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Discover this first installment of the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series and “prepare to be hooked” (Entertainment Weekly).When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder -- much less a murder committed b

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Author Cassandra Clare

Pages 512

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2009-04-14

ISBN 1416995757 9781416995753


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A fun and interesting read, the series is so much fun!"

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rylee_elyse shared a tip "Very good series. However, all the books are over 400 pages."

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emma_geiler shared a tip "Started: Jan. 31 | Finished: | Pages: 485"

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StonesToThrow shared a tip "This series is my favorite hands down!"

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monica_maniatakos shared a tip "I so need to reread this. Read it almost 15 years ago, parts of it I remember."

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josie_chi shared a tip "I don’t remember"

taylor_veryws shared a tip "My librarian recommended this to me. Read it and loved the twist and turns."

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rosella_wolfbane shared a tip "Very well done and nicely written, 8/10 would recommend. The plot twist was great"

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ace_hernandez shared a tip "Love the book 10/10"

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deanna_wooten shared a tip "I’m reading a history on Catherine Medici but looking for a new fantasy series as well."

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stephani_wright shared a tip "I love this book series. It’s one of my favorite books series ever."

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#paranormalromance #youngadult #werewolves #vampires #magic"

sarah_2368 shared a tip "It was a fun series!!"

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kimberly_batarlis shared a tip "I'm currently reading Red Rising"

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grace_long_6114 shared a tip "Try Daughter of No Worlds. I am in the middle of it and it's awesome!"

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grace_long_6114 shared a tip "Try Daughter of No Worlds. I'm in the middle and it's awesome!"

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lisa_ray shared a tip "Any scene with jace and clary in it."

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amber_a_8283 shared a tip "Definitely worth the read- the series is absolutely fantastic!!!"

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megan_raelyn shared a tip "I loved it, it was very descriptive you get lost in the world."

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emily_cooper_gordon shared a tip "My absolute favorite is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern!!!"

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gaby_palomo shared a tip "God bless Cassandra Clare! 😭😭 All her books are amazing and unforgettable. By far my favorite author."

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emma_leiferman shared a tip "A court of thorns and roses by Sarah j. Maas"

meagan_irby shared a tip "My all time favorite series"

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holly_rasor shared a tip "One of my favorite series of all time."

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isabella_fonseca_2555 shared a tip "Her writing is cliche in the first couple of books but it’s really interesting and it gets better."

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nazarene_farmer shared a tip "Definitely a good one to add! Slow at first but gets infinitely better the more you read it"

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sophie_clark_4692 shared a tip "Watch as the characters grow into themselves because of their friendships,along with love,and deviance. 9/10"

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kedzie shared a tip "I love the mythical creatures. If you're into vampires and such, totally the book for you."

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victoria_monger shared a tip "I really wish they would’ve finished making this series!!!"

Victoria Monger's profile image

victoria_monger shared a tip "I really wish that they would’ve finished making this series!!!"

makayla_m. shared a tip "Nope. I have 3 set series in my #1 slot though. Mortal Instruments, The Conspiracy of Us, and the Grisha Verse."

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reena_suion shared a tip "This book has a good amount of mystery, fantasy and romance it is one of my favorite books 📚"

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lauren_schenk shared a tip "it's so bad it's good but like really good"

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khadijah_feast shared a tip "It's a really good series! 👍"

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payton_robinson_8337 shared a tip "Love love love this book! It’s a must read! Tells a great story and feels like your inside the book with them!"

alexis_wirth shared a tip "Not really! I got hooked pretty fast though!"

Bryna Smith's profile image

bryna_smith_902 shared a tip "Idk yet! I have 3 boys that are 5 and under so I don't really get a lot of time to read 😅"

sydney_smith_5385 shared a tip "The Harry Potter series I’m really into"

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destiny_spangle shared a tip "I love the author, all of her shadowhunter series has excellent world building!"

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chelsey_cline shared a tip "Currently I'm reading the furyborn trilogy by Claire Legrand"

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samantha_carpenter_6353 shared a tip "I'm currently in between 3 books lol"

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Ilove_books_1518 shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time."

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serena_nicole shared a tip "Where to even start?! The whole series was amazing I wish I could read it as if I never read it before 🥺"

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savanna_casillas shared a tip "Adding this because I don’t acknowledge the train wreck they made"

rachel_myers_2780 shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this series! I read all the sequel series and prequel series plus the companion novels and series."

