqueline_hunt_5621 shared a tip "It was a great fantasy book and I couldn’t put it down"

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all_the_commas shared a tip "The WORLD BUILDING"

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naomiS shared a tip "I finished the first book of this series! It was BOMB! If you like magic and fantasy I suggest this book !!!"

yim_tsui shared a tip "Any books like this?"

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ChloeLive shared a tip "These books are my favorite!!"

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