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"A bold and subversive retelling of the goddess's story," this #1 New York Times bestseller is "both epic and intimate in its scope, recasting the most infamous female figure from the Odyssey as a hero in her own right" (Alexandra Alter, The New York Times). In the house of Helios, god of the sun an

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Author Madeline Miller

Pages 400

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2018-04-10

ISBN 0316556335 9780316556330


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Princess shared a tip "Could not put it down"

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marsh_6055 shared a tip "Minor gay character."

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meagan_khatthaname shared a tip "Perfect for people who love Greek mythology. Circe's story us told over thousands of years bringing all the pieces together."

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trish_campbell_1191 shared a tip "Starts out slow. Is a good read. I liked reading from Circe's point of view."

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k8thegr8 shared a tip "The descriptions in this books were so beautifully done. I was surprised by how much this felt like a biography to me."

c_d_stallcup shared a tip "The best book I’ve read in years. Finished the last page and immediately began reading again"

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haven_poush shared a tip "This was SUPER hard to get into. I didn’t feel like there was a strong plot either. But overall, it was a cool story."

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katie_smith-walker shared a tip "Okay read. Interesting"

hallie_a shared a tip "I really enjoyed the story, but I wish there was more action/suspense."

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emily_tancredi shared a tip "Just amazing. I can easily see this story being the “true” story of circe"

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megamus.maximus shared a tip "😴😴😴"

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aya_mehanna shared a tip "i got bored towards the end :( but it was really well written, i love madeleine miller's work <3"

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angelica_gonzalez_7574 shared a tip "Circe was a very powerful book about a women crushed in a man’s world but makes it her own. It is a great and powerful read!"

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katelynne_reed_4787 shared a tip "This book was a beautiful story and so descriptive, I felt all the scenes. Wonderfully written"

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shelby_parker_5090 shared a tip "Long book that is worth the read, takes you through hundreds of years and follows a strong woman main character"

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addie_dillard shared a tip "My only complaint is it could’ve been gayer"

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neitherness shared a tip "Magical"

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rey_min shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

leah_kuschel1 shared a tip "The book was everywhere is such an amazing way. It was very hard to put down and I finally just had to finish it."

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emerythepotato shared a tip "Love the story telling. The way its in circes POV."

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melina_simmons shared a tip "✨✨chef’skiss✨✨"

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naltered_0 shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful! :)"

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gabby_robinson_2975 shared a tip "Own hardback copy"

mary_corbett shared a tip "Great writing and story. Loved the mythological connections."

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anna6 shared a tip "great read, loved how it took the greek story and made it from her perspective"

samantha_cohen_8398 shared a tip "Rlly good a bit confused by the ending but still would recommend"

malia_gibson shared a tip "It was so amazing, I finished it in a day. I was captivated and invested the entire time."

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willow_9981 shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 I'm currently reading the Six of Crows Duology. I just finished Circe and Songs of Achilles!"

danielle_knott shared a tip "A book you meant to read in 2022 #popsugarchallenge"

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carolinaperezt_ shared a tip "Loved it!"

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joy_millet shared a tip "One of the best book I’ve ever read?"

malcolm_chestnutt shared a tip "I dont usually read books, but this one caught my eye in the store. I'm glad I picked this one because it was just *chef kiss*"

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emma_carroll_8520 shared a tip "longing for something, idyllic and vivid picturing the settings"

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millennialathena shared a tip "Miller knocks it out again, featuring a fierce witch finding her own power."

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stephanie_lopez_6592 shared a tip "mythological feminist tale *chef's kiss*"

marissa_mooney_6443 shared a tip "Probably when she gets the fin from the old sea creature to make into a weapon to protect her son"

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baylee_pletan shared a tip "Beautiful retelling of a misunderstood villain willing to do anything for those she loved including give up her divinity."

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bianca_marie_967 shared a tip "An amazing read! Truly kept my interest and inspired my imagination and want of research!"

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hauntedbooty shared a tip "This came out the year I read 150+ books for work and was a top a favorite. Similar to this The Silence of the Girls, Pat Barker"

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chanclas_27 shared a tip "Beautifully written book, great and interesting story of the witch of aiaia. Had me hooked since the beginning."