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julia_martinelli shared a tip "This series is good, however the author has an odd incest reoccurring theme in her books. Still worth a read in my opinion"

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kadence_johnson shared a tip "Takes a very shocking turn and is very good!!!! Also has multiple books in this series"

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amanda_r_9580 shared a tip "Amazing author!!#"

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alexis_hull shared a tip "Love love love this book"

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reagan_james_8011 shared a tip "IF YOU NEED A GOOD BOOK SERIES, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!"

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jannick_moreau shared a tip "I'm reading percy jackson right now! Just started it but a friend recommended it!"

stephanie_gonzales_2447 shared a tip "It’s the first book in her Mortal Instruments Series!!! I got my older sister hooked, she couldn’t put them down!"

taryn mcconechy's profile image

taryn_mcconechy shared a tip "The Awakening and The Becoming by Nora Roberts so good!"

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katherine_victoria_9435 shared a tip "Love the books. Hated the TV show."

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kayla_monroe_5099 shared a tip "City of Ashes or City of Glass. I haven't read past those really, but I want to!"

allison_braun_2805 shared a tip "I really enjoyed the entire series. I don’t think I could choose a specific favourite part lol."

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gracie_garcia_3609 shared a tip "Amazing if you love fantasy and romance!"

Kayarrah Beaman's profile image

kay_beam shared a tip "I actually haven't finished because my sister lost it but Its good soo far...... sorry😅😅"

taina shared a tip "The ending was great. It had my head spinning I was so shocked and I definitely didn't see it coming"

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mariah_lynn_6338 shared a tip "Sarah J Maas!"

ilana_cunningham shared a tip "Sarah J Maas"

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jamie_holman_6318 shared a tip "The first one is my favorite. They all are good but the first one really caught my attention. The tv series terrible though."

Beth McIndoe's profile image

beth_mcindoe shared a tip "This is the only series that I've read by this author but I did enjoy it"

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sarah_orozco_6513 shared a tip "This is actually my second time reading through the series. I highly recommend it."

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melissa_meyer_4341 shared a tip "I loved this book. Im on the last one in the series now and need to find somthing new for when i finish."

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abby_klumper shared a tip "Definitely!"

Raye Ash's profile image

raye_ash shared a tip "The series is great and has several twists to keep it interesting"

WAIANUHEA MULFORD's profile image

waianuhea_mulford shared a tip "Great series!"

Lindsey Lamoureux's profile image

lindsey_lamoureux shared a tip "Ugh its so hard to choose! I love City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Lost Souls!"

Essan La Tour's profile image

essan_la_tour shared a tip "It got my attention immediatly, coulent put it down"

lexy_thompson shared a tip "I'm going to have to go old-school Clary was and always will be my girl @jaymill_cornelius"

hannah_gabriela_and shared a tip "It’s a good book for a long trip."

emily_f_3256 shared a tip "This book series was awesome until book 4 when it started becoming pretty soap-opera like"

Cathy Ranieri's profile image

cathy_ranieri shared a tip "I personally loved city of ashes the best"

Kristyn Gardner's profile image

kristyn_gardner shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy Loveeee Cassandra Clare, Her books are amazing!"

ashley_jimenez_9178 shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

Lylah Roach's profile image

Nicky_ shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read!"

Lizbeth Jaramillo Mata's profile image

lizbeth_jaramillo_m shared a tip "No, i liked mostly everything:)"

Julia Peticca's profile image

julia_peticca shared a tip "Great series"

mission_athena shared a tip "Clockwork Angel, also by the same author. Set in the same world in Victorian London."

Carly! 's profile image

oh_my_me shared a tip "I think it is, it’s a pretty good book if you like books were there is a big secret"

Alicia Sandoval's profile image

alicia_sandoval_6672 shared a tip "You know, I read it a while back and enjoyed it, but can't speak to it much more than that"

orpheus ♪'s profile image

sylvianarose shared a tip "Entertaining. If I’d known the series would have kept going though I probably wouldn’t have gotten so invested."

kristen_schroeder_7611 shared a tip "It’s so, so good!! She is one of my favorite authors!"

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tinkerhoese shared a tip "It was a good Ya fantasy"

Jessica Reyes's profile image

jessica_reyes_4319 shared a tip "Love this book series! It was the first book series I had ever read. This was the book that made me love reading."

