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Malcolm Gladwell, host of the podcast Revisionist History and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Outliers, offers a powerful examination of our interactions with strangers—and why they often go wrong. A Best Book of the Year: The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, and Detroit Free

Author Malcolm Gladwell

Pages 400

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2019-09-10

ISBN 0316535621 9780316535625

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Sir_dontae_ _'s profile image

sir_dontae___ shared a tip "One of my favorite working authors today"

sofos shared a tip "I read this in one sitting. Very interesting."

amelia_602 shared a tip "I love social science books to help build my perspectives so it's good to gain insight into another way of thinking"

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teagan_joy shared a tip "Two part answer: fiction- Of Mice and Men nonfiction- The tipping point"

samantha_jones_6990 shared a tip "No it’s actually one on my to be read list ! Glad to know you liked it"

jenna_sullivan_5496 shared a tip "Made complicated concepts simple with real life examples."

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elocin_bell shared a tip "Hi Marta. I actually did not get a chance to read this book as yet. I checked it as a book I would like to read 😊"

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nanette_gilchrist shared a tip "I couldn't stop reading this book. It turned my whole perception of people upside down. Absolutely fascinating!"

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natefenimore shared a tip "One of my highest recommended books, but listen to the audiobook."

ellen_morrow shared a tip "As usual, filled with fascinating information and backed up with fascinating examples and stories."

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david_mucciardi shared a tip "Thank you! I just read The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and really enjoyed it. Favorite book of the year so far!"

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anna_dacosta shared a tip "This book is a must listen! So many events covered in a unique way."

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briana_jara shared a tip "This book changed the way I think about my interactions with, and interpretations of, everyone around me."

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kate_harten shared a tip "I actually listed to this on audible, it's 7.5 hours long"

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shaina_nelson shared a tip "I liked how he tied all of his point together"


jim_sanders_ shared a tip "Looking forward to this read. It's a getting a lot of positive feedback."

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keith_pedzich shared a tip "Do this as an audiobook. It’s produced in podcast style."

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ryan_griswold shared a tip "Really good read! Once the pages started turning is was hard to stop. Wasn’t MG best work but still a great read."

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raynah_morris shared a tip "The book was thought provoking did really made you think about the way you perceive others."

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raynah_morris shared a tip "This book is thought provoking. It calls into question our approach when evaluating others from a new vantage point."

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box_ofcrazy shared a tip "After reading this book and putting all the tips into place your speech will be better than ever."

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gem_bond shared a tip "The deep-dive into the events leading to Sandra Bland's death."

robin_stewart shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read."

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cooper_slack shared a tip "One of my favorites of 2020."

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deleted_user_1609073378485 shared a tip "I don't know yet. I haven't read the book."

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shakira_moore shared a tip "I've heard great reviews and I love The Outliers; so it's on my immediate reading list."

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deleted_user_1614540575832 shared a tip "Sorry, I didn't read it yet. Just looks like a book I'd like to read."

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ashley_becker_3114 shared a tip "That being said, I would never reread this book. I would definitely recommend getting it from the library/ Libby or second hand."

jeff_msangi shared a tip "Yes, Sarah, you will love it. Very good perspective on why we do things we do and think the way we do. Go for it.!"

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jenna_marion shared a tip "Talking to Strangers really gets you thinking about the importance of other people’s stories."

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susanne_mcgrady shared a tip "Very well written and interesting outlook on worldly events"

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deric_koop shared a tip "Wonderful way to approach major issues in the societal climate today. One of my top ever reads"

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deric_koop shared a tip "Amazing read, especially if sociology is of any interest."

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