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beth_bartels shared a tip "If you like Mythology, you'll enjoy this book."

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madelyn_pena shared a tip "Ruined me"

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lexi_cox_81 shared a tip "Quick weekend read! I love greek and roman mythology. Circe is a more compelling character in this girst person narrative."

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sunny_malcolm shared a tip "Absolutely loved this! I love seeing Circe's perspective with everything she has been through."

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sunny_malcolm shared a tip "LOVED"

morgan_birnie shared a tip "I’ve been obsessed with the summer trilogy by Jenny Han. I’m finishing the last book today. It’s so amazing. What about you?"

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leila_mcdaniel shared a tip "Right now working through neon good"

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jthomasis shared a tip "So beautifully written and tragic and thoughtful..."

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chamomilebee shared a tip "Powerful language propels a narrative perhaps relevant to a lot of younger folks nowadays: who am I and where do I belong?"

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brenda_marion shared a tip "Great book!"

karleigh_7392 shared a tip "It’s great! I’m listening to the audio book and I’m hooked"

lina_ward shared a tip "Never too happy, always something coming next. Good ending nevertheless"

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missy_oberman shared a tip "I like Greek Mythology"

brooke_lamanske shared a tip "Honestly, that one is now one of my favorites 😍"

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katie_moncrief_2896 shared a tip "currently reading this one !!"

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jessica_kornelsen shared a tip "Really good read."

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serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "It’s the perfect book to get you out of a reading slump. Full of girl power and taking charge of your destiny."

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coryn_rodriguez shared a tip "I loved this book. the ending was beautiful"

christian_9983 shared a tip "I loved this book. I didn’t want it to end. Great characters, woman power, fascinating."

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anna_howe shared a tip "Miller with another masterpiece of a beautiful Greek tale."

alice_1984 shared a tip "piranesi by susanna clarke <33333"

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jessica_plumley shared a tip "Wonderfully written! I loved that it showed her roles in other Greek mythology stories!"

Jocelyn Phelps's profile image

jocelyn_phelps_7007 shared a tip "I've always been a big Greek mythology nerd, and I think that this book provides a nice point of view on a lesser-known myth"

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emily_christopher shared a tip "WOW what an epic, absolutely recommend"

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malinda_harris shared a tip "It's on my TBR list, I hope to get to it next month."

tatiana_harvey shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book! I’d definitely recommend googling the characters so you can properly visualize their appearance!"

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pj_sosa shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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tikatia_morris shared a tip "A wonderful retelling of the classic mythology surrounding Circe."

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jessica_revay shared a tip "An amazing story and a great read."

Grace 's profile image shared a tip "I’m really stuck on Greek mythology books and this one didn’t disappoint.I loved it,thanks @Sagetea"

kt_2282 shared a tip "First read: Spring 2019"

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britany_prescott shared a tip "I read a little of it I’m reading something different now"

hannah_krocker shared a tip "Ooh I don’t know, it’s been so long since I last read it! I’ll have to read it again and let you know 😊"

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moody_blues shared a tip "The writing and story is amazing!!"

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meredith-danielle_a shared a tip "Loved it!"

jason_phillips_7788 shared a tip "Very entertaining retelling of the Odyssey. Miller is a great writer."

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squishrat shared a tip "A gorgeous story of a strong female character and her tragic story."

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julia_mcclure shared a tip "The audible version was great!"

ally_magee shared a tip "Couldn’t put this down. Excellent story and the writing is crisp and vivid."

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chelsie_aloisi shared a tip "No, this is my first book from her. I really liked it."

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Book_nerd_101 shared a tip "LOVE THIS BOOK"

nena ✨'s profile image

Book_nerd_101 shared a tip "Its a must read! So unique and tells a great story in great detail!!"

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kristen_chandler_9356 shared a tip "I haven't read this yet or any books by Madaline. Once I read it, I'll let you know."

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laura_carroll_6128 shared a tip "This book was really great once you got into it but it was very slow moving and took a while to finish."

Blagica Jankuloska's profile image

blagica_jankuloska shared a tip "Are you looking for something similar or same author?"

