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DECEMBER 2022 READ WITH JENNA BOOK CLUB PICK • INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • A contemporary literary classic and "an accomplished psychological thriller ... absolutely chilling" (Village Voice), from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Goldfinch.Under the influence of a charismatic classics profes

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Author Donna Tartt

Pages 544

Publisher Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Published Date 2011-10-19

ISBN 0307765695 9780307765697


Google 3.5


Lilly 's profile image

lilly_7251 shared a tip "Why is this book slightly comforting?"

Riley 's profile image

r1l3yru3 shared a tip "best thing i’ve ever read omfg"

Candi Parshall's profile image

candi_parshall shared a tip "Dark Academia. Pretentious AF. Filled with ****** people. Good but annoying read."

pencil 's profile image

pen.exe shared a tip "less than halfway through but already so hooked !! the writing is absolutely incredible"

Fred Standup's profile image

fred_standup shared a tip "Ridiculous plot, unbearable characters. DNF"

sok_khim_men shared a tip "Amazing crafting of characters, highly imaginable and lively"

Susan Randlett's profile image

susan_randlett shared a tip "My favorite book of all time. It messed with my head and completely transported me."

Robyn Markow's profile image

robyn_markow shared a tip "A chilling novel from the author of The Goldfinch( Note: it's alot shorter) about a secret society at an Ivy League College."

Kelsey Marie's profile image

kelsey_marie shared a tip "It's alright but nothing special"

Melissa Busque's profile image

melissa_busque shared a tip "Depressing book... hated it!"

Mary Howard Blackburn's profile image

mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "Great book"

Rachael Bellefuil's profile image

rachael_bellefuil shared a tip "Loved the atmosphere and the deep examination of the characters throughout the entire book"

paola_c. shared a tip "To start with dark academia this book is really good way to start. :)"

April Leveille's profile image

april_leveille shared a tip "Dark in a dramatic way"

caitln_cameron shared a tip "Amazing book🌟"

Meghan Kosmela's profile image

meghan_kosmela shared a tip "The writing was exquisite with an ending that honestly shocked me. So good."

Karyn Zizza's profile image

karyn_zizza shared a tip "Ive read quite a few books. Donna Tartt is a master."

glitch dewis's profile image

glitch_dewis shared a tip "i love how this book has two ways of looking at it either a deep metaphorical analysis or a hilarious satirical comedy"

jeff_w shared a tip "This is my desert island book."

Jerl Rogers's profile image

jerl_rogers shared a tip "It should try it"

Jordan Mebane's profile image

jordan_mebane shared a tip "Pretty much a perfect book"

laura_weinstein shared a tip "Read this with a cup of black coffee for the aesthetic ™️"

claire_winters_1002 shared a tip "there’s something about watching rich arrogant jerks getting hell handed to them that really gets me going tbh"

beth_kennedy_5381 shared a tip "Amazing, timeless story."

Melissa Foreman's profile image

melissa_foreman shared a tip "My all time favorite book!"

marie_chehade shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read."

Jasmine Winter's profile image

jazzy_winter shared a tip "Donna Tartt's best ❤"

Jenny Keesey's profile image

jenny_keesey shared a tip "Yes."

Jordan Salinas's profile image

jordan_salinas shared a tip "I loved it! Donna Tartt is one of my favorites and i couldn't put this one down"

Veronica Anne's profile image

veronica_anne shared a tip "This book is so well written."

emily_6932 shared a tip "My favorite book I’ve ever read. A must read!"

Sarah 's profile image

sarahtonin shared a tip "AAAAHH"

louise_brady_796 shared a tip "I’ve read it 3 times, now it would be somewhat dated but it’s a great read"

jen_reader shared a tip "Top of my all-time list. And that’s saying quite a bit."

Lindy Freitag's profile image

lindy_freitag shared a tip "Awesome"

jimmy_winokur shared a tip "Much prefer Tartt’s The Goldfinch"

Stella 's profile image

stasha77 shared a tip "Artfully written"

dana_johnson_6121 shared a tip "I’ve reas everything by this author. This was my favorite. Love her and her work. Waiting for another"

Zoe Treadwell's profile image

zoe_treadwell shared a tip "i love donna tartt"

Nizhóni music's profile image

nizhni_music shared a tip "beautiful writing and an atmosphere that sucks you in"

kate_flemma shared a tip "Read this in 2 days. Could not put it down."

abigail_michel_1084 shared a tip "I recently read The Atlas Six and I really love that one too. :)"

sweetie shared a tip "I’m at a loss for words. This book is AMAZING. The ending made me lose my breath!"

Sofial Lachapelle's profile image

sofial_lachapelle shared a tip "love this book with all my heart"

Megan Glennie's profile image

megan_glennie shared a tip "Dark academia at its finest!"

Evelyne Leb's profile image

evelyne_leb shared a tip "A rare jewel !"

Melody LaMascus's profile image

melody_lamascus shared a tip "Read in two days, now it's my favorite book and I cant stop thinking about it. Magnificently thought out but mind-altering"

alisa 's profile image

awesome_user_848708 shared a tip "now I feel like I want to enter uni"

Trudy Stull's profile image

trudy_stull shared a tip "Lovely writing, great story and setting"

jocelyn wolfenden's profile image

jocelyn_wolfenden shared a tip "So goooood"

bernard_lukuba shared a tip "I do have one but I didn’t put in my rec. it’s call Think like a monk."

Gabriella Ruiz's profile image

gabriella_ruiz_890 shared a tip "It was such an immersive story. The characters felt so real"

Felix 's profile image

personwhoreads shared a tip "10/10 I sobbed smiled and screamed would recommend to anyone who can breathe!!!!"

Maylin Castillo's profile image

maylin_castillo shared a tip "More of a modern classic, but still an incredible read. A physiological thriller which is just enthralling!"

Brookie m.Kelley's profile image

brookie_m.kelley shared a tip "This book is my joker"

Dianna Geairn's profile image

dianna_geairn shared a tip "100% Recommend. A modern classic, no doubt. Read it!"

Kai Marks's profile image

kai_marks shared a tip "The best book written"

Alyssa Salas's profile image

alyssa_salas_4381 shared a tip "Read this in 3 days and I still can’t stop thinking about it…it’s been 2 weeks"

elizabeth_wissinger shared a tip "I would say maybe this is one of my favorites. How about you?"

Camille Fox's profile image

passenger_side shared a tip "Sooo good!"

timothy_3168 shared a tip "Slow at first but goes to warm internet if thought and then gets very good in the middle to a thrilling smart ride"

Will 's profile image shared a tip "2 out of 5 stars. Kinda boring for me, I couldn’t finish"

SophCal 's profile image

sophia_c224 shared a tip "It was very enthralling and I loved the surprises and deep description."

Genavieve Zermeno's profile image

genavieve_zermeno shared a tip "Character driven and so anticipatingly page turning. An academic and suspenseful aesthetic mesh to form this work of art"

Sarah Davis's profile image

sarah_davis_2998 shared a tip "This author kept my attention throughout the entire book. She keeps you on the edge of your seat."

Joey Roylance's profile image

joey_roylance shared a tip "I just finished reading this and I think it’s the best book I’ve ever read, all the characters are terrible people. I love it!"

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