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "couldn’t get into them. loved the tv series but these just seemed cheesy. good series for a younger YA reader. 3/5"

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stephanie_wood_1629 shared a tip "Participating in a ReadALong where we read a book a month starting in January 2022!"

jrt rodriguez's profile image

jrt_rodriguez shared a tip "Welcome 😊"

haley_wilson_7990 shared a tip "Currently loving the Zodiac Academy series"

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claire_daniels_2351 shared a tip "Yes! I grew up on it and still love it and read the new ones ♡♡"

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ava_buss shared a tip "Yeah! Try the mermaid the witch and the sea. Or any book by Cassandra Clare. Last I checked she had a few spin off series"

Madelynn Mcwhorter's profile image

madelynn_mcwhorter shared a tip "I really like it"

ej_fechenda shared a tip "Cassandra Clare's series are so good. Hope you like!"

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micayla_olson shared a tip "I really love Cassandra Clare’s writing and the world she created. This book is one of my absolute favorites."

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tab_6293 shared a tip "Recommend the whole series but not the movie or the show"

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alex_revutchi shared a tip "Tickl"

Topanga Pomeroy's profile image

topanga_pomeroy shared a tip "Definitely Magnus Bane."

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aleah_handy shared a tip "It been a while, but if I remember correctly I enjoyed it"

Laura Vanderlip's profile image

laura_vanderlip shared a tip "I actually prefer the Clockwork series over the Mortal Instruments"

jaiden_fingerson shared a tip "I’ve only read the first book, having a pretty hard time getting through the second"

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OhJessickahhh shared a tip "Fun"

Serena Sine's profile image

serena_sine shared a tip "It was fantastic! There's a lot of side stories stories too"

terissa_c shared a tip "Great detail, descriptions, character development! Some accurate facts!!"

Montana Holmes's profile image

montana_holmes shared a tip "Cassandra Clare is a genius when it comes to her series. Try any of them. AMAZING!"

Montana Holmes's profile image

montana_holmes shared a tip "Great adventure book. So much to the storyline. Plot twist galore and there is a lot of character building."

Tracey Elliott's profile image

tracey_elliott shared a tip "I adore this author and this series started it all. So very good."

Jessi Bourdon's profile image

jessi_bourdon shared a tip "Decent books, having a hard time getting into the second to last one though."

Vonia Adams's profile image

vonia_adams shared a tip "I think I really liked Magnus but its been years since I've read this"

Lindsey Briana's profile image

lindsey_briana shared a tip "Yes, and they (all in the series) are pretty fast reads, but with enough substance to make up for it!"

Kassandra Powell's profile image

kassandra_powell shared a tip "Love this series!"

Meredith A's profile image

meredith_a shared a tip "It's really hard for me to pick honestly. Probably Magnus though."

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rita_grate shared a tip "The entire series is worth a read!"

Natalie Corbett's profile image

natalie_corbett shared a tip "Best book series ever! Loved the movie and tv series too!"

Carmen Ferrer's profile image

carmen_ferrer_4033 shared a tip "Great story telling. Builds characters fairly well."

Michelle Bagalini's profile image

michelle_bagalini shared a tip "Its gonna feel a bit odd around book 2. Just keep reading its not what you think."

melanie_dennis shared a tip "Its amazing. Love her writing. Im addicted."

allee_jane shared a tip "@ifixler I’ve only read the first two, but so far the first one is my favorite. What about you?"

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emily_hall_4704 shared a tip "Oh gosh, i read them so long ago! I don't know! I truly loved them all."

alana_steadman shared a tip "One of my most favorite series!"

Kianna Holler's profile image

kianna_holler shared a tip "I loved this book❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭"

Jodi Auleta's profile image

jodi_auleta shared a tip "Haven't finished the series but love the books and the movie. Can't stand the tv series though. Lost alot in the translation."

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tiffany_ortiz_439 shared a tip "I've enjoyed all that I've read so far. I like the Infernal Devices series best."

ericka_balken shared a tip "About 4 days"

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michelle_thatch shared a tip "Very much."

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grace_mathieu shared a tip "One of my favorite series! Definitely worth it"

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l_l_6078 shared a tip "I love iiiit ❤️❤️"

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sierra_sherman_3165 shared a tip "Yes I have many favorite authors"

littlepheonix book's profile image

littlepheonix_book shared a tip "A strong female character, interesting love story, and tons of fantasy elements."

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christopher_ferguson_5971 shared a tip "So far the first I've, but I've only read three. Looking forward to continuing them."