Blagica Jankuloska's profile image

blagica_jankuloska shared a tip "Are you thinking same author or similar reads?"

Courtney Burdge's profile image

courtney_burdge shared a tip "Enchanting, riveting, heart wrenching! An airy read that kept me hooked from the very first page."

sarah_1927 shared a tip "An absolutely beautiful novel. I never wanted it to end!"

ary matsumoto 's profile image

ary_matsumoto shared a tip "5/8 - 5/11"

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noreen_hernandez shared a tip "It was a fun read. I love mythology and I felt like I was in the middle of the story."

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lindsey_lett shared a tip "Have you read Ariadne? Not Madeline Miller, but similar feel"

Sara Pretty Weasel's profile image

sara_pretty_weasel shared a tip "One of the best books I've read this year"

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cassie_frei shared a tip "Strong female lead!"

Christopher Monzel's profile image

christopher_monzel shared a tip "Lovely read and great character development"

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smell_thesunflowers shared a tip "All time favorite."

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drea_rothaus shared a tip "AMAZING read. #greekmythology #witchcraft #historical_fiction #feminism #iconic #retelling"

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zoe_speer shared a tip "absolutely in love with this book. so beautifully written"

jodie_gill_3877 shared a tip "I quite enjoyed this one! Have you read the song of Achilles?"

sharon_deshotels shared a tip "Beautiful, lyrical prose."

destiny_gregory_3637 shared a tip "So much more then a new take on Greek mythology. More of a story about a woman’s journey in finding herself."

allisen_kosovan shared a tip "the Stay with Me series is what im reading right now , Lore and song of achilles"

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dorian_klemensine shared a tip "Loved this book! Definitely a good woman power book!"

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bailee_reads shared a tip "harry potter!"

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thalia_hunt shared a tip "Adored this book. Had me hooked from the getgo!"

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stephanie_grunau shared a tip "One of the best audiobooks ever!"

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h_8378 shared a tip "One of the best books I've ever read."

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TheyreOutThere437 shared a tip "I'm reading this one currently! Really good so far!"

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anthony_troiso shared a tip "This book is AMAZING!!! Read the whole thing in 2 sittings"

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ellie_henrys shared a tip "Probably my book of the year 2019. Loved it!"

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josie_mccarthy shared a tip "Great to listen to while tending to you’re garden and caring for your beasts"

KEOKC13 shared a tip "Loved it but it took me a few chapters to really engage with the characters."

damien_burke shared a tip "My new, favorite book! Beautifully written with amazing depth of characters, clever dialogue, and warm symmetry. Read now!"

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jessica_bush shared a tip "It is a slow build. I love Greek mythology so it kept my attention the whole time, but it is a slower novel"

tara_western shared a tip "Haven’t read"

jacklyn_sullivan shared a tip "Read it in 3 days"

eliza_morales shared a tip "It is such a good story to a classic"

jo_burrus shared a tip "I listened to the audio book of Circe and really like that platform.."

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lanina_jones shared a tip "Amazing story and brings a feminine icon to light."

Shelcy Joseph's profile image

shelcy_joseph shared a tip "I loved the ending. She went through all that pain and she just wanted to be happy and she saw that for herself."

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saralyn_rinear shared a tip "It was amazing! If u liked the Red Tent here's a good next read"

Saralyn Rinear's profile image

saralyn_rinear shared a tip "Read it u won't regret it"

Dedra Tullison's profile image

dedra_tullison shared a tip "It was a great retelling and look at a obscure Goddess."

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kristela_jacob shared a tip "It's the only book I've read from this author but yeah I liked the way she wrote. Very descriptive and beautiful writing!"

olivia_6839 shared a tip "This is the only one I’ve read so far!"

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amanda_bell_1409 shared a tip "Such an great Novel. The audiobook is *chefs kiss*"

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lady_doodle_denise shared a tip "Beautiful story"

Isabelle Tidwell's profile image

isabelle_tidwell shared a tip "Amazing will read again. Can’t wait for more books from Madeline."

