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"A bold and subversive retelling of the goddess's story," this #1 New York Times bestseller is "both epic and intimate in its scope, recasting the most infamous female figure from the Odyssey as a hero in her own right" (Alexandra Alter, The New York Times). In the house of Helios, god of the sun an

Author Madeline Miller

Pages 400

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2018-04-10

ISBN 0316556335 9780316556330

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Google 4.5


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Princess shared a tip "Could not put it down"

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marsh_6055 shared a tip "Minor gay character."

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lilly_7251 shared a tip "It wasn’t as good as the song of Achilles."

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jasmyn_s. shared a tip "It’s a great book!!!"

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kiran_mascarenhas shared a tip "For those who love Greek myths"

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madelyn_pena shared a tip "Ruined me"

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neitherness shared a tip "Magical"

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jthomasis shared a tip "So beautifully written and tragic and thoughtful..."

kathy_long_2892 shared a tip "It's great!"

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lexi_cox_81 shared a tip "Quick weekend read! I love greek and roman mythology. Circe is a more compelling character in this girst person narrative."

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sunny_malcolm shared a tip "Absolutely loved this! I love seeing Circe's perspective with everything she has been through."

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sunny_malcolm shared a tip "LOVED"

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christopher_monzel shared a tip "Lovely read and great character development"

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jessica_kornelsen shared a tip "Really good read."

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brenda_marion shared a tip "Great book!"

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codi_arsenault shared a tip "Read it in a span of four hours, literally couldn't put it down."

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blagica_jankuloska shared a tip "Are you looking for something similar or same author?"

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blagica_jankuloska shared a tip "Are you thinking same author or similar reads?"

jaqua_williams shared a tip "A brilliant retelling on Greek mythology"

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kmarc712 shared a tip "yup yup yup. madeline miller is the best"

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Ramiego shared a tip "Read it 2 years ago and I still remember how I enjoyed it... though it was out of my comfort reading, yet loved it"

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lindsey_lett shared a tip "Have you read Ariadne? Not Madeline Miller, but similar feel"

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janisie shared a tip "love greek mythology and madeline miller’s writing style 😭"

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brittany_renninger shared a tip "It had to have been purposeful."

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madyson_patricia shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

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quoted1207 shared a tip "Praise the character develloppement 🛐 Circe totally deserved everything that happened, the good parts and the bad parts 🤷"

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Nyneohfore shared a tip "9/10 what a damn girl boss."

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cassie_frei shared a tip "Strong female lead!"

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serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "It’s the perfect book to get you out of a reading slump. Full of girl power and taking charge of your destiny."

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coryn_rodriguez shared a tip "I loved this book. the ending was beautiful"

stephanie_otis shared a tip "Yes, check trigger warnings though."

stephanie_urso shared a tip "I actually listened to the audiobook and wasn’t bored at all."

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emily_christopher shared a tip "WOW what an epic, absolutely recommend"

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malinda_harris shared a tip "It's on my TBR list, I hope to get to it next month."

tatiana_harvey shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book! I’d definitely recommend googling the characters so you can properly visualize their appearance!"

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pj_sosa shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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tikatia_morris shared a tip "A wonderful retelling of the classic mythology surrounding Circe."

erin_jacobs_6774 shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in years. Completely surprised by how much I loved it."

alexis_marissa shared a tip "One of the best classical retellings I have had the job to read. Miller is a true master."

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danielle_hasty shared a tip "Loved this book! I was sad when it ended. I hope the author comes out with more books about the gods."

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kay_ashlee shared a tip "This book is great for those who love Greek mythology!"

michelina_mitchell shared a tip "Not currently. Looking for my next one! I’ve heard Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles is also very good!"

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jessica_revay shared a tip "An amazing story and a great read."