Kelly Triplat's profile image

kelly_triplat shared a tip "One of my favorite series"

Jennifer Mullinax's profile image

jennifer_mullinax shared a tip "Interesting story"

angie_yancey shared a tip "i literally reread this series every 3 months sooo"

Caitlin Sammut's profile image

caitlin_sammut shared a tip "City of Bones! Can't beat the original!"

christy_5404 shared a tip "Loved it"

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morgan_3484 shared a tip "This book is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see the movie now! Also, jace is a whole mood 😂"

Sky Carr's profile image

sky_carr shared a tip "I absolutely adored this book. Although I was quite upset when the vampire fight scene wasn't as epic as it was in the movie."

Candice Mack-Hillard's profile image

candice_mack-hillard shared a tip "Amazing book! It truly surpassed"

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marellariel shared a tip "The Mortal Instruments #1"

Piper Lancey's profile image

jovonna shared a tip "Was obsessed as a teen!"

sharai polanco's profile image

sharai_polanco shared a tip "definitely"

Dawn Mickle's profile image

dawn_mickle shared a tip "It does start off a bit slow but it total worth the read"

nathan_bundy_2705 shared a tip "I'd say anything by erin morgenstern"

Catherine Martin's profile image

catherine_martin_8635 shared a tip "I love Cassandra Clare, honestly"

Samantha Rae's profile image

samantha_rae_6029 shared a tip "I just finished the court of thorns and roses definitely one of my favorites now"

Davidthegreat74 's profile image

davidthegreat74 shared a tip "Yeah very much so"

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che_lee shared a tip "City of bones was my second book obsession! Very fun, magical world. T.V and the big screen does not do it justice."

Bella Bomesberger's profile image

bella_bomesberger_9981 shared a tip "I love the book series"

Kaydee Hemsley's profile image

ka100118 shared a tip "It’s a good series. But, to prefer the sequel it’s a lot better. #drama #romance #thriller"

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bee_wathen shared a tip "Definitely the Infernal Devices series!"

Estrella Villalba-Taguja's profile image

estrella_villalba-t shared a tip "I just started reading The Cruel Prince"

Estrella Villalba-Taguja's profile image

estrella_villalba-t shared a tip "This was an awesome read 👍"

lindsey_pionek shared a tip "It is one of the best books I have ever read."

angela_green_8980 shared a tip "Great read!"

Katelyn Autry's profile image

katelyn_autry shared a tip "Yes I loved reading the whole series so much I read it twice lol"

briana_taylor_7931 shared a tip "Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, is hands down my favorite."

Chesne Wisdom's profile image

chesne_wisdom shared a tip "White Stag by Kara Barbieri"

Erica Hogan's profile image

erica_hogan_6399 shared a tip "A touch of darkness by Scarlett st Clair is lovely"

Desiree Terrell's profile image

desiree_terrell shared a tip "And then when finished with the book series the TV series is on Hulu"

marki_bertelsen shared a tip "This is the first book in my favorite series of all time!! (the shadowhunter chronicles)"

samira adams's profile image

samira_adams shared a tip "Are you asking about this one book or the whole series in general?"

Kim Luitich's profile image

kim_luitich shared a tip "I love all the books by this author!"

schyler_slunaker shared a tip "Top rated 100% recommend"

Abigail Jacobs's profile image

abigail_jacobs_3730 shared a tip "I love this series with my whole heart."

Elizabeth Basham's profile image

elizabeth_basham shared a tip "Great book to take you away to a new world."

Ivy Fox's profile image

book_worm01 shared a tip "This is a series and probably my favorite of all the books here"

Alyssa Brannon's profile image

alyssa_brannon shared a tip "One of my favorite book series ever, definitely top 5"

Danie D's profile image

danie_d shared a tip "A great book for those who like delving into new worlds and having the story continue!"

Christina Caggiano's profile image

christina_caggiano shared a tip "So worth it! :) Cassandra Clare is a great author! :)"

Diane Boudrias's profile image

diane_boudrias shared a tip "I read the whole series, it was so interesting. I loved every single book!!!"

Asi Rankin's profile image

asi_rankin shared a tip "mine too!"

Carol OBryan's profile image

carol_obryan shared a tip "These are a good to read series."

najah_swartz shared a tip "So many! Depends on the mood!"

Eddwardo Chesterfield's profile image

eddwardo_chesterfie shared a tip "A great journey into a hidden side of New York you've never knew."

mindy_pollard shared a tip "Usually I don't but right now it's Sorcery of Thorns."

Kelly Winter's profile image

kelly_winter_2226 shared a tip "Your Welcome. It's a great book series."

gabriella crovetto's profile image

gabriella_crovetto shared a tip "I read them quite a while ago but I loved them!! Couldn’t put them down!"