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kat_jordan shared a tip "Engrossing and great main character"

Rosa Awad's profile image

rosa_awad shared a tip "Honestly one of the best books I’ve read, such a brilliant retelling through Circe’s eyes. I need more from Madeline Miller"

isabella_ionescu shared a tip "It is simply such a beautiful read. And the ending was unexpected to be quite honest. I recommend to absolutely anyone."

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mindy_s_2473 shared a tip "1/5"

chay_2047 shared a tip "Been reading The Bone Witch Trilogy."

kimberlee_housey shared a tip "Loved it"

Daniella M.'s profile image

dani_m1 shared a tip "Great to read if you have knowledge of Greek mythology and literature."

tesa_brody-wrye shared a tip "Well written and engaging."

ryesa_mcgehee shared a tip "it breathes life into the women of greek mythology!"

advidreader shared a tip "Perfect."

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kara_reynolds shared a tip "Best read in a long time"

stacie_cassada shared a tip "The best book I’ve ever read. So imaginative. Madeline Miller is an incredible writer."

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johnny_birtch shared a tip "If you have any love for old Greek mythology, this is your book. Amazing take of a god. Not what you except at all."

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ali_sanders shared a tip "This was a great book. I've read it twice"

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sher_fick shared a tip "Excellent. This book is so beautifully written, lyrical prose"

erin_jacobs_6774 shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in years. Completely surprised by how much I loved it."

Codi Arsenault's profile image

codi_arsenault shared a tip "Read it in a span of four hours, literally couldn't put it down."

Shirley Padilla's profile image

shirley_padilla shared a tip "Such a page turner!!!"

alexis_marissa shared a tip "One of the best classical retellings I have had the job to read. Miller is a true master."

Danielle Hasty's profile image

danielle_hasty shared a tip "Loved this book! I was sad when it ended. I hope the author comes out with more books about the gods."

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kay_ashlee shared a tip "This book is great for those who love Greek mythology!"

jaqua_williams shared a tip "A brilliant retelling on Greek mythology"

michelina_mitchell shared a tip "Not currently. Looking for my next one! I’ve heard Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles is also very good!"

karsen 's profile image

kmarc712 shared a tip "yup yup yup. madeline miller is the best"

Aubrie 's profile image

aubrie_652 shared a tip "Beautifully written and kept me reading, wanting to know what happened next."

Rami 's profile image

Ramiego shared a tip "Read it 2 years ago and I still remember how I enjoyed it... though it was out of my comfort reading, yet loved it"

kathy_long_2892 shared a tip "It's great!"

Shruthi Puli's profile image

shruthi_puli shared a tip ""The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" is the one I loved recently"

Eleanor Cornett's profile image

eleanor_cornett shared a tip "I read the whole book in three days, I couldn't put it down!"

Sonya rowinski's profile image

sonya_rowinski shared a tip "I would read it in conjunction with The Penelopiad or The Red Tent"

Janisie 's profile image

janisie shared a tip "love greek mythology and madeline miller’s writing style 😭"

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michelle_martinez_7608 shared a tip "Not bad but not something to hype about. I was kept interested to finish the book though"

Hayden 's profile image

hayden_6324 shared a tip "Does anyone have any opinions on Circe by Madeline Miller?"

Chelsea Hanke's profile image

chelsea_hanke shared a tip "Absolutely in love with this take on the mythological stories of Circe and her rude AF God fam. I need morrrreee!"

Jasmyn S.'s profile image

jasmyn_s. shared a tip "It’s a great book!!!"

Bailee Garner's profile image

bailee_garner shared a tip "Interesting and unique story line"

Pablo Barcenas's profile image

pablo_barcenas shared a tip "Loved it. Telling of the story from her point of view"

Wendy 's profile image

wendy_darling shared a tip "For me it wasn't my personal favorite but I still loved the story and the characters."

Jessica Parrish's profile image

jessica_parrish_3078 shared a tip "Very good for drama and those who never grew out of loving greek myth."

Madyson Patricia's profile image

madyson_patricia shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

quoted1207 's profile image

quoted1207 shared a tip "Praise the character develloppement 🛐 Circe totally deserved everything that happened, the good parts and the bad parts 🤷"

Nyla Edwards's profile image

nyla_edwards shared a tip "I’m only a few chapters in but this book is completely breathtaking!!! Madeline Miller does a fantastic job! Bravo!!"