Nicole McGilvery's profile image

nicole_mcgilvery shared a tip "Super good!!!!"

Madison Murphy's profile image

madison_murphy_7850 shared a tip "If you can get past the weird incest plot line and the author being not such a great person then yes"

Amethyst Cece's profile image

amethyst_cece shared a tip "I liked the whole book"

michelle_stotts shared a tip "loving*"

Betsy Morken's profile image

betsy_morken shared a tip "Very creative"

Kristi Ard's profile image

kristi_ard shared a tip "I'm reading Leigh Bardugo's books right now, I'm really enjoying them."

kyra plays's profile image

kyra_plays shared a tip "Yes the city of fallen angels is my favorite"

Ria 's profile image

country_chic_32 shared a tip "Starless sea by Erin morgenstern!"

TheLast9onEaRth :D's profile image

thelast9onearth_d shared a tip "@aliwang1990 yah i do i have to say it's the darkest minds series great books super entertaining"

Zeke Phoenix's profile image

zeke_phoenix shared a tip "No problem. Its an amazing book and a wonderfull series to dive into. :3"

Laverra Mordrid's profile image

laverra_mordrid shared a tip "Lol there are so many books out now"

Princess Beauty's profile image

princess_beauty_7473 shared a tip "One of my favorite books"

Nayla Games's profile image

nayla_games shared a tip "I like alot of books i cant pick just one"

Alex Smith's profile image

alex_smith_3481 shared a tip "I'm currently reading The Darkest Minds and it's really good. Definitely recommend!"

Tasnuva Zaman's profile image

tasnuva_zaman shared a tip "Summers at Castle Auburn is incredible. I'm reading the Cinder series right now! How and yourself?"

Natalie Magee's profile image

natalie_magee_5170 shared a tip "Sarah j maas, the court of thorns series."

Nathan Klein's profile image

nathan_klein shared a tip "I guess"

Payton Glynn's profile image

payton_glynn shared a tip "My favorite series of all time I finished all the books one summer then continued to her other series."

angela_fisher_3792 shared a tip "By Cassandra Clare the clockwork prince series was amazing Anna dressed in blood by me dare Blake is amazing as well"

Madi Owens's profile image

madi_owens shared a tip "Right now I’ve been reading poetry! But if you haven’t read Witch and Wizard by James Patterson it’s great"

tesha_jensen shared a tip "I definitely think it is!"

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 's profile image

_kitty shared a tip "Idk if I actually read this"

ellyn_swille shared a tip "I have so many buy I really loved that she could hide things in her drawings or make them come to life like the cup."

Kt Persons's profile image

kt_persons shared a tip "Great book"

Isabella Kohler's profile image

isabella_kohler shared a tip "All of the Nancy Drew books!"

Ashe Lee's profile image

ashe_lee shared a tip "Absolutely! It's one of my favorite series."

Tiffany Kaleikini's profile image

tiffany_kaleikini shared a tip "I enjoyed the series. 😀"

Janelle Prante's profile image

janelle_prante shared a tip "I got so many, I can't even count!"

shakira_chy shared a tip "I would recommend Six of Crows. One of my all time favorites."

salinachadbourne shared a tip "Hands down, best fiction book ever. Love Cassandra Clare and all her amazing pieces. Never to be forgotten."

hope_webster shared a tip "One of my favourite series. I knew they would become comfort books as soon as I started them"

leslie_kelly_8998 shared a tip "I’m currently reading Realm Breaker and loving it so far"

Cassie Dowdey's profile image

cassie_dowdey shared a tip "It’s honestly been YEARS since I read it but I loved it so much! Wouldn’t mind picking it back up again and starting over ☺️"

jessica_griffin_3447 shared a tip "Loved the whole series, never boring! The love story is not insta love with push and pull too! My fave! Do it!"

Lauren Jarz's profile image

lauren_jarz shared a tip "Yeah the series is pretty good 👍"

Gwen Heidank's profile image

gwen_heidank shared a tip "I really liked The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman and A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab"

Annette Porcaro's profile image

annette_porcaro shared a tip "I've read the entire Shadowhunters collection several times. Hard not to fall in love with all of the characters"

Mickayla-Jerykah Salsman's profile image

mickayla-jerykah_sa shared a tip "Pretty dry"

Elizabeth Mitchell's profile image

elizabeth_mitchell_1519 shared a tip "One of the first books i have ever read and it is so good i could read it over and over again without stopping."

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