Brittany Renninger's profile image

brittany_renninger shared a tip "It had to have been purposeful."

michaela_honea shared a tip "It’s been a while since I finished but I remember *LOVING* the ending and her relationship with her son."

Reading in Spurts's profile image

reading_in_spurts shared a tip "Excellent Greek myth retelling. So we’ll written!"

Stories With Alys's profile image

stories_with_alys shared a tip "I’m super into the raven cycle series"

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abbi_williams_5035 shared a tip "1000%. Very gripping!"

kathy_sheridan_8559 shared a tip "I’ve always been interested in mythology so to read this from the “monster’s” point of view was very interesting to me. Fresh!"

Leanna Miller's profile image

leanna_miller_8131 shared a tip "The ending!!!"

stephanie_otis shared a tip "Yes, check trigger warnings though."

Emma Raine's profile image

rainekind shared a tip "My all time favorite is a bit niche, but yes! The Owl Service, by Alan Garner."

Jamie Danielle's profile image

jamie_danielle shared a tip "Grabbed me from the first page. Such a great book, kept my attention the whole time and was hard to put down!"

Diana Swartz's profile image

diana_swartz shared a tip "Beautiful story, beautiful writing."

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ omi~'s profile image

Nyneohfore shared a tip "9/10 what a damn girl boss."

Jera Anderson's profile image

jera_anderson shared a tip "It’s amazingly written!"

stephanie_urso shared a tip "I actually listened to the audiobook and wasn’t bored at all."

Claudia Berry's profile image

claudia_berry shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time."

Casey Chorens's profile image

casey_chorens shared a tip "Had fun reading it in Greece"

Kaylie Hyde's profile image

kaylie_hyde shared a tip "It took me a second to get into this one but it was so worth it! Gives a whole new perspective to Circe"

Izabel Daniels's profile image

izabel_daniels shared a tip "This book is great! It’s beautifully written. Highly recommend if you like Greek myths."

kristy_harper shared a tip "Great Read could not deal it it down!"

alilayne shared a tip "Beautiful story telling; a very captivating version of the myth"

kyle_miller_9498 shared a tip "Quick read, great characters, engaging and feminist take on Classical god drama"

alex_prime shared a tip "Didn’t finish"

Mana 's profile image

maryum_7 shared a tip "I cried"

Pamela Lynch's profile image

pamela_lynch shared a tip "Loved this book!"

GoblinQueen 's profile image

goblinqueen_3885 shared a tip "beautifully written!"

Hillary Webber's profile image

hillary_webber shared a tip "Everything about this book was amazing!"

Kennedy Fitzgerald's profile image

kennedy_fitzgerald_1287 shared a tip "Amazing book, never dull. Even better than Song of Achilles."

sara_crawford_8051 shared a tip "The most powerful story of womanhood and motherhood since The Red Tent."

Morgan Groscost's profile image

morgan_groscost shared a tip "Amazing retelling of Circe’s story. I loved being swept through multiple centuries of heroes and myths."

kiera_berkemeyer shared a tip "10/10"

jen_foy shared a tip "I really wish Madeline Miller would write another!"

ana_bueno_2041 shared a tip "character development 10/10 love love"

Hannah Hunter's profile image

hannah_hunter_3114 shared a tip "Favorite book of 2021! Beautiful writing and world building!"

lacey costa's profile image

lacey_costa shared a tip "Circe is definitely my favorite. The poetic way Madeline Miller writes is beautiful."

Breanna Durbin's profile image

breanna_durbin_7727 shared a tip "Another solid Greek mythology book"

Breanna Durbin's profile image

breanna_durbin_7727 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Brea Montgomery's profile image

julius_sneezer_the3rd shared a tip "What was everyone's thoughts?"

Ophelia 's profile image

femmegirl shared a tip "Such a good read. Represented Greek gods so well and gave my imagination a whole new perspective"

angelina_yang_706 shared a tip "Greek mythology rocks